Delta Improves Flexible Award Calendar Search!

DDMS IconNever Miss Another Deal - Follow DansDeals on Facebook’s award search calendar has long been worthless.  It had a color coded flexible search option, but it was wrong more often than it was right.

Now they have finally fixed it and it displays the actual mileage rate. Plus when making a flexible search you can choose from flexible days or a 5 week calendar as you can see below in this first class award search from Los Angeles to Sydney:















Switching from flexible days to 5 weeks pulls up this handy calendar:

















And in no time you can find a business class flight to Sydney on Virgin Australia for 160,000 Delta miles, one of the best uses of Delta miles:












You can even take a free stopover in Tahiti along the way to explore the islands of Moorea and Bora Bora.  But unfortunately Delta international stopovers must be booked over the phone.

It’s good to see Delta finally working to improve their dreadful mileage redemption experience.  Alas, it comes on the heels of Delta limiting how many points you can transfer to Skymiles from partners like AMEX and Starwood effective 01/01/15.

However the new policy has rather large loopholes, which I discussed in this post.

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Wow that is about time. Thanx for sharing. So much easier now.


Why is Virgin LAX-SYD in business the best use of miles, when you can go first class on Delta for the same?



Delta doesn’t have international first class.


A dress on a pig.


Man is that easier. Thanks Dan

high end hobo

Dan can I ask you a personal question? We all know you’ve opened and closed hundreds of CCs, and have dozens currently open. But which ones do you carry in your wallet on a regular basis? Can I take some guesses. United club, SPG, amex EDY, INK, CSP, Freedom. PRG? What else??

New tax?

Since when is taxes TLV-JFK $175???


Another sweet part of the new system when you select flight it tells you how many seats are actually available


Hi Dan,
On this new system, how can you tell which one of the flights is a saver award flight to be able to book it on Korean?


except for the fact there are no seats when it says there are