Delta Expands Change Fee Waiver To Include Domestic Award Redeposits, Extends Benefits

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Delta announced that they will eliminate domestic award change fees and redeposit fees for changes made anytime before departure. Previously those cost $150.

That leapfrogs over United’s offer of free award redeposits made 30 days prior to departure. However United’s offer also applies to international awards, while Delta’s offer only applies to domestic awards. It’s surprising to see Delta fail to match United here.

Unfortunately, the Delta fee waiver does not apply to basic economy award tickets. For now, Delta is alone in offering basic economy awards as award tickets on other airlines book directly into standard economy. That will give a lot of incentive to buy up from domestic basic economy awards, but also adds another level of annoyance to using Delta miles.

All tickets, including international and basic economy, have free changes and redeposits if they are booked in 2020.

Delta is also removing the requirement to make changes to domestic awards at least 72 hours prior to departure.

Delta is also extending the following benefits through 12/31/21:

  • $100 Delta flight credits earned from the Delta Gold AMEX.
  • Companion Certificates earned on the Delta Platinum and Reserve AMEX.
  • Delta Sky Club guest passes earned on the Delta Reserve AMEX.

Delta Sky Club memberships will also be extended through 6/30/21.

More benefit extension information for SkyMiles Select and Medallion members can be found here.

Will American and United match Delta’s latest moves?

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I currently have a domestic award ticket booked for OCT 8 up until when can I cancel and redeposit ?


If you use skymiles points to book flights to TLV and the country is still in lockdown, will delta allow the ticket to be cancelled and redeposit your points, even if the flights are in 2021?


What is the best way to get a refund for a Delta int’l cash ticket? (JFK>CUN) For now they are only offering e-credit unless flight gets cancelled or significantly delayed. Any ideas for a full refund? It’s a $3k booking a week away and don’t wanna be stuck with a bunch of credits under all the kids. If I present a dr note that someone was exposed or a death certificate for the recent passing of a grandparent are those also subject to e-credits or allow for cash refund?


Hi Dan, How can I cash out a Delta companion certificate what is expiring already?