Delta 100% Mileage Transfer Bonus Is Back!

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Through 12/16, transfer your Delta miles to anyone else’s Delta account and Delta will double the miles transferred for free.

Delta charges a penny per mile to transfer miles and a $30 transaction charge.

You can transfer up to 30,000 miles in a transaction for a $330 fee and Delta will give your friend a total of 60,000 miles.
You can rinse and repeat back and forth for up 150,000 miles transferred from an account and up to 300,000 miles that can be received in an account per year.

It’s a cost of 1.1 cents per mile, and more like 1.06-1.08 cents per mile after factoring in points (such as 706 Ultimate Rewards points on a Sapphire Preferred card, 330 Starpoints on a Starwood AMEX, or 660 Delta miles on a Delta AMEX) gained on the $330 credit card purchase.

Delta accounts must be at least 10 days old and have already earned at least 1 mile to be eligible for the transfer bonus.

It’s worth noting that Delta’s saver availability is generally quite poor compared to other airlines, you can’t redeem for true international first class experiences, and that their Skyteam partners are weak compared to other alliances. Some of their policies like the non-changeable/non-refundable award tickets within 72 hours of departure along with fuel surcharges on some partners like V Australia are just asinine. However at under 1.1 cents per miles there are definitely many scenarios, especially in business class, where it can make sense to “buy” the miles via transferring with the bonus.

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aa gold

so how much would i get if i transferred from starwood to delta in a reg case you get 25,000 for 20,000


plus delta does not have anything called standy in the airport. you only could do their “confirmed standby” for $50


does delta still have code share flights with el al or do they fly there themselves? how many delta miles to fly round trip if they do? are the flights for miles easy to come by? does it pay to transfer my starwoods to delta?


Is it worth transferring from my account to my wife’s account to try to get to israel? I did the amex platinum and delta transfer a few months ago to get 150,000 miles


Thanks for posting this. If my wife and I each have our own accounts with about 12,000 miles each, is it worth “rinsing and repeating” to the maximum? It seems like that would cost us about 3K dollars. Any thoughts?



For 330 ill be getting 60k miles correct. Doesnt that mean the cost of mile is closer to half a cent than 1 cent?


@aa gold:
This has nothing to do with Starwood. This is a bonus for transferring from one Delta account to another.

Delta is no longer partners with El Al, but they do fly to TLV.
Search on for the mileage rates.

Search for your dates to see how many miles are required and calculate if it worth it.

It’s worth it if you have flight plans and can save money or even afford to fly in business if there is avaialbility for when you want to travel.

No, 30K of those miles must already be existing in a Delta account, so you only gained 30K miles from the transfer.


Dan, Mike seems to be correct in his comment! Although 30k needs to be in the Delta Account prior to the transfer, the net result from the transfer will be a gain of 60k miles between him and his wife?!
Also, can his wife transfer the miles back in the same day and be eligible for additional 60k mile bonus?


I realize now, Delta gives the person who receives the miles 60k miles, not the person who gifted the miles.

I still wondering if the miles can be transferred back and forth in the same day?


@Sam: you’re first account will have 30k less miles after the transfer. you’re 2nd account will get 60K miles, but 30k of them came out of ur first account so you only gained 30k miles for $330.



Thanks for all your DEALS….

I am with with you on cost of 1.1 CPM. Guys put the transfers on paper from A to B, you will see.Do miles “spent” to transfer, , “loss of miles ” to account A. Account B now has 60000miles. Trf 30 from B to A @ another cost of $ 330.


@Sam – Yes.