Buy Continental Tickets With Any Amex-Get Bonus Miles!


You must have a Continental Onepass mileage number to register.
To register call 800-554-5522 and mention promotion code 27001.
Get 10,000 bonus miles for tickets booked in J/D/A/C fare classes or 5,000 bonus miles for tickets booked in Y/H/K/N/B/O/V/U fare classes.
Travel must be flown between 1/15/07 and 4/15/07.
You can earn up to 50,000 miles for this promo.

Don’t have an Amex? There’s no excuse for anyone not to carry at least 1 Starwood Consumer and Business Card!

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I’m sorry but what is J/D/A/C and Y/H/K/N/B/O/V/U????


Good question, here’s a rough explanation.

J/D/A/C refer to business/first fares and Y/H/K/N/B/O/V/U refer to coach fares.

For any given route, say New York to Los Angeles, an airline can have 20 different prices, which fluctuate as seats get bought up.

Each fare is assigned a letter, and only a certain amount of seats can be sold on any given flight in that letter code of booking.

Each letter also carries its’ own restrictions for refunds and changes, and also determines things like how much elite miles your ticket is worth.

Confused? It’s actually a lot more complicated than that-but here’s the bottom line:

You can check what letter you are booking on when searching for a flight by looking in the fare class column where it will say something like:

Fare Class: Economy (N)
So N is the fare class.

If the letter you’re booking in isnt one of the letters posted above it doesnt qualify for bonus miles.

You can force to book in a specific letter by going to the “advance search” option…


dan i got the amex platinum cc
and i want to consolidate but not get charged for the whole year i dont even have it for a month yet so i worry that when i cancel they will take back the $250 bonus
do u know what their rules are
a) how long do i have to keep it open for to keep the bonus
b)if i consolidate it to my starwood business will they return the annual fee
c)how long do i have to keep it open for b4 i consolidate it


Before i answer you, did you get the platinum credit card, or the platinum charge card(that gets you in the airline clubs)


i got both (actually i got the gold also = $750) but i am reffering to the credit card not the charge as there is no $300 fee for the charge


Hi, i have an Amex DELTA card, can istill get this bonus miles by purchasing continental tickets??


Can I get the bonus if I already bought it – or, is it too late?


MTSB-the charge card is the one with the $300 fee.
Anyway there’s no point of consolidating it to your starwood card because charge cards have no credit line.
Just ask for the $250 and close it if you have no use for all of its features.


The delta card will work for this promo.
The better question is why one would have a delta card over a starwood card-the starwood beats out the delta card in nearly possible way (starwood has the return privilege, a much lower annual fee, and a much more valuable rewards currency)


As long as you travel within the aforementioned dates and on an amex you should get the bonus miles.


thanx alot for the answers for the cc
you are right aout the charge card


any bonus deals for transfering AMEX MR points to Continental (or any other airline..)