What Was It Like Before Wi-Fi Flights?


Some thoughts from 31,000 feet in the sky…

-If GoGo’s plan to give away free wi-fi is to entice people to pay for the service in the future I have to say that it’s working at least on me. Flights have never gone by so fast before!

-I’m posting now aboard Airtran from Akron to LaGuardia for the first of 2 NYC trips within the next 2 weeks.
It’s the first time this year that I wasn’t able to land a complimentary elite business class upgrade as the flight was oversold. I had forgotten just how tight the seat pitch is on Airtran’s B717, a miserly 30 inches!

-Both of the following free wi-fi codes still work like a charm on Airtran:

-Some 30% of the passengers on this flight are Orthodox Jews. The Blue Fringe band is sitting just behind me and I’ve seen more than a dozen people that I know from the local Jewish community. I wonder how long it will be before Airtran starts selling kosher meals on this flight 😉

-It’s incredible how Continental has ceded the Cleveland-NYC market to Airtran. Granted that Akron is a less convenient airport for most people, but this round-trip flight cost just $89. The identical flight on Continental within just a 1 night stay was over $800! Seems like it’s worth the extra 15 minute drive.  Mind you that you can always fly back one way  from NYC to Cleveland on Continental for about $60, but that requires hidden-city ticketing which is officially against the terms of most airlines and you wouldn’t be able to check luggage…

-Yes, the Bose QC15’s really are that much better than the previous generation QC2’s at noise cancellation…Wow!

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what do you mean by hidden city ticketing?


How do you keep your computer charged for the whole flight (and during the wait before the flight)?

I wish these airlines has electric outlets!


virgin american has electric outlet they have two outlets per row


How would you get one way back for $60? What’s this ‘Hidden city ticketing?”

eli k.

Do you get mileage for hidden city tickets?

eli k.

@MOSHE: Hidden city ticketing means that you book a ticket from point A to point C with a stopover in B but you just get of at B and do not continue. Often the final destination is not a major airport, so prices are cheaper than a flight ending at point B which is a major airport.


how can i get a cheap flight from ny to akron and back this weekend for only 89 the cheapest ticket is over 300


A big yasherkoach for your free wifi codes (in earlier posts). Am on a AA flight now from LAX to JFK trying out the free wifi for my first time.

These 2 codes worked:

But SURFGOGOFREE has expired!

A tip to all you flyers: Save the free wifi codes in a document on your comp now, so you have them when you need to connect.


Dan, Would you be able to give an overview of Jetblue’s new trueblue program? They are very vague about it. How does it compare with the old one? Is it worth it to get the credit card? (add it to the raffle..) Thank you.


I’ve written about hidden-city ticketing a few times before:

Get some apare batteries on ebay!
Many airlines also have outlets, altough they make require an empower adapter.

@eli k.:
You get miles for the segments flown.

You need to purchase in advance to get cheaper prices, although at times they will discount the tickets the day before or of the flight.

Good tip!