[Update: Confirmed!] Will El Al And Etihad Codeshare And Have Mileage Reciprocity?

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Update, 7/1/21: El Al and Etihad have launched codeshare sales on each other’s flights, which will further expand starting in August.

Additionally the airlines confirm that you will be able to earn and redeem points between both airlines in the future! Here’s hoping we’ll see some valuable redemption options and more airlines partnering with El Al in the future.

Originally posted on 11/19/20:

What a difference a few months make!

In August, passengers using an Israeli passport were not able to enter the UAE. Now they can enter without a visa and Etihad and El Al have signed a memorandum of understand to cooperate with each other!

The airlines not only plan to codeshare and sell each other’s flights, but also plan on mileage program reciprocity.

El Al has long talked about and even advertised being able to use Matmid points on partner airlines, but I’m not aware of anyone who has successfully redeemed points for partner airline travel. I certainly won’t hold my breath on this happening, but it would be quite an improvement if suddenly Matmid points could be used to fly in Etihad Shower Class!

While Qantas used to be able to book all El Al saver award flights, El Al added award blocking to most of their flights which hindered the ability to redeem Qantas points on El Al. It remains to be seen if El Al will add the same blocking to new mileage reciprocity agreements, but doing so would remove much of the value in such an agreement and could trigger a reciprocal response.

Codesharing will allow El Al to sell tickets under its flight numbers on Etihad planes across the globe, which will open lots of new routes for El Al to sell. Etihad flights to Tel Aviv will be on March 28th.

The memo was signed by outgoing El Al CEO Gonen Usishkin who is expected to step down by the end of the year. We’ll have to wait and see if the incoming regime will take the steps to enact the agreement and implement the promised mileage reciprocity.

One has to wonder if the thawing of relations between Israel and the Arab world could also mean that El Al will finally try to join an airline alliance? In the past El Al has blamed airlines for blocking their entry into an alliance due to geopolitical reasons. Either way, these sure are interesting times!

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Last week I received the application for the new ELAL flycard for US.
Has anyone came across this so you think it’s worthwhile applying for this card?

Dan\'s the Man

I say go for it. Israel can teach UAE about high tech and water/farming technology and they can teach Israel about how to run an airline! I think Dan you would agree with me on this one? 🙂


Which alliance do you think they’d join?


Would this help those of us who still haven’t gotten our money back from Etihad for the Air Serbia Israel flights last summer?


Etihad and Emirates Are not part of any alliance so I don’t really get that argument


When we tried to get our money back from Air Serbia, we were told that the tickets were actually from Etihad.


You are conflating Alliance and partnership. I’ll let other #Avgeeks explain


“I’m not aware of anyone who has successfully redeemed points for partner airline travel.”
Matmid points can be used for LX flights IINM (on the TLV-ZRH route)


Gee you found 1 route… Looking to prove Dan wrong?


Does elal need a heater iska for their flight credits that give you extra back




Iska is used when both parties agree to a “loan”.
I think they need heter genaiva


At this point they are offering an option of 100% back now or 125% towards a future flight. sounds like schar hamtanas mamon. Not ribbis ketzutzah, because it wasn’t given al daas kein, but seems to have the potential for ribbis derabanan issues.


If LY was able to join any global alliance, which one would make most sense?


If the Middle East peace deals landed El Al a useful airline partner, that would arguably be Trump and Kushner’s most impressive accomplishment yet


Good luck with that. I can’t even get El Al to add my father’s Alaska Mileage Number to his flight.

Lady had the nerve to tell me they aren’t partners. After I sent her the link, she said she’d try, but never heard of this. And of course was not successful

(of course, all this over whatsapp because they don’t answer phones anymore…luckily it only took 2 days to get a whatsapp agent to respond)


Enter without visa. Source?

Dan\'s the Man

If El Al would be able to join an alliance. Which do you think it would be? Which do you hope it would be? Would love to hear your insight on this.


What point currency can transfer to Ethiad?


They joined Alaska but you cant redeem Alaska points for ElAl flights (neither can you redeem Alaska with AA on NY – TLV direct flight)