The TSA Screened Over 1 Million Passengers For The First Time Since March 16th, Have You Returned To The Skies?

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The US may be in the midst of a fall wave of COVID-19, but passengers continue to return to the skies.

The TSA screened 1,031,505 passengers yesterday, which marked the first time that a million people took to the skies since March 16th, when 1,257,823 passengers were screened.

It’s still down from the 2.6 million that flew the year before, but it marks a massive recovery from April when as few as 87,534 passengers were screened, as airports turned into ghost towns.

I wrote about my return to the skies back in August on American and United. Since then I’ve flown a few more times, and I certainly prefer flying on airlines that block seats, such as Delta and JetBlue.

Have You Returned To The Skies?

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The pandemic ended

Apparently, some just didn’t get the memo yet

reb yid

No requirement to fly, pandemic or not.




You’ll be a busy man flying around the next two weeks…… still have lots of Trump rallies to attend.


Been to atl, Orlando and miami
Flew on southwest with my wife and 2 kids under 2
We all flew on 1 ticket


Yes, Multiple times. It’s clean & safe. Get on the plane, wear the darn mask, go, live your lives!


Not until there’s a vaccine or a palliative medication that makes this flu less harmful. Too much risk.


You could always choose to sit outdoors when flying, if that would make you feel safer


Wonder how much of the previous years figures were international travelers, which is still lagging due to lockdowns


everyone prefers a empty seat, unrelated to covid….


At least planes are cleaner now


Haven’t started flying, but I sure have started spending and racking up CC points again….for better or for worse 🙂

Lifnei iver

Being that this is a “Deal” site, you may be insinuating that people should hop onto planes and avoid being counted by the TSA. 😉

V’hamaven yuvin

william lovewitz

such an unfair and terrible thing to say to Dan,

Lifnei iver

@william, exactly my point. When Dan posted about the news regarding the new PPP forgiveness application 3508s, some smart alek was worried that it does not belong on a “Deal” site. As if everything on this site is necessarily some kinda hack or shtick.

ah giten

you mean people should rather fly private?…


Proud to have been part on that one million!


It’s all one big CaseDemic


I’ve been flying since this thing started.
I totally miss the empty airports and airplanes. Travel was stressless back then. I remember walking in JFK T8 during the afternoon to an empty terminal with the lights off. It reminded me of a video I saw of Pongyang airport. Additionally, mask enforcement was lax back then making flights more comfortable.


I was flying few times in the US and EU and Israel. The domestics are very busy with no extra seating but the INT flight are empty. the INT flight full is to Israel


they are busy what one thing talking about Mask and going around to put a mask


imho this is not a accurate poll most people here love flying


I live in Miami. I have flown to Atlanta, Denver, Qatar, and the Maldives since March.

Cathay Pacific

How was the Maldives? Can everyone get it now? Any quarantine rules?


Flew JFK to IAH (Houston) for Simchas Torah with wife and son on Jet Blue. Great experience. Airports were fairly empty. One negative was that there were no Precheck lanes but regular lanes were fairly quick. Also no curbside checkin and luggage drop. Love the empty middle seats.

Ed A.

I flew but under duress. We had tried to ride out the pandemic in Cartagena, Colombia, but after 108 days of lockdown and no light at the end of the tunnel we returned in June on a humanitarian flight. We had N-95s and shields and sat in the front, but it was an unpleasant experience. But we did go to the Club (Priority Pass) in Orlando to wait for the last leg of our journey and enjoyed a little vino.


I have been on 8 flights since July all on united. I was in ORD last week and it was pretty busy. I was in JFK in an international terminal yesterday and it was empty (other than the bochurim and girls returning to EY).
What annoys me to no end is that they are continuously announcing how they are keeping you safe while they are packing planes in a fashion that it is impossible to have anything resembling social distance especially during deplaning.


There is no social distancing on airplanes. Yet, from the evidence we have, flying seems very safe. That’s good enough for me. And, honestly, if you’re 45 or younger, you have zero Covid risk anyway. Go live your life (even if you’re over 45).


Anyone think Southwest will extend their empty middle seat policy for holiday travel in December?


Not ready to sit a few hours with a mask.

Texas Totty

Very often, when I try to vote in your polls, it says, “You already voted in this poll”, when I haven’t. This time it also says, “Poll ID# 42”. What’s going on?


I was supposed to fly March 12th but cancelled as the Europe ban was announced. Finally bit the bullet and flew AC J two days ago. It was 3/4 empty and very clean. The seat did feel tiny after being grounded for so long! Intra-Europe to Cyprus was a different different though, not as clean & felt a little uneasy due to the lack of social distancing.


@dan do u think tsa pre will extend time toward my 5 years?