Swiss Will Fly You To Tel Aviv, But Remains “Neutral” By Replacing Tel Aviv With Esh Sheikh Muwannis On Their Inflight Map

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Swiss flies 2 widebodies every day between Zurich and Tel Aviv and is one of the few airlines with lie-flat business class seats between Europe and Tel Aviv.

Swiss A330-300 in Tel Aviv

But apparently flying to Tel Aviv isn’t political, while putting Tel Aviv on a map is political.

I’m not sure when a city name became political, but Swiss’ inflight map shows the city of “Esh Sheikh Muwannis” on the Mediterranean Sea where Tel Aviv ought to be. Esh Sheikh Muwanni was a village that hasn’t existed since before the 1948 Arab-Israeli war, but it gets the nod over Tel Aviv on the Swiss inflight map.

StandWithUs called them out on Twitter and here is Swiss’ lame response to them about “negative feelings” and being “politically neutral”:

Swiss meant to turn off the map? Is that supposed to help when they land in Tel Aviv airport?

How is replacing a major city with a village that hasn’t existed in 70 years being politically neutral?

What do you make of Swiss’ bizarre behavior and explanation?

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Accidentally on purpose!


Of all places in Israel to highlight…is that Dimona under the plane?

Also Dan, your B&H post disappeared when you posted this one. Not the first time I’ve noticed posts disappear from your site.


What was the deal?


Rather pathetic and foolish on BH to request a posting be removed over a government taxation policy which they have no control over. It would reflect better on them to stand by and be prepared to answer questions so as to attract potential business


I’m fine with it. El Al doesn’t recognize a Palestinian state. Airlines can make there own choice. Boycott them if you want, but all things about borders and boundaries are political, this is just more obvious because you don’t like the decision. Not a big deal imho.

Don\'t care for the hypocrisy

Dan’s point goes more towards the inherent hypocrisy of claiming to be neutral and not taking a side, when Swiss Air is clearly taking a side. Refusing to call Tel Aviv by its name, which would be the natural thing to do because that is what the city that exists is called, regardless of whether you like or support the city’s existence, is clearly making a political statement.

S. Rosenblum

So true

S. Rosenblum

There is no Palestinian state

David Nordell

Of course El Al doesn’t recognise a Palestinian state. There isn’t one.

Jamal hasheem

Eotal Jordanian doesn’t show a Palestinian state or a 67 style border on their in flight map. Thought that was interesting.

Are You bored

Go get a life


I recently flew on Air France and on the route map it shows all the Arab countries capitals and it shows “GAZA” on the map but won’t even show ONE Israeli city on the map until you zoom in 5 times!!!!!! Didn’t know “GAZA” was a bigger city than Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa, etc…..UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!


Actually Gaza city is only slightly smaller than the city of Tel Aviv and yet has a higher population.

Joe Barnathan

Maybe the plane is a time machine


Which other airlines have the lie-flat business class between Israel and Europe?


BA and ELAL between LHR and TLV

S. Rosenblum

Will never fly Swisssair again. Disgusting. Shame on them.


Did you stop flying ElAl when they disrespect observant Jews all the time?? or when they make fun of Shabbos?? Or you are just a Zionist first and a Jew 2nd??? (or 6th)


They cater and cave to haredim way more often than they should. If you buy a ticket, sit in the seat. Otherwise buy 2 like people who are overweight. Don’t hold up a flight into you force someone out of their own seat.

You call that El al making fun? I call it capitulation and a chillul hashem

The Rosenblum family

No–I am a frum Jew first and a Zionist second. I fly LY because it’s safe. I ignore the other people and I never change my seat when asked. Too bad.

Walter W. Stumpf Jr.

This is like the ‘Taiwan’ situation.

China wants airlines to say only Taipei and have no mention of Taiwan 🙁


The map was probably supplied by a BDS terrorist, and the reps on Twitter is injecting their own opinion here. Obviously, corporate couldn’t be bothered to fix it. But hopefully they will learn their lesson big time. I already resolved not to fly Swiss 2 years ago. Huge two facers.


Next they will replace Germany with Prussia.
Then NYC with new Amsterdam.

This way we will stay consistent and neutral.


The Swiss have always been anti Semitic.

A Jew

FYI, doing something against Israeli interests isn’t anti Semitic.


Thanks for writing about this.

Everyone please comment on that Twitter thread and get them to regret this move big time.


Who cares?
Does it make a difference to anybody ?

My chulent is bubbling nicely. That is all that matters


Who cares? How about rivers of Jewish blood bubbling along with your chulent because of the legitimaticy such a move gives to the haters of Jews (not only Israelis! Don’t be blind!)! With every pro-Palestinian move, the haters of Jews worldwide are emboldened and Jews are killed in Berlin, Paris, Stockholm, Israel and (yes) the USA!

As an aside that makes all the journalists, and anyone else who attempts to be “even handed” (ahem!), an accomplice in the murder of innocent Jews and will burn in Hell for the spilling of innocent blood.


I have no idea what you are trying to say .

Again who cares and how does it affect “Jewish blood“ if Swiss air puts on a city on thier map or not?.


Looks like you weren’t taught reading comprehension either in school. Read the comment again.

Shlomo Elspas

Do not fly Swissair


At least we now know the name of the person that told Swiss to do this, the AS appears above several times


No, even Turkish is better.


Know what your adversaries think. (How many “Palestinians” got their degrees from TAU? I would guess more than ever lived there pre 1948.

Jim Halpert

What is a Palestinian?


Delta did this once by claiming a destination to be “Occupied Palestinian territories” . To all those who want a good laugh, some one called them to “order” a ticket to that destination :

elias weiss cholent got burned reading this article.i think it depends who made the flight map and that may not have anything to do with swiss


i recently saw a map on a reputable website that had the Lower East Side of Manhattan listed as Jewtropolis. While it is possibly a political statement, I tend to doubt Swiss intentionally put the name of that town on its map, rather it was an anti-Semitic hacker group that changed the name of the city on its mapping service provider.


I agree with Stand With Us, that they should change the city name back to Tel Aviv, assuming it is withing their control to do so. I also think it is possible they subscribe to a service that has the cities named incorrectly and it may be beyond their control and as such they said they would “turn it off.”


Oddly enough, this happened as Israelis and Palestinians were marking the 25th anniversary of the Kristiania Accords. I thought maybe Swissair was being politically correct because they had more flights to Muslim countries. Their route map does show Cairo, Dubai and Muscat as destinations, but Cairo is served only once a day with a Bombardier CS300 (now known as the Airbus 220). On the Dubai route, their A330 competes with Emirates. That flight, which goes nowhere near Israeli airspace, continues to Oman.

The leader in inflight maps seems to be Betria Interactive, headquartered in Silicon Valley with a CEO who speaks fluent English and Russian. But its website does not show Swissair as a customer (many major airlines are listed). Now I am curious. Where does Swissair

Maier Solomon

flew Swiss about 15 yrs ago, Found them to be VERY antiemetic. First thing they announced was that “no more than two people may congregate”- read: no minyan.
I was playing with my PDA when he spotted me, he said: “you are not allowed to use it, and if you don’t shut it immediately I will have you arrested in Paris”. Airplane mode wasn’t good enough for him either (guess he never read the rulebook).
I was in the exit seat and a chasideshe guy came over and asked if he can daven 18 in front of me, of course, yes. As soon as the purser eyed him, he ran to the back galley and came up barreling a trolley into the poor guy. I asked him what’s he doing, his reply was that the guy was disturbing his work. When I told him that he’ll be finished within 2 mins he looked at his watch and said he doesn’t have that much time. I actually asked him why he doesn’t respect the man’s religion, his reply was “because he doesn’t respect my religion”. So I asked him: “Is your religion HATE?” He turned all colors and took his precious trolley and went to the front of the plane.

My mistake was not reporting the whole incident to Swiss, IATA, ADL, Agudah, etc.


This is obviously a result of the usual ignorance and the people to complain to are the programmers for the maps. Swiss Air should have promised to see to it that it gets put right, and Stand By us will probably deal with the programming company.
Thanks go to Stand By Us for their great work. The plane lands near Lod, not Tel Aviv, which was called Lydda in Mandate times.
What does KLM or Lufthansa show? They are all guided by a very misguided European Union. They are puppets.
I do not believe that Swiss Air is anti semitic. They were once very kind to me regarding kashrut. I think it may depend on the opinions of individuals in the crew, but in the case of davening in the aisle – come on! anyone can see that it is inconvenient and potentially a security hazard.
Have a sense of proportion folks!


when filing complaint on swiss website these languages are not available
Please complete the form in the selected language. We are unable to process forms in Greek, Turkish or Hebrew.


Tried to file a complaint on the elal website…unfortunately I wasn’t able to do it in Swiss-German.


My last several trips to TEL AVIV have been on Swiss. Unless and until they repair the mistake on their map properly labeling TEL AVIV as such, Swiss May have sold my final ticket on their airline when they sold me my most recent trip, back in April.