Spirit Will Fly Nonstop Between Cleveland And Newark; American, Delta, And United Fight Back With Cheap Fares!

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Spirit Airlines announced today that they will take on United with daily nonstop service between Cleveland and Newark starting on July 1st.

Once upon a time passengers in Northeast Ohio could take one of 3 daily Airtran flights nonstop between Akron and LaGuardia for $50 or so. I took the flight all the time and got upgraded to business class for free every time as a lifetime Airtran elite member.

Alas, Southwest bought Airtran for no real reason other than they didn’t like Airtran’s snarky ads.


Shortly thereafter, Southwest ditched Airtran’s massive 717 fleet and abandoned Airtran’s small hub operation in Akron/Canton as they no longer had a plane that made sense for that market. That made flying between Northeast Ohio and NYC absurdly expensive.

The US DoT said that last Q1 some 1,140 daily passengers paid an average of $458 round-trip to fly the 400 miles between Cleveland and NYC, with United getting an average of $494 and American getting $394.

It’s a route that only makes sense to fly if you’re using miles. I typically use 6.5K Avianca Lifemiles to fly United or 7.5K BA Avios to fly American.

When I booked a flight to NYC in February, the cheapest option was $992:


But I was able to use 6.5K Avianca Lifemiles instead.

With Spirit’s announcement today, the bottom fell out of the CLE-NYC market as airlines rushed to compete with $49 one-way fares. As Google notes, prices are $106 less than than the least expensive flights that they would expect:


The goal of course is to keep prices low until Spirit is forced to abandon ship, at which point prices will skyrocket once again. And it will probably work unless people make a concerted effort to fly Spirit and keep prices low. But who would fly Spirit when you can fly United for less?

Well, at least there will still be miles to use when Spirit cancels the route. Hopefully…

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who cares about Cleveland


I do. We have been paying lots of money and or miles to fly my son back from Telshe Celveland to EWR every off Shabbos. Do the math.. Thanks Dan!


Ha, watch, Dan’s going to start flying Spirit! Moshiach tzeiten


Isn’t Spirit less if you purchase at the airport counter?


Only people who like to be abused, fly Spirit or Frontier.


or united
or AA – ask @dan

I Care About Cleveland :)

United seems to be starting Jun 17, and Spirit about Jun 25


Is there a reason why google shows one price on some flights but chase/amex show higher on same flight & class? Makes hybrid points less effective


Chase uses Expedia’s engine. That’s the price it should match, not Google. If it doesn’t match Expedia then it’s odd. Not sure about Amex.

Nana Rushka Stark

Anything between Austin Texas and Los Angeles?


Check spirit.com


Argh – my son just graduated college last month – so after 4 years of Newark – Cleveland flights they finally come down in price !


Spirit in the big front seat.
Well worth it!
Why would any one fly in the back for the same price?


@dan I currently have AA tickets JFK to CLE at 7.5k per way (3 people)for the beginning of Aug.
1) would you think that attractions in Cleveland will be open by then?
2) Is it worth it to cancel those, with the current cancellation leniences, and rebook with Spirit? (I have an AA card that gives a free bag per person


Wow this is amazing! How many flights a day? Is it going to be every single day? I tried searching some random dates on spirit website and got some strange error


anyone have the answer?


Dan can do whatever he wants because it’s his blog


Ahmed. What is your real Jewish name? Avraham? Adam? Aharon?


Thanks for the info! Go back to Cleveland every 3 weeks…pending the end of Covid of course, will continue. Major help here!!

CLE Rocks

Dan this is great news! I guess I won’t have to worry about skiplagged anymore when flying to New York. Also, I heard a rumor that JetBlue might also get in the mix of direct flights from CLE to New York. Have you heard anything?


I’m not from Cleveland and found the post to be very well written and I appreciate the clipped commercial. TY.
If it isn’t clear, this site is meant as a means for Dan to express himself and his deals. Period. He doesn’t need to match your ideals. And he even doesn’t need to be politically correct (if he sees fit). So everyone take a deep breadth and stop psychoanalyzing everything and everyone just because your stuck at home during Covid-19! 🙂


Now I understand all those trips to Hawaii. The fares were lower than to New York. (Even if you had to make connections at EWR.)


Thanks, Dan. Finally, some good aviation news for us in Cleveland. Great to see added competition on the NYC route, especially after United pulled their LGA flight, and now there are multiple airlines in both Newark and LGA. Also, I can only speak from personal experience, but I’ve flown many times on many airlines, and I’ve had far fewer, if any, issues on Spirit and Frontier than with United and others, both onboard and on the ground. Not to mention United’s shameful 16″ seat on many 737’s, which even NK & F9 haven’t stooped to (yet…)


If I still lived in Pittsburgh I would be thrilled to take advantage of this!


Seems like this route is getting killed by spirit, I dont see any flight past 09/06 TO CLE or 09/07 to EWR


NM Just cancelled until November 1