Southwest Is Killing Service Between 2 Major East Coast Airports And Fort Lauderdale

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The hits keep coming for Fort Lauderdale service.

Southwest will discontinue service from Newark-Fort Lauderdale and Washington DC/IAD-Fort Lauderdale. Their final flight on those routes will be on 4/7.

JetBlue recently announced the end of Fort Lauderdale service from several airports.

United will now be the only airline with nonstop Washington DC/IAD-Fort Lauderdale service. JetBlue will still compete with United on the Newark-Fort Lauderdale route.

Southwest will still operate a Sunday only nonstop flight between LaGuardia and Fort Lauderdale. They also operate daily service between Long Island/ISP, Washington DC/DCA, and Baltimore-Fort Lauderdale.

Below is Southwest’s list of changes for flights effective April 8th:

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Damn.. this route was the reason I got a Companion Pass

My mann

Killer for companion pass

Cindy S.

This is really disappointing. I was wondering what happened when I tried to book EWR to FLL for mid April. I use rapid rewards a lot and this was the only direct SW flight from the NY area.

Dan\'s the Man

and they also recently got ride of the LGA to FLL flight. At least there’s still PHL & ISP flights on Southwest to FLL.

Mordy Nissel

I used it a lot too. They also discontinued Newark to Orlando. So when we are going down for Pesach, going down will fly direct Out of Philly,(bh they still fly from phl) I’m coming home will do the 45 minutes stop over in St Louis and come into Newark. Still stinks. Other tickets are flying Direct from Long Island airport on Southwest


They also got rid of EWR-MCO direct flights


The ISP option is not as bad as people think. It might be a longer drive from Brooklyn but the parking and airport wait times are much shorter.


Big shock to me, especially for EWR to FLL. IAD is overall declining or stagnant domestically and internationally, so no shock over there- but I thought NYC to FL tended to be successful. I’m a broken record, but we shall see how long ElAl stays with IAD to TLV. Thank God SW are flying to EWR to FLL nonstop for my planned January trip. I guess that will be my final ‘hoorah’ with threm for a while…

Points Refund

LY does not have flights from IAD. UA does and it will work, as UA has a large hub there.


yesi found this out the hard way 3 weeks ago when there new schedule came a return back to LGA but its a pain bc its only weekend service


I’m hopeful that at least some of the route reductions and cancellations at FLL next year are in response to the upcoming 5-month runway closure at the airport commencing June, 2019 for necessary repairs. Once completed, I’d expect traffic to pick up again.


Losing EWR-FLL is hugely disappointing. Can’t imagine flying any other airline or schelpping to LGA. Horrible.


So disappointing nothing valuable with southwest anymore from EWR, why is FLL getting hit with all this? It is a pretty good airport


To be clear it’s only IAD being dropped in WAS. They still have a huge hub at BWI and 2 non-stops to FLL from National Airport (DCA).

Spirit’s HQ is FLL and biggest hub is BWI. Their fares (without any bag) are usually less than half of Southwest’s.On brand new planes that don’t fall apart.


sw doesnt fly into miami international?




Anywhere I can see a list from Southwest direct flights out of EWR?




that’s a big loss- I’ve used them the last few times I flew to the NY area, have been trying to avoid LGA if at all possible

Krum Kup

Could it be they had a change of heart and decided not to cancel EWR-FLL in April? It seems you can book online through August 5th as of today.