[Update: Now Goes Into Effect 5/3/23] Real ID Requirement Will Be Delayed, Yet Again

Ohio's Real ID. The star in the upper right corner indicates that this is a Real ID.
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Update: DHS has announced that the Real ID requirement will now go into effect (allegedly) on 5/3/23.

Having an ID that proved residency was a 9/11 recommendation and was passed back in 2005, but has been delayed time and time again.

It was allegedly going to go into effect on 10/1/20, but it was pushed back “due to COVID” to 10/1/21.

Once again, the TSA has been warning us about upgrading to a compliant ID card in order to fly as of 10/1/21. You need to prove legal residency and proof of birthdate to get a Real ID.

A poster on the DansDeals Facebook group recently did the annual sharing of the article warning everyone to get a Real ID.

You can also just fly with a passport or Global Entry card if you don’t have a Real ID.

I debated with a TSA agent on the group about whether it would extended again:


And sure enough, the deadline will be extended again. A date hasn’t yet been announced.

Wake me up when a Real ID is actually required, if that ever happens.

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If it does come into effect, how can us citizens living in Israel get one? Will there be online applications? Tia


You can use your passport

Liam K. Nuj

A Real ID will (eventually) be needed in the USA. To get here you will need your passport. Your passport obviates the need for a Real ID


Global entry card also works for RealID. I use it regularly — fits in my wallet better than my passport does!


Don’t have a driver’s license?

Real ID Here

Good to know, just in case I don’t have my DL readily available.


Thanks. Didn’t know that. I got a passport card.

Real ID Here

I was able to get it in NJ, literally a week before COVID shut everything down.


I got my NJ Real ID like 2 months ago. The NJ DMV has been open, and actually better— because it’s based on appointments made online.


I still want back the 5 hours I spent getting my wife my hers at coney island instead of going to the aquarium


for the future the express license office in midtown (145 W 30th St, New York, NY 10001) is the quickest and easiest license renewal place


Good! I’m happy it was pushed ahead. In NJ every few weeks multiple local DMVs are closed because of a Covid case.

The system is broken

This ID nonsense is just another way big government can control the sheeple.
Btw, is there any logical reason why the TSA still makes us take our shoes off before entering security? Does the average flyer even know where/when/why this practice originated? Did any of your viewers ever hear of the shlimazel Richard Reid? With all the advancements in technology happening every 5 seconds, the TSA still (20 years later) can’t tell whether we have some wires in our shoes without treating us like little children, and harassing us to remove our shoes?! This is all part of the beat down that our government enjoys doing to us. Control control control.

Liam K. Nuj

Here’s an idea:
Start your own country, have your own TSA (or not), and then you can make your own rules (or not).


USA is my county!
Don’t tread on me
Read a little about what america is about


exactly! plus, in yearly undercover test operations, TSA consistently fails to detect weapons in great majority of cases!


It will be pushed off until at least least 10/31/25 because the Biden administration is against requiring IDs for everything except entering the DNC convention.


Lol. Good point.


Illinois is still way off having people have real id


That’s insane, why may 2023? It was delayed because of covid, is that the projection of when covid will end?
I just renewed my license at NY DMV, and upgraded to Enhanced ID,


If you are under 18 will u need real ID when it goes into affect?


What a joke


big government always is !


dan can you please tell us where your plans to go to this summer would love to know thank you




I just recently upgraded to realID it was a big pain in the neck bc I didn’t bring the right papers. Twice.
All on a Friday had to get papers shuttled from my house .
When you go you need original birth certificate and passport ( or other forms of identity like utility bill )

Just my opinion

It will not happen for a while as long as we are living in this cancel culture because the illegal aliens cannot get approved for the real id