No, United Isn’t Flying The 737 MAX, They Just Have A 777 Identifying As A 737 MAX

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The 737 MAX is grounded across the world, but if you search for a flight on, such as Los Angeles to Maui, you might just come across a 737 MAX in the search results if you click on details:


If you click on seats you might be surprised to see a plane listed as 737 MAX with 1-2-1 Polaris seating in first class and 10 across seating in economy:


Searching the flight status page for Los Angeles to Maui won’t be of much help:


But if you click on “check flight status” you’ll finally see the truth. United is operating the flight with a 777-200. But even on this page, the 772 seat map is still identifying as a 737 MAX:


Incidentally, that’s an incredible seat to Maui for just 40K miles! United doesn’t normally fly Polaris lie-flat direct aisle access seats to Hawaii, so that’s quite an amazing upgrade from the 737 MAX with domestic recliner first class seats!


This. handy. chart. may. also. help. some. commenters. 😉
HT: Something Fishy, via Reddit


It’s not just the 777 identifying as the 737 MAX either.



You can tell this isn’t a 737 MAX because the seat map is only showing 4 rows of first class while the MAX has 5 rows of first class:


The flight search results page still shows 737 MAX:


But clicking on flight search results shows that it’s being operated by a 737-800, though it too identifies as a 737 MAX on the seat map:


United is only allocating replacement planes for the 737 MAX within a couple days of departure, so if you look out to Thursday there’s no telling what plane will operate as the seat map does show the 737 MAX configuration:

If you’re booked on a flight like that you’ll want to watch and see what seat you’re assigned to when the aircraft type is swapped as the only thing we do know is that it won’t be a 737 MAX!

Happy Purim, folks 🙂

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How do you always find these things


Maybe the 777 just self-identifies as a 737-MAX.

reb yid

LOL love that journalist’s aircraft ID chart


Ummm, transphobia much?

ah giten

This. handy. chart. may. also. help. some. commenters.


The aircraft identification chart is all wrong.

The middle column are all F15s.


Who wants to tell him


do you mind telling the oilam if you recently bought stocks in boeing?


Hi, Please help! ELAL flight 385 TLV-FCO is marked as 737-900 is that the max?