Listen To The ATC Audio Of Southwest Flight 1380

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Yesterday, Southwest flight 1380 from LaGuardia to Dallas had a catastrophic engine failure that led to debris breaking a window on the airplane. A woman was partially sucked out of the window before passengers pulled her back in and attempted to plug the hole.

Sadly, she didn’t make it.

We take it for granted how incredibly safe aviation is today. This is the first fatality due to an accident on a US plane since the loss of Colgan/Continental Connection Fight 3407 from Newark to Buffalo over 9 years ago.

But is another reminder of why I buy seats for all of my kids, no matter their age. I wouldn’t drive with them in a car without a carseat and I wouldn’t fly in a plane without one either. Turbulence happens on every flight and it makes little sense that we aren’t allowed to hold a bag during takeoff and landing but we are allowed to hold onto an infant.

It’s also a good time to remind people that masks are supposed to go over your mouth and nose, not your mouth and chin. Passengers reported that they had a hard time breathing and their mask placement would definitely explain those problems…


By all accounts, the crew was amazing. You can listen to how calm and collected the pilot, who was one of the first female fighter pilots in the US Navy, is in this clip of the ATC audio.

Short version:

Long version:


Pretty amazing to see humans react so calmly under pressure. Obviously the loss of a single life is tragic, but clearly things could have been much worse. I can spend hours going down into the rabbit hole of past incidents where pilots and passengers have been sucked out of an airplane, but happily those incidents are exceedingly rare.

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Kinda crazy. The mask thing though was the first thought I had when I saw the pic also, you’d think it’d sink in at this point with how often ppl fly… apparently not.


That female pilot is COOL. WELL DONE!


that was the most incredible video I have ever heard, wow! Composure and coolness by everyone. How was she able to concentrate and fly while answering questions and giving instructions..unreal. wow


rabbit ‘hole’, hahaha I get it #toosoon

M. Josef



Sully meets his match!!
For coolness under fire!!


Mamesh amazing. We takeh have to daven before we fly and thank Hashem after we’re safely landed. We tend to take things for granted.


you should also before driving..


Yesterday I flew from Hong kong to ny and yes we tanked hashem all the way once we landed