Frivolous Electronics Rule Finally Going Away


So the shocking aviation news today is that your iPad doesn’t actually interfere with pilot communications or pose a safety issue 🙄
Take that, guy across the aisle who got furious at me for texting while sitting on the LGA tarmac for an hour.

By the end of the year you won’t have to turn off your electronics when you fly.

No more shutting down when the door is closed and when the flight is landing.  You can let your kids keep playing games on your tablet without any issues.
Though you still won’t be allowed to talk on your phone, and that’s probably for the best.

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I’m going to miss sneeking that text while the stewardess is looking the other way!:)


Victory for sanity.
Dan, why do you think it’s a good thing that people can’t talk on their phones?



Would you want to be sitting next to the loudmouth chatting away the whole flight while you can only hear half the conversation?


Did anyone ever turn any of it off anyway? The only reason I never talked on the phone while flying was that I have no service 10,000 feet up, otherwise why not?


Most phone can make WiFi calls…


Now I understand why we hear so much plane crashes 😉


I am told that Turkish air has free wifi for all passengers…..


L’chayyim! Kiddush being sponsored by Alec Baldwin. #dontmesswithmygames


i have used sprint service for text on a domestic flight


@Dan: I wouldn’t and I figured that you’re alluding to that, but I surely don’t mind people making last minute phone calls on the run way.


Oy! One of the few last vestiges of tech-free zones is now being infiltrated. YH”R Shetechadesh Yameinu Kekedem!!

Apple Fan

“your “iPad” doesn’t actually interfere”.. Dan, since when does an apple product get mentioned on this site? Lol!


Dan, why do you support CNN (by providing them with hits)?

Did the WSJ not carry this story?!

I love you, but I just wanted to point out, sometimes you can be inadvertently supporting the Israel-haters…

All the best!


The WSJ has a paywall. They only let you in for free if you click the article directly from Google.
If you click it from any other website or email, etc then you have to login.

Though it’s like the old joke of the Israeli who used to get the news from the Arab papers. The Israeli papers were just depressingly full of bad news while the Arab papers talked about how the Jews were taking over the world 😉


Just because they are allowing these stuff it doesn’t mean that you were right for using them when they weren’t allowed


@Dan: Right, I know that joke, but I just brought WSJ as an example. I’m sure there are a dozen other places, like Fox etc.

Lou bob

Awesome! Now I can play candy crush during takeoff and landing!


Actually, I was recently on a WiFi flight and I made a video call via Skype. The stewardess had no problem with it whatsoever…voice calls = NO NO! video calls = GO RIGHT AHEAD! food for thought…

Shaul Yaakov

Calls over Wifi are fine. Voice calls go through the FCC, who is concerned that cell towers are not designed to be used by people who are travelling 10 miles per second. They think it will hog too many resources. Skype on the otherhand is fine, though in-flight wifi still won’t work until 10,000ft.


@Techie, It’s not about right, it about the reason they were disallowing them were wrong/baloney. Anyone who actually looked into it would know your discman being on didn’t do anything to interfere with the plane. If it did they’d be doing a much stronger job of checking them.


Problem now is that most airline personal won’t be up to date


also no wifi on international flights