Fly On United’s Final 747 Flight

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Update, 4:20pm: This flight is now sold out!

United is retiring their iconic 747, known as the Queen of the Skies. The final flight will takeoff from San Francisco on Tuesday, November 7 at 11am. They’ve even assigned the flight number to be UA747.

United will attempt to recreate the first 747 flight in 1970 with flight attendants wearing retro uniforms. The upper deck isn’t being sold so that passengers can explore that unique area. A gate celebration will start at 9am in San Francisco, where there is currently a 747 history gallery to explore as well. There will also be festivities in Honolulu after the flights arrival.

There are no saver awards available and business/first class sold out in a manner of minutes, but if you hurry you can still redeem 45K miles for a one-way coach award on the final flight. Passengers are likely to be roaming the cabin for much of the duration of flight.

Last April I took my aviation obsessed son to San Francisco on a 747 and we had the time of our lives.

#NothingIsCooler than climbing that #747 #staircase #FlyUpstairs And yes, he's rocking that #ChinBandAid

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While this is the last chance to fly on a United 747-400, you can still find many airlines flying the Queen of the Skies, though their numbers are quickly dwindling. Luckily airlines like Korean and Lufthansa have 747-8s that should be flying around the skies for years to come.

Will you buy a ticket on this flight? Have any 747 memories to share? Hit the comments!

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THE BEST MEMORIES!! I remember writing a story about a united flight and getting it hung up in the galley, handing out the wet towelettes with the stewardesses, being treated to a first class meal for my birthday, saying goodbye to the pilot and getting united wings to pin on my shirt (do they still give those out?!) …………….so many good boeing 747 memories!


it’s just a plane dan 😉


Such kefirah I can’t imagine, and at this time of year no less. (Today being the birthday of the USAF and the anniversary of the introduction into commercial flight of the DC8.)
Joking aside, a kesivah vachasimah tovah to all.

SoCal Dude

3-5-3 seating! Flew that LAX to HNL before on UAL. Awesome!


You can always fly Elal ex. JFK…

Avid Reader

First time I was ever on a flight was TowerAir (remember them??), from New York to Miami. I roamed all around the cabin and went upstairs, the cockpit door was open as it was usually in those days and I got to see the captain and co-captain and the window from the front of the plane. I think in those days kids could just wander around on a plane and nobody would care that much.

Another time my whole family got bumped into business class in the nose of the plane, there’s also nothing like sitting in the nose of the plane that only the 747 has to offer (A380?).

Then TowerAir went bust and that was the end of 747’s for me.

Got wings, a mini plane, decks of cards, and who knows what else in those days.


My wife and I are flying back from Israel in January via Heathrow…the El Al leg is scheduled as a 747!