El Al’s New Safety Video Is Actually Entertaining!

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Things are changing at El Al.

They have a new business class with direct aisle access seating on their 787s, they’re expanding their North America destinations, they’re getting rid of Up, they’re getting a new CEO. Maybe they’ll even get WiFi on their long-haul fleet one day…

I’ve taken El Al to task for their awful mileage program, their notoriously poor economy class service, and their poor on-time record, but I have to give them credit for making an entertaining safety video:


I even watched the behind the scenes video as well:


Other airlines have also been moving towards more entertaining safety videos in order to get more people to pay attention. Link to your favorite ones in the comments!

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Just saw it from TLV to LAX….video was really good but horrible plane!


It may be entertaining, but there are definitely more entertaining ones out there than this.


Virgin America safety video is amusing


really nice. problem tough that after 5 times it gets boring just as the old one


Lame — of course 7 of hearts is the one most people select….it is the one they left on the screen the longest


kinda reminds me of the turkish airline video


I’ve never seen all that leg room on their planes


I wish there was so much room space in the isle and in btwn the seats on their plane, like they’re showing on this video….


Very boring ….. but better than their crappy planes.


Do they know that the “T” in fasten is silent?


How does anyone get the video in HD?


This seems unusually similar in concept to the one TK has been showing for the last year or two. (https://youtu.be/9NqSg4dSBvI) Could be coincidental, but who knows…

I hope I’m not creating an international incident with this comment, but it was the first thing that I thought of when I just watched the LY one.


Cool. A bit silmilar to Turkish Airline. The NYT had an article about the 5 best Airline Safety Videos


The text is more entertaining than the video. They need a proofreader…LOL


All well and good, but they need to fix Matmid…probably the worst FF Program out there


Dunno, there’s tons of availability from Toronto non stop for 35k Amex (transfers to matmid) + $175 in taxes/fees… Not the end of the world…


Plus they have introduced Rabbi Dan Roth’s “Torah Live” programming on their entertainment system. It is a wonderful Chinuch tool with Haskins from many Rabbonim and Roshel Yeshiva. It keeps the children (and adults) occupied with something of Tachlis and away from the standard video entertainment.
Check it out at torahlive.com


Only business or first class has that much room btwn the rows


WiFi service on long-haul fleet will start in a few weeks!!
Will be amazing!


it will be hard for el al to redeem themselves after delaying my flight from thurs night to early fri morning then to fri afternoon forcing me to stay in isreal over shabbat.I got treated to elal’s wonderful(non existant) service.
when i requested a refund in the airport so i could fly out with united the response was “you want your money than sue us”
horrible airline stay away