El Al Waiving Cancellation And Change Fees


El Al has been rocked with labor issues over the past week. Many flights have been moved to their wet lease operators, while others have been cancelled or delayed up to 18 hours.

El Al is now allowing refunds on flights booked through 11/30. They will also waive change fees, but if the new flight is more expensive then the fare difference will apply.

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A day late and a dollar short.


What is the phone number to call El Al.
The number sited on their website is temporarily disconnected.(800-223-6700)


EL AL should close down. Never heard of a modern flag carrier airline to have such major issues all the time.


they should make it for much longer than 10 days, maybe until new years? i doubt this will be resolved in 10 days from now.


Oh, c’mon, a real Israeli experience from the first moment.


My flight is supposed to leave Wednesday from Newark. Any one have any ideas what the best thing to do is??


You’re living in a bubble if you’ve never heard of a modern airline having to deal with a strike. Hatred and ignorance tend to go hand in hand.


Google flights shows no El AL flights from NYC to TLV on Tues. Flightstats still shows the flights. I fear thsee flights won’t take off.


I can’t believe they aren’t making the changes completely free. If I switch from Tues to Wed I’d have to pare difference from what I paid it 3 months ago to today’s price which is over $1,000 more


I was supposed to be on today’s flight out of Newark and it was cancelled.
They put me on a flight tomorrow with United 😀


@Anonymous: the one that’s ignorant over here is actually you, since you apparently have no idea what’s going on now with that company. Definitely not normal for any modern day airline. Watch – read some Israeli news and you’ll understand.


Auughhh,,,I booked a new flight today because of what i saw posted about ELAL waiving the fees. Now I called Ultimate Rewards to cancel my flight for Tuesday from newark but they dont see anything about ELAL waiving the fees. He said they would need to charge the termination fee. He recommended I wait until they cancel my flight and then I can avoid the fee. What a mess. Anyone with any ideas?


You’ve obviously never flown with European Airlines…
Labor disputes happen-stop being such crybabies.
In any event flight #1 departed Tel Aviv timely and expected arrival is one hour earlier than scheduled.


“They will also waive change fees, but if the new flight is more expensive then the fare difference will apply.”

Load of garbage to do that they should cover change differences, my whole family has been messed over coming into Eretz Yisroel since El al has no partners they had to book expensive last minute tickets


Big deal. I only fly Elal because they are the “safest” and they are Jewish. If you don’t fly with them then you are probably a racist bigot misogynist. Lol.