El Al In Talks To Buy Israel’s Second Largest Passenger Airline, Arkia

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El Al, which was purchased by the Rozenberg family last year, is in talks to purchase the Nakash family controlled Arkia.

It’s a shidduch that I suggested to both families, so I’m sure I’ll get the shadchonis gelt. 🤣

I flew with Arkia to Toulouse to outfit A330neos they had hoped to fly between NYC and Tel Aviv, but unfortunately that didn’t wind up happening.

El Al had tried to purchase Israir, but that acquisition was denied by Israeli regulators. However in a post COVID world, Israeli regulators may be more amenable to approving a merger that will shore up the finances of their struggling airlines.

Do you think that the airlines will wind up merging?

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I estimate the chances that the antitrust approves it at 1%. My 2 cents


Sounds like a big lose for consumers.


Knowing some of the personel in the “vaada” and their mindset, I estimate close to zero chance that the merge will be approved.

So before counting the “Shadchunes gelt” check the chances “Dor Yeshurim” approves the “Shidduch”


Its probly just a ploy (and a good one at that) to drum up business for elal or to get something else from the government (hey, you didnt approve the merger so at least give us xyz…)


If it happens would be a good day for shabbos observance

El Capitan

Why is this a shidduch you suggested when you’re usually anti mergers? Excuse my ignorance


Yes this is the last Jewish owned Airline that flies on Shobbos. This would be just wonderful and Huge kidush hashem if no Jewish owned airline would have flight in the שןר throughout Shabbos!

latus artza

first of all,
elal and arkia don’t really compete on any route besides for rome (bye bye alitala:( you won’t be missed)
second of all,
the merger between israir was stopped so that elal shouldnt dominate the eilat route from what i understood elal plans on keeping arkia as a separate entity (perhaps to replace sundior)  if this happens elal wont be an all boeing fleet

Shomer Shabbos!!!!

Will the current coalition approve of all 3 airlines being Shomer Shabbos?
Forget the monopoly!
It would be really amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!