British Airways Claims To Have Fixed Kosher Meal Snafu For Business Class Passengers


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British Airways offers a number of routes with “sleeper service” in business class. You can view the exact flight numbers of those routes here.

On sleeper service routes there is just a quick snack service before the lights are turned off. Previously BA would serve kosher meals in the lounge for these flights, but on May 10th they stopped offing special meals in their lounges.

I had some readers let me know that the lounge agents told them that they would have food on the plane, while on the plane there were no kosher meals loaded because it was a sleeper service flight. And there were reports online that confirmed that experience. BA’s flight attendants were never informed of any changes and told passengers that their meal was in the lounge. Flight attendants reported the issue multiple times to BA to no avail.

The irony is that passengers in coach and first class are able to order kosher meals, but business class passengers could not.

I emailed customer service on and got a response from “Utkarsh” that he checked on the kosher meals are still available. Helpful.

Then I emailed BA public relations and they responded last week,

For sleeper service, customers can order a Kosher meal, but it must be done 48 hours in advance and it’s offered at the lounge, not onboard.

Of course that wasn’t true anymore. It seems like the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing and that’s probably why people have been having issues. So I pushed again and said that the lounge agents are saying that kosher meals are no longer available in the lounge and sleeper service flights weren’t being catered with kosher meals for business class passengers.

And finally the right people appear to be in communication with each other as they responded to me earlier this week,

“British Airways made some changes to their catering recently for sleeper service flights and customers can book special meals in advance. These meals will now be served onboard where previously they were served in the lounge.

We apologize for any misunderstanding this may have caused with your readers.”

So hopefully they’ve solved this issue now and you will get a kosher meal in business class onboard the flight even on sleeper service routes. If you are flying business class on a BA sleeper service flight please post a comment about the current kosher meal situation.

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I flew on a sleeper service flight in mid April and the rep wouldn’t allow me to reserve a kosher meal to the lounge, she said I would get it on the plane.
וכך הוה


Thank you dan !!! ill be using that in another month


Nice work….if you’re flying in business on JFK-LHR though one should flight on AA Metal — much better equipment


And it also often costs more and doesn’t qualify for the 10% off with a Chase Visa.

Yvonne Judd

Thanks for sharing this information as I booked a BA business class ticket for August to Israel, and was aware that there was a problem. Could someone please verify that BA fixed the problem?


Dan, hang on are you saying that the Kosher offerings previously available in the BA lounges in Heathrow T5 are no longer available? In the Galleries lounges they had soup and bagels with full meals in the First and Concorde lounges. I have used them often on connecting flights but not flown through London since May 10 but I have a flight coming up on June 26 so would appreciate any info you have.


I have a sleeper service Business class flight this summer from DC to LA. I wouldn’t normally care about eating but I will be getting off a flight from Frankfurt and don’t really want to go another 6-8 hours without a meal option.

Does United offer some kind of arrangement where I can get a meal from their IAD lounge?


I flew from London to Tel Aviv on June 6th and was able to get a Hermolis kosher meal in the lounge at Heathrow. Tomato soup and a bagel with lox and cream cheese.


Anybody flown the sleeper service from Newark to Heathrow recently? Has the CW kosher food issue been resolved — if so, are they serving the meal on the flight or in the lounge?


I am flying in the summer on business from Tel Aviv to Heathrow and then on British business to Los Angeles. Does anyone really have some up to date answers about getting kosher food in the business lounge of British and on the plane for an overnight flight? Thanks


Hi I am flying business class next month and was wondering if the special order of a kosher meal is different in business than it is in economy ? Or is it the same meal?