American Matches Baggage Fee Increase

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JetBlue kicked off the latest round of baggage fee hikes by raising the cost of the 1st checked bag to $30 and the 2nd checked bag to $40.

Then Air Canada went up to the $30 on the 1st checked bag and $50 for the 2nd checked bag.

After that United matched JetBlue’s higher baggage fees for tickets within the US, Canada, and Caribbean.

Delta matched the higher fees yesterday.

And now American has matched the higher fees for tickets bought as of today as well.

Of course credit card holders continue to get a free checked bag on all of these airlines. Southwest still gives 2 free bags, no credit card required.

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I was speaking to an airline about an issue and I was telling them that another airline had a great policy for my issue and that they had a more difficult one. She starts telling me how “oh that’s there policy we have a different one”

I said to her that when it comes to the bottom line you guys are very quick to adopt other airlines policies and it only taking a very short amount of time. When there are some policies that can help customers that you discuss for years sometimes before anything gets implemented.


you are definitely right, but when you talk to these people remember they have nothing to do with the decisions but I guess part of their job is to sit and listen to how their employers policies are in contradiction with the talking points they are told to say


5 more reasons to fly Southwest.


Totally agree with you


I am 30 years old. I’m waiting for when an airline says “hold my beer” and raises it to $35 or even $40 for the first checked bag. I feel like this will happen well before my 35th birthday. Or adopting the 40lb baggage rule, like Spirit. It’s just sad that the Big Three charge just as much as Spirit for the first checked bag.


As a millennial, I think you mean “hold my avocado”


think its time to consider just paying 30 bucks to sit in cargo probable with more space due to less baggage being checked in especially with the ever increasing shrinking so called ECONOMY!!! perhaps that should go for luggage! dan do you agree?


I’d say since United caused the deaths of several dogs in cargo recently, I’d make sure your life insurance policy is up to par if you were to choose such an accommodation