3 Virgin Atlantic Clubhouses Are Now Accessible Via Priority Pass

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Many people have access to Priority Pass lounges from credit cards like AMEX Platinum or Chase Sapphire Reserve. Currently Sapphire Reserve cardholders can bring unlimited guests into lounges, but effective 8/26 that will go down to 2 free guests in addition to the cardholder. Additional cardholders can also bring in 2 guests for free. Click Here to get more details on these cards and compare to other cards!

Priority Pass continues to add lounges to their network and you can now access the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse in Newark/EWR and Washington DC/IAD in addition to the existing Los Angeles/LAX location.

The Clubhouse hours are heavily restricted though. In EWR (Terminal B) you can enter the lounge between 2pm-6pm. In IAD (Concourse A) you can enter the lounge between 6am-1:30pm.  In LAX (Terminal 2) you can enter the lounge between 5am-10:45am. All of the Clubhouses are located after security.

One of my favorite Priority Pass lounges is the Art & Lounge in Newark Terminal B before security. They brought us tons of kosher meals and snacks upon request and they had kosher wine in the lounge as it’s used by El Al in Newark for their premium passengers. It’s nice to have a Priority Pass option before and after security Newark Terminal B

Priority Pass has been adding all kinds of non-traditional lounges such as bars and restaurants with a $28 credit for the cardmember and each guest. When I fly from my local airport in Cleveland I can now choose from 3 lounges, the Airspace lounge which is free with an AMEX Platinum card, the United Club, and Bar Symon, which has a $28 credit per person thanks to Priority Pass.

There’s even a Priority Pass lounge in Punta Cana that has a swimming pool with tarmac views.

What’s your favorite Priority Pass lounge?

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Do you need to request Kosher at Art & Lounge or is it automatically there? How does one go about requesting that?

Should also be noted that alcohol was not free at Virgin Clubhouse in LAX when I was there. I assume it is similar in other lounges as well.


Good to know because the United lounge has hardly any kosher food besides bananas and apples!


That’s good because the United lounge has hardly any kosher options besides bananas and apples! Why aren’t we asking for more????

reb yid

Overall Priority Pass is helpful. But restricted hours for Virgin Lounge, coupled with Art & Lounge being landside, make terminal B an underserved area in this regard.


JFK only has a PP lounge in T1 and T4, and the T4 one is often restricted during peak evening flight hours (I’m only 1/3 attempting to get in). LGA only has a lounge landside as well in 1 terminal. NYC is not the best market for PP, unfortunately. Terminal B in EWR seems to be one of the better lounges, especially with high chances of getting Kosher.


It was free in EWR


Air France lounge at JFK has been good to me. I got a free facial massage there and they have fantastic wine selection.

Krum Cup

Accessible with PP??


My biggest problem in a lounge is a coffee as they usually only have a combined cappuccino machine which isn’t kosher.


Im annoyed about this too. Is there a heter for this of sorts?


Most of the machines only have coffee and milk that pass through. You could also probably run it once through and toss it to clean anything residual out.


What makes it non kosher? Or are you just talking about cholov yisrael


At Ben Gurion, they wouldn’t honor my Chase Sapphire reserve. They said you need a Priority Pass. Anybody else have that problem or a solution?


After much anticipation and paying $450 a year for 2 years finally arrived at ewr art lounge for elal flight

Not as amazing as I imagined
Not a restaurant
Just cold tuna salad wrap and a soda
You won’t go hungry but nothing amazing for $900 membership

Re coffee machine parts washed in sink with hot water and treif dishes used for treif good

So I don’t see how it can be used


By far best that have been to is in the Rome airport, shower , NY Times,
eggs & omelettes made to order , fresh fruit , vegetables & great service
kind & friendly


I was in the Rome FCO lounge a few times using my pp very very nice lounge my kids loved it great view to the runway and to the planes loading and unloading, very big good showers….


Perhaps someone could offer a link to see all the available services for PP? I have the card but the few times I’ve tried to use it, it wasn’t accepted at the lounge.


You have to look at their list of lounges and opening times and use the pass then.


The European lounges you can access with the PP REALLY ROCK! We used them in Geneva and Madrid last year and enjoyed great food, a wide variety of drinks and alcohol and quiet, spacious areas.

In the US, not so much, but better than sitting on the floor next to your gate.