The Unannounced MAAsacre Continues

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More nasty surprises since the elimination of stopovers and new AAnytime award chart I covered in the wee hours of the moring:

1. On the USAirways side of the airline they have updated their partner award chart by raising the business class award from the US to North Asia from 90K to 110K round-trip.  This was a real redemption sweet spot, especially since joining Oneworld with that rate working for Cathay Pacific.  Bizarrely though, first class remains a real bargain, unchanged at just 120K.  Even more bizarrely other awards like Caribbean/Mexico/Central America to South Asia remain at 90K in business class.

Their High level award has also been split into 2 levels for travel starting in June. This I could care less about.

2. American has eliminated their aspirational OneWorld Explorer/Round-The-World award.

I was able to take a 16 flight segment first class round-the-world tour back in 2010 off of their awesome, yet underutilized Explorer award chart.

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Never got around to finishing those trip notes, though I did cover Khao Lak , Chiang Mai , Melbourne , and Sydney.

And now it’s gone. Completely unannounced.  At least United (which does still offer a round-the-world award) had the courtesy of letting us know several months ahead of their devaluation. This is just wrong. #AAdvantageMAAsacre

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The mileage apocalypse is here my friends


AAAAAAND now we know why they are giving away 100k pts for one card right now….why not?!



Dan is the man

When things are too good to be true its normal that it comes to an end but we should all be happy with what there is still out there before that ends too


This is getting worse and worse! Next they’ll say no holds!?
and make it into a $75 booking fee always?!


Crazy crazy crazy. My OWE ticketed yesterday. Just confirmed it’s still good. Thank G-d. Wow.


who is going to start up ##aaunfriendly?


whoops, wrote that before i finished the entire post! aamassacre indeed!


quick question: re Dec 2010 itinerary, why did you travel to Texas, Amsterdam and London within one day? what do you gain by that?


@leah: Because he lives in CLE and there are no direct flights to HKG.


I’m lighting them up on Twitter and facebook. This is just ridiculous….


And this is why I don’t bother with miles on credit cards anymore. I get actual cash that never goes away and doesn’t devalue (well at least not by the airlines).


what changes if any on jfk tlv business on el al?


I was just on the phone with an Aadvantage rep to change a stopover flight I had pushed back to January! and being today is the first day! I waited for over an hour and in the meantime gave her \|#%^^*+= to pass on to her superiors!