Mileage Run Anyone? AA Launches $198+ Boston-West Coast Fares!


Update: AA and United now both have fares between Boston and Los Angeles for $79+ each way for a total of just $179 round trip with all taxes! A RT flight will earn 15,666 redeemable miles and 10,444 elite qualifying miles!

Originally posted on 03/31:

AA has filed fares for $99 each way between Boston and Los Angeles, San Francisco, or San Diego.
With all taxes the round-trip price should be about $219. Same-day turnarounds are permitted.
Travel is valid between 04/29 and 06/17. Travel on Sundays and Fridays will be more.
Sample valid flight:
05/05, AA192, LAX-BOS, 10:15pm-6:50am.
05/06, AA25, BOS-LAX, 8:20am-11:45am.

Use’s “price and schedule” feature for help finding cheap days to fly.

You can combine 2 great promotions on these routes.
-Triple Redeemable miles.
-Double elite miles.

Thus the miles earned for non-elites, for a single RT flight, Boston to/from:
-Los Angeles: 15,666 redeemable miles, 10,444 elite qualifying miles.
-San Francisco: 16,224 redeemable miles, 10,816 elite qualifying miles.
-San Diego: 15,528 redeemable miles, 10,351 elite qualifying miles.
Of course Gold elites will also earn their 25% redeemable mileage bonus, and Platinum/EXP elites will earn their 100% redeemable mileage bonus.

There is no limit to the number of bonus miles that can be earned.

-Gold elite can be earned on AA by earning 25,000 elite qualifying miles in a calender year.
-Platinum elite can be earned on AA by earning 50,000 elite qualifying miles in a calender year.
-Executive Platinum elite can be earned on AA by earning 100,000 elite qualifying miles in a calender year.
Elite status earned by flying in 2009 would last until 02/28/11.

Lifetime Gold elite status can also be earned by banking 1,000,000 redeemable elite miles. Lifetime Platinum elite status is earned by banking 2,000,000 redeemable elite miles. AA is the only airline that counts redeemable elite miles (as opposed to elite qualifying miles) for earning million miler status.

Good luck, and if you do go (or are considering going) on a mileage run be sure to write about it in the comments!

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Dan, I live in Boston. This is tempting but for the fact that I dislike flying and airports! LOL!


I’m considering a mileage run, I was wondering what dates you got the $198 fare for.


I was wondering if making a stop with these two promos would increase my miles at all.


Hey is the moscow deal still avaliable? with the double millage bonus that would be a steal of a millage run now.. no?

Lakers fan

Great for the NBA FINALS the dates are out just check the schedule for the away games in Boston……….because the Lakers will have the better record…….GO LAKERS!!!


Valid dates are listed in the post.

It would of course increase your base miles as well as the double elite miles. It would not increase the 3x Boston miles.

@Lakers fan:
Boston Finals? Not with the Cavs having home-field!


$99 O/W JFK-LAX on AA & Delta for same sample dates.


The DME flight is good if you already have a visa, otherwise don’t forget to add an additional $150 when considering the value of the flight…


So after registering for those 2 promos one flying from SF would get: 16,224+10,816 = 27,040 miles ??

Can U also do Gold/Platinum Status Challenge with that?


can this work for me if i live in miami???
dan, please tell me if this would work out, i would love to fly it!


do you get elite status for flying just this flight this sounds like a great chol hamoed trip