For A Limited Time, American Is Allowing Free Name Changes On Tickets!

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While airlines have become much more flexible about ticket changes over the course of the pandemic, name changes have always been more restrictive.

I used to have an Airtran corporate account that had free name changes and it was awesome to be able to buy a cheap ticket on sale and be able to use it for anyone. JetBlue used to allow name changes for a small fee and United has allowed me as a Global Services member to make a free name change when needed, but airlines don’t generally want to be in the business of competing with their customers in selling tickets.

With current travel voucher policies, it has been possible to cancel tickets from airlines like Alaska, American, JetBlue, and United and then use those funds for someone else. But you still haven’t been able to give an existing ticket to someone else without paying the difference in fare.

However American is in the process of switching over from flight credits to trip credits. With that switch, you can combine credits from multiple cancelled flights and use the credits for anyone.

As part of that, American is even allowing AAdvantage members to make one free name change on changeable paid or award tickets, as long as the recipient is also an AAdvantage member. You can join AAdvantage before making a change in order to take advantage of this policy. Only one name change is allowed.

You can make name changes for free through 1/31/22. Changes can’t be made on non-changeable basic economy tickets, but if you’re on a changeable basic economy ticket such as a flight booked before 4/1 or a flight originating from the Eastern Hemisphere then you can make a free name change.

Will you take advantage of a free name change on an American ticket?


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Time to start buying and reselling airline tickets !


In what situation would it be beneficial to consider a name change for a ticket?


If you bought a cheap ticket that is now expensive.


So many possibilities, you planned a trip for you and your wife. One of you couldn’t go, so you scraped both tickets and flipped them to someone else going.
Or swapped your wife’s with your son…

And then yes to be a reseller is where the real value lies.
A business class ticket is avlb for purchase from NYC to TLV, I happen to be awake at 3:45am when Dan and JJ decide to post an amazing deal for a RT in Y, or any other insane deal for that price. I book it and now I have the freedom of giving it or gifting it to my daughter and son inlaw or Vice versa. Or selling the ticket at double the price. Endless possibilities, little creativity and you’ll be set with ideas on what you can do.


I can’t wait until they change from trip credits to flying credits.


This great they should make it permanent.

Thanks for heads up

Great to hear. I have a non-transferable travel credit from a canceled flight that’s expiring soon, and I’m excited to be able to book the ticket for myself and then change it to my wife’s name.


Is United still giving ETCs or just FFCs?

Pete Weiss

Its nice when the airlines are doing poorly and need to work hard to win business. They will remove every benefit again the minute things are good.


i called them yesterday and only allowed for tickets purchased through aa directly


Name changes are common on European LCCs. Pre-COVID there was a huge second hand market for peak dates between the UK and Israel.


another workaround is cancel ticket, then with creditbook a cheap ticket [e.g lax – sfo for $38] and ou recieve instantly an email with credit good for any passenger.


if booked directly from aa…

Texas Totty

Wow, this is a real name changer!


Are we sure it works for mileage ticket?


Purchased an AA ticket on the chase portal that I ended up having to cancel and getting a chase travel credit for. Does anyone know if a name change is possible if the ticket was purchased on the Chase Travel portal using chase points?


I have a delta ecredit on my name that is Non-transfarble is there any work around to use it for my brother?

Steven Green

does it work if you bought the ticket through a third party>?????????


Will I get credit for a partially used ticket? (BE ex-TLV, traveling this week)

Steven Green

does it work if you bought the ticket through a third party>????


Can someone please post a link from the American Airlines website that explains exactly how this works?