Just Released: AAdvantage Credit Card Reduced Mileage Awards For July-September 2008!!!

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Q3 Reduced Mileage Awards Linky
Fly to select cities worldwide for 7,500 less miles than American Airlines regularly charges!

To book these awards just call AA’s AAdvantage desk at 800-882-8880 and reference the award code listed in the above link. You may be able to avoid the $15 phone booking charge by first placing a reservation on hold at aa.com and then calling up AAdvantage to have them reduce the cost of the award by 7,500 miles and ask for the fee to waived since it was originally booked on their website.

Below is a partial list of some of Q3’s valid destinations, origination is allowed from any US48 City. Open-jaws are permitted:

Sample US destinations for 17,500 miles:
-Key West, FL
-Orange County, CA/SNA
Canadian destinations for 17,500 miles:
Sample Caribbean destinations for 17,500 miles:
-Bermuda (Off peak)
-Marsh Harbor, Bahamas (Off peak)
-S. Croix, Virgin Islands (Off peak)
Sample Central American destinations for 22,500 miles:
-Guatemala City, Guatemala (Off peak)
-Panama City, Panama (Off peak)
Sample South American destinations for 32,500 miles:
-Buenos Aires, Argentina (Off peak)
-Montevideo, Uruguay (Off peak)
Other destinations for 52,500 miles:

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hi dan , just to let you know you could get off peak air canada for toronto to NY for 15000 miles


Air Canada=Fuel surcharges on award tickets and miles that expire even with activity.


aeroplan doesent expire if you have activity every 12 months

but it is true about fuel surcharge. from TO to NY is 15k but over $100 in taxes!!


Aeroplan miles expire no matter what after 7 years I believe.


What is the code that i need to tell AA?