Have United Elite Status? Match It To American!

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Update: 6:30pm, The program has been pulled due to overwhelming response (from disgruntled United elites), however some AA representatives are still processing status matches. At this point you may have to make a few phone calls until you get a rep to enroll you in the match. Either way this will be dead very soon.

American normally doesn’t match elite status from other airlines. They have a challenge that grants elite status after you pay a fee and complete a flying challenge, but only for Gold or Platinum status

For a limited time they are poaching matching United elites to the following levels:
United Silver=AA Gold
United Gold=AA Platinum
United Platinum=AA Platinum
United 1K=AA Executive Platinum
United Global Services=AA Executive Platinum (or Concierge Key according to some reports)

You can call AA and ask for AAdvantage customer service by calling 800-882-8880. The elite status will be valid until 02/29/13.

Now the challenge lasts for an extra year if you complete it in July or later. Does this mean that if you wait until July do do a status match that the status will last until 02/28/14? Possibly, but then again this is a limited time offer and definitely may be pulled before then.


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they are open from 730am – 9pm cst

just say

can i just say i have one of those from united and they will match me or i will have to show them proof?


Wish United would match AA.


@just say:
You’ll need proof.

They have a challenge match program where unlike with AA’s challenge, you get status during the challenge period.


Quick question relating to Citi Bank American Airlines Credit Card.
My Annual fee is coming up, I tried combining my AA Amex + AA Visa Signature cards they said they don’t combine accounts. downgrade. if so to which cards? what do you suggest ?

(I have 2 myself 2 for my wife. Thanks DAN for all great offers. I’m going to Israel with all those points for sukkos)


Since it’s afterhours, you can email your request:

For those who were too late to call tonight, you might want to try to send your info to this email address:



• A copy of your dated elite membership card reflecting your name and Premier status level for the 2012 Membership Year (.pdf, .tif, .jpeg, .bmp formats, not to exceed 1MB)
• Alternatively, you could send a copy or screen shot of your most recent account summary, reflecting your name and Premier status level (.pdf, .tif, .jpeg, .bmp formats, not to exceed 1MB)
• Your AAdvantage number and phone number

Oh, and use the subject line in your reply: “RE: Send UA Documentation”


will this work using the printouts of united that were showing higher status after the websites merged?


Hi Dan I have a status much in united gold till June. Whatelse can I match to it??


Where did you see that United Global Services=AA Concierge Key?


how can i get elite status on united the first time?


do get the upgrades as well for example as AA Executive Platinum ?


Confused- there used to be a fee and a challenge but now you could do it for free? or they normally don’t match status at all, but now you can do it if you pay fee and complete the challenge?


Would they match Delta status?


i have delta gold. can that help me?


Sorry for a dumb questions, but if you match to AAdvantage, do you lose your United Elite status? Just checking…


If I match to EXP do I get the 8EVIPs


Can I match from US air to AA as well?



Can’t you only do one status match every 4 years?

Ari M

Dan I’m HON with Miles&More (Lufthansa), Do you think AA would match that to AA Concierge Key?


Just spoke to a rep, extremely simple. They will send you an email and you reply back attaching the docs needed


@Rikki: I dont know if AA will match Delta but United deffinately match with Delta for 3 months, then once you are a United elite you can match it to AA.

aa gold

what if i have aa gold can i get united Silver


Delta and Alaska for starters.

From the OP on FT.

They normally don’t match at all, but now they will for free for United elites.

I don’t think so, but United will give you a challenge and status for 90 days that you can then mach to AA.

Of course not.

That’s unknown at this point.

No. You would have to mach to Alaska/Delta, challenge to United, and then match to AA.
Have fun!

@Ari M:

@aa gold:
You can get a United Silver challenge and status for 90 days.


I’m a United 1K. It’s been atrocious since the merger with CO (I’m a CO chosid).

If you live in the New York area [not NJ] and fly out of LGA/JFK, the better move is to go from United to Delta. Delta is picking up a ton of slots at LGA, already has good service from JFK, and – they fly directly to Israel.


Everything about Delta is hunky dory except that their miles and alliance stink.


I just call AA and they told me this offer is not avalible any more!


HUCA (When you don’t get the answer you want to hear, “Hang up, call again”

As gold

Is there any way to get it for life like my aa


Just called its 5:30 EST.
They said program was suspended this afternoon. Guess I should read my e-mails more timely.


People on FT are still having mixed results.
I’d keep calling back (asap) until you have success, some reps are still matching people.


@Dan –

Agree. Their alliances aren’t great…but United is just becoming more and more of a nightmare, and I don’t see how/why AA would be better.


Can I use my free Kingfisher silver status to match to United and then match to AA?


Dan. I’m a 1k with united do u recommend me to match status even if I’m not planing to fly aa anytime soon or its more of a one in a life time thing. Thanks in advance for ur time


Just called this morning. They are still matching 1K. They said it would take several days to process because they have been overwhelmed with responses.


Same question as Dave, should i wait until July?


didnt help — not doing it anymore


Hi Dan,

When I called.. the Rep offered me a challenge for $100 fees. 90 days – 5000 miles to be earned. I read in comments that its a plain match.. not a challenge?? is it true?


called this morning asking for status of my request to match to EP.
was told that she does not think they are matching to that level.Told her i recieved invitation after my phone caa.

said if that is the case should be ok.

bottom line i think you keep on calling requesting email instructions and then reply to that e mail.



Matched to Platinum status! Thanks.


@HansGolden: tried this but got a reply saying not available


just recvd ep status THASNKS DAN

will i also get the system upgrades sent to me?