Enter To Win 350K AAdvantage Miles And Get 700 Miles, Plus Extend The Life Of Your Existing Miles


Enter To Win 350K AAdvantage Miles And Get 700 Miles, Plus Extend The Life Of Your Existing Miles

The website is going very slowly right now, but fill in your information to win 350K AA miles and write what you’re saving up miles for and you’ll get 350 miles.

Then share what trip you’ve taken or plan to take via Email, Facebook, or Twitter and you’ll get another 350 miles. You can just click email and write where you want to go to AA and you’ll get the full 700 miles.

This promotion ends at 12pm CDT on 6/1.

The miles will post by 7/31.

35 people will also win 350K miles. However they’ll be hit with a 1099 of $6,965.

AA miles require activity every 18 months, so this will extend the life of your existing miles by 18 months.

HT: yoshapman, via DDF

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Deborah Shprentz

I’m dreaming of Portugal on AA miles.

Deal guy

It would be cheaper to purchase the 350K out right then to win them. This is insane!


@Deal guy:
You don’t get charged $6,965.
It’s treated as income on your taxes and you’ll pay your marginal tax rate.


Nice, thanks. Too bad this didn’t come two months ago as I just donated 1K AA miles to keep them alive…

Deal guy


Wow! I thought you had to pay the whole amount. Thanks!


does the email i send need to come from my email associated with my account? how does aa know where to post the miles from the email?

Extension needed

Thanks Dan but how exactly do you just email them to earn the 700 without entering the contest? I don’t see that option here on the site.


The link is slower than very slow. There should be a new word for that.



loves dan


agree !!!! slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww


@Extension needed: You need to register for the contest to earn the miles. No one ever said you could earn miles without registering. Read the website.


Is this new with tax thing or is it just of you win this contest , does anyone know ?


I’d argue that the FMV of 350K AAdvantage Miles is zero.


Official rules say you can enter twice, probably won’t improve odds though.


The concept of tax has been around a long time, it is not new.
I believe the IRS has stated they are not taxing miles earned on personal travel.
Contests do often entail tax on the supposed value of the prize.
First enter, you only have to consider tax if you WIN. In most cases you could refuse the prize to avoid taxes.


@Dan: How many times can you do this? you said that This promotion ends at 12pm CDT on 6/1, so can you do it everyday?



You can’t earn more than 700 miles.

Abe Kavka

Love to travel

Sheila mark

Great deal hope cones true


If a BIG WINNER is seriously considering the advice to decline the award to avoid the tax bill, contact me. A qualified financial advisor is priceless.


If I have an Aviator AAdvantage credit card do I still only have 18 months without activity to lose points?



If you’re charging on your card – that is activity!


AA is valuing their miles at $0.0199 per mile? After the devaluation? Can’t that be challenged?


Could it be the register button is not working anymore?