[Ends Today!] American Will Give A Gift To Every AAdvantage Member, Enroll In AAdvantage Now To Get One

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Update, 12/16: Today is the last day to register and claim your gift. If you get miles, it will extend your account expiration for 18 months! You can also enroll in the program now and get a gift!

Update, 12/1: My Executive Platinum gift was 4 500-mile upgrades and the ability to earn 4 more and 2,000 miles for booking and flying 4 premium flights in January or February.

My wife’s Platinum gift was 250 miles and the ability to earn double miles on all flights for booking and flying 6 flights in January or February.

Readers have posted getting gifts like 100 miles, 2 500 mile upgrades, and preferred seat upgrade coupons.

100 miles may not be worth more than a buck or 2, but it will extend the life of your miles by another 18 months.

What gift did you get?

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Originally posted on 11/30:

Starting tomorrow, you can check register in the promotion section of your AAdvantage account for a free gift from American.

Gifts can be miles, seat upgrades, or club passes.

If you’re not an AAdvantage member you can enroll in the program by 12/16 and still get a gift.

Plus starting tomorrow, you can register in your promotions section to enter to win 500,000 miles plus 4 nights at a Hyatt Ziva or Hyatt Zilara Resort or a 3 night stay at Universal Orlando Resort, including park passes. Those prizes are somewhat dubious though considering that the Hyatt prize has an ARV of $12,800 and the Universal Studios prize has an ARV of $15,470. That will be quite the tax bill if you win!

I asked American for a breakdown of the ARV calculations, but they declined to provide one.

Post a comment when you get your gift!

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Joe Kay

Any reason not to open dozens if not hundreds of AA accounts?


AA has a tough review department. Watch your back !

nsx at FlyerTalk

That’s just what they’ll be expecting us to do!!

A brilliant plan to identify scammers for blacklisting!


Can I enroll my dog?


Only if it’s a emotional support animal. I don’t think that cargo can get miles.


What is the minimum age to enroll can I enroll my children


“Those prizes are somewhat dubious though considering that the Hyatt prize has an ARV of $12,800 and the Universal Studios prize has an ARV of $15,470. That will be quite the tax bill if you win!”…. Aint that the unfortunate truth! Somewhat related, whenever I watch the Price is Right I always think about the heavy tax burden for those folks that win prizes valued at the absolute MSRP. It’s going to be one expensive wine fridge, dish set, designer shoes, and baker’s rack—- perhaps cheaper to just purchase one on it’s own.

Jelena Edwin

This ruined The Price is Right for me when I learned it. That Universal win would cost me roughly $3,000 in taxes. Pretty sure I could book that trip for less.


I won an all expenses trip to Cancun two years ago that had a very real value of $2800 but the radio station only valued it at $1500 so I got a 1099 for that amount. The trip was priceless!


knowing american, it will probably be a free audit

ARV for dummies

For the uninitiated, what is this ARV thing?


Actual Retail Value. the actual amount that should/would be put on your tax form


I don’t see any gift


What do you mean there is no need to enroll to get the free gift? How would you get if you are not enrolled?


You don’t need to enroll or register separately once you are an AAdvantage member. You do have to enroll to become an AA member, though.


I received 100 Bonus Miles as my Gift. Does earning these Miles extend Miles Expiry Date? My 285k AA Miles are set to expire in Feb. 2021.

Jack out of the Box

My wife and I each got 100 miles.

Texas Totty

Got 100 miles which isn’t much but worth extending miles expiration.


100 miles. Hey, I’ll take it.


100 miles for me


Have Gold status. Got 2 500 mile upgrade certificates 🙂


Your gifts:
1 Preferred seat coupon and a car class upgrade + double miles with Hertz (Restrictions apply.)


Huh?!! That sucks


Your gift:
100 AAdvantage® bonus miles

David Ash

100 miles


250 miles. I’m a 3 million miler.


100 AAdvantage® bonus miles


I am EXP, with 2 million miler, and i got a 1 day pass to the admirals club. Pretty dumb considering I’m an AU on a citi executive card


They have no idea that your a AU.


250 miles

Joe Kay

Preferred seat upgrade

Reset Password

Had to reset one of my passwords, but it isnt working. The screen just stays on the “type in new password” reset page, even after hitting enter. Any ideas what i should do?


You need to put in your last name too


What means 500 miles upgrades?

I also got 100 miles. But the. Suddenly it shows up for me 4 500 miles upgrades . It didn’t say that on the promotion page . Not sure if I had it before clicking the promotion link. I have no status though. What would a 500 mile upgrade mean ?


I got 100 miles


No status. 100 miles


I got 100 miles, my wife 1,000


I don’t see any miles posted to my account. Could it be that I didn’t get anything?


100 miles as well as double miles on 2 flights booked between now and Feb 28.


Wife account had miles expiring Jan 25, 2021 great way to have it extended


Got just 100 miles and an offer to double flight miles until 2/28/21 if I take at least 2 flights by then. Nice thing is the 100 mile should extend my expiration date out I imagine. We’ll see when it posts if that is indeed true.


How does the 500 mile upgrade work, Is it guaranteed or a waiting list?


100 miles and 20x 500 mile upgrades appeared in account


Gold, only got 100 miles. 🙁


The 100 miles posted I won instantly and extended my points expiration immediately, Which is nice.

Saw some people got 100 points and 500 mile upgrades… where would those upgrades show up in the account if you got them? Where would you search?


IIRC 500 mile upgrades can only be used if you have status?



(or are traveling with someone that has status, then you can request to use yours instead of theirs (needs to be done on the phone)).


100 miles and double miles on flights through February if I take 2 flights.


The default is 100 miles and double miles from January through February.


100 miles


1000, million milers


No status – 100 miles


I got 100 points. My points are due to expire Dec.3 will it post on time?


EXP:250 , rest of family: 100 (at least it delays expiration date).


Does anyone know how can I get someone to be able to use my 500 miles upgrade that I don’t need for my self ?


AA.com website is down now


100 miles. I think the biggest gift is 18 more months on my miles! They are set to expire 12/19/20, which really means whenever AA unfreezes expiration.


It said AAdvantage® bonus miles without an actual number.


I got 100 miles, and 10x 500 upgrade certs. How do I find out more about these certificates, anyone have a link to read up on it?


I dont see a link to actually register. I do see the Promotions tab and that I earned 100 points. It says to Register, but all I see is “Close” the tab that pops up


My gift is a main cabin extra coupon after 2 flights in Jan/Feb. What a waste

r duvid

me & wife got 100 miles 🙁 but better then nothing.. Thanks


100. Thanks.


forgot to register in time. Any other way to extend my mile expiration without buying miles? and without spending?