AAdvantage Credit Card Reduced Mileage Awards For April-June 2013


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Q2 Reduced Mileage Awards Linky

-You can book tickets for 7,500 less miles than American Airlines regularly charges if you have an eligible AA card.
-Consumer cardholders also get a 10% rebate on miles redeemed, so a coach reduced award will now cost just 15,750 miles round trip after the instant 7,500 mileage reduction and the 10% (in this case 1,750) mileage rebate.

To book these awards just call AA’s AAdvantage desk at 800-882-8880 and reference the following award code:
7,500 miles off Coach: TC8X7A
7,500 miles off Business/First: UC21X2A

Below is a sample list of some of Q2’s valid destinations, origination is allowed from any US48 City.
While BA Avios may be a better deal for nonstop short-haul flights, bear in mind that you pay for each segment when redeeming Avios, whereas with AA miles you pay for the entire journey.

-Colorado Springs
-Houston (IAH and HOU)
-New York (LGA)
-S. Barbara, CA
-S. Louis
-Salt Lake City
-Vail, CO
-Washington D.C (DCA and IAD)


Note: Some readers have reported success in:
-Originating from one of the cities on the list and flying to anywhere with a 7,500 mile discount.
-Getting them to waive the $25 phone fee as these can’t be booked online.
-Getting a 3,750 mile discount on one-way travel.
-You can always pull a hidden city trick (for example for fly JFK-LAX-SBA and just get off at LAX), though you’d probably have to forgo checked luggage.

YMMV! (Your mileage may vary)

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Reasons for pulling a hidden city trick?


If you throw away your final segment, (hidden city), your return trip will be canceled. So, you will pay 17.5k for a one way & not be able to get home.


You can always pull a hidden city trick (for example for fly JFK-LAX-SBA and just get off at LAX)-

how can you do this? wont they cancel your return ticket if you never catch the flight from lax to sba??


Hence why you would have to get them to book it as a one-way.


how do you get 10% miles with consumer card?

does it work for international as well?

only on RMA?


Do I have to fly between April and June or just book?


Does this apply to AA partner (Elal)


Whats the best way to fly to israel via el al which miles to use thanks


Can I use this code for international flights, eg regular cost of 45,000 AA miles one way to Israel less 7500 miles— so only costing 37,500?


NO INTERNATIONAL guys, its only domestic.


Anyone know if you use the code if you are a cardholder booking tickets for a family member with their miles? I will be booking a ticket for my minor child with miles from his account or my father’s account and would love to figure out a way to use the discount.


I have a united credit card and I opened another that offered a bonus of 50k. I just received a notice that since I have another united card from chase I can not get the bonus. Is there anything to do?

att confused

Yes, there is something to do.
start doing honest work for a living, and dont play shticks.


Does this only work on AA flights? Or can it be used to book flights on partner airlines as well?

Dima @ Dima's Corner

Guys, read! Only AA. Only domestic. Has nothing to do with United cards.

Now, how someone was able to book it one way? I just called and the agent said that the computer would not let her do it, said it required a round-trip reservation…


@Amy: It only works for cardholder and their account. There aren’t any codes. You do it over the phone. Your minor child doesn’t have a AA credit card so it won’t work. Your father could open a AA card it will work for him.