6 Cards=600K And Counting…

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The biggest card bonus out there now is the 100K bonus on the Citi AAdvantage Executive card.

I first learned about it and wrote about it on January 28th.

Since then my wife and I have already gotten 400K bonus miles with 2 cards each and just yesterday we were approved for our 3rd card each. That will bring our total to 600K bonus miles.  It’s more than enough miles for 2 people to take 16 flights in first class on an around-the-world OneWorld ticket. Been there, done that already.

Tidbits worth knowing:

-Yes, you need to figure out how to spend $10K in a short period of time. So this isn’t for everyone. If you’re looking for big bonuses with less spending take a look at this post.

-Yes, the card carries a whopping $450 annual fee, though it’s refundable if you close it within 37 days of that being billed.  Sometimes the fee is billed on the first statement, sometimes on the second statement.   Sometimes the first statement comes right away, sometimes it takes a month. YMMV.

-You get a $200 statement credit which posts after you spend $200 on anything.

-Lots of people have reported that they had their American mileage account permanently closed with all miles forfeited for gaming this card by buying and cancelling refundable tickets.

-The miles sometimes post on the first statement after completing spending and sometimes don’t post until the 2nd statement after completing the spending. YMMV.

-Generally speaking you can apply for 1 Citi card per week and 2 per rolling 60 day period.

-I got lucky by racking up 3 million lifetime miles with American and getting lifetime Platinum status before 2011 when they stopped counting credit card miles towards lifetime status.  If they still counted it that way I’m pretty sure there would be a whole lot more lifetime Plats around this year 😀

Stay thirsty, my friends 😉

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go figure how to spend 60k in 3 month


Dan, How did you each get three cards?
Cancel and Open or Have three accounts at the same time.
They allow that?


You need to be a wiz at manufactured spend, that’s for sure.

My 1st card is cancelled and I now have 2 currently open.


You apply for 2 of the same cards?


If i open a second card on the same name they give you the bonus again?
Did you cancel first cards before openning second?


Do they bother you as to why you need another one ?


Dan, can u explain what you mean by three cards each? like you each have 3 of the “same exact” card?


I just got my bill I already got my miles if I cancel it will I lose my miles


Dan, apologies if a dumb question, but how do you and your wife have three cards each?


Dan, have you been opening and canceling cards? Since the offer is only good for new cards, I imagine that must be the case. Can you walk us through your timeline between sign up, credit of points, cancelation and reapplying?


Hi Dan,
How did you get multiple cards for the same person? Are you closing the accounts as soon as the points are credited?


Dan, the only downside is the credit inquiry on the Credit report. correct?


I currently have 3 AA Citi cards and are now up for the annul fee should i first cancel those cards or first apply for the new cards and have them transfer the credit?


Does 2BM/3BM be done with Citi cards? Any other worthwhile Citi card bonuses?


Dan, is the $200 credit just for the first year, or for each year after? I just got the card, but can’t find any details on if that credit was just a first year promotion.


I can open up the card, spend 10000$ in a month, collect the 100,000 miles, then close the card early enough to not pay the fee, and still keep the miles without hurting my credit?


How long do you have to wait between submitting applications for an additional card for this card thanks for all your tips


even if u have already this card and even if u got the 100k bonus, u can still open another such card and get these bonuses again?


can you clarify what you mean by: “buying and cancelling refundable tickets.” ?


Thanks. Is this card cover rental car damage waiver in Israel?


I didn’t get approved because i had a high amex bill that i just paid off. is there a reconsideration line for city? thanks!


To anyone or Dan,

Can I purchase Vanilla visa GIFT cards @ CVS with this citi cards @ CVS? Ive read or missread that citi considers visa GIFT cards as cash advance?


Just curios, how many total credit cards have you and your wife had in your lifetime?


@ab: did you read the post? it’s quite obvious that it’s YES

how long?

how long will this offer be around for?


@milzz: 8666062787


@Josh: Only first year


Do you put your AAdvantage number in when submitting the second application, or leave it blank?


@Emi: yes


Folks, read the post…

I cancel the cards as I get the points. You can have 1 or 10 of the same card open, there’s no difference.

Not generally, YMMV.

I wrote the timeframe I used in the post, read it carefully.

@how long?:
A prophet I’m not.

Put it in.


I’m curious to know what you’ve paid in fees to Citi.


Fees? Blasphemous.


@Dan: HA HA 🙂


800-695-5171 They’re very easy


Did you have to HUCA ?

Me Too

None for RAFI?


I have an account with AA that is fine but I am worried it can get closed. Can I open a new AA number to apply for this offer?



Do you have a write up on AA miles?

y on

Do I call to close card or do I send Message?
Can I apply right after card is closed or need to wait x amount of time?


A way to get the $ needed is to open two, 1 in your name and 1 in another’s, Square credit card merchant accounts for your mobile phone. Takes about 5 minutes to apply, is FREE, and you get your FREE card reader in a week or so. Your card is charged and the funds are into your bank account the next day.


@dan- do u give them the same mileage act or a new one each time



Did they ever ask you why you closed the original card and now applying for the same card, on your second and third application?


@Walter: you dont get charged any fees?




they charge more than payppal


@ walter you can’t compare the cost $4 for $500 Vanila or $13.75 service fee for the same $500 thru Square


Dan When you quoted “-Lots of people have reported that they had their American mileage account permanently closed with all miles forfeited for gaming this card by buying and cancelling refundable tickets”

Was this to get the 10k spending and then canceling?


Mazal tov Dan!! Thanks for the post


Any shot of Af waiver with citi?


Dan any offers around with 75k sign up bonuses and less spending and first year fee waived?!


With Square you have the potential of getting a 1099 in the mail and having to pay income tax on the money you received.


@Kevin: u can probably fight the income tax because u can show the source of the money is u goint to ur wife(for example) but the fee is more han paypal!!


after the 37 day grace periond for cancelling the cad, is the rest prorated or it is set for te whole year?


so if i have one open i can just apply for another without a problem?


i thought you wrote a while ago that for citi you can only get it once 2 years?


@Dan: Really? You’ve gone 6/6 in getting miles to post before the fee becomes non refundable? Incredible and good for you!!!

3 Cards

I got my fist card 70 days ago, my second 4 days ago, can I apply for my third in a few days from now? Will it count as out of the 60 days? Also, did they ask you why you need 3 of the same card?


@Dan: how does one get 16 first-class RTW tickets for 300k miles? Considering doing the same thing.


@bltn95, he means that you can do up to 16 legs on a Round the World ticket (One World Award) in first for him and wife with all of those miles. Does NOT mean you can do that 16 times, haha.


@dan Can you cancel the card online or do you have to call to do it?


With all due respect, this seems like extremely reckless behavior — from the standpoint of maintaining a continuing relationship with Citi. Indeed, the fact that you’re even mentioning it here would seem to increase the chances that Citi will permanently shut down your accounts and bar you from ever getting more credit cards from them. Citi can often be clueless, but sometimes they go after a scalp. Yours would be the first one they’d take, and it would be a (wise) warning to others.




Josh Diamondstein

iahphx is 100% correct. Extremely irresponsible and reckless on Dan’s part. Citi agents read blogs. Pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered…pure GREED.


Dan, so you waited exactly 60 days before applying for the 3rd?

In couple of days you will be eligible to apply for number 4. Will you go for it?

Jan stumacher

I just hung up for the 2nd time with Citibank customer
Service and a South Dakota supervisor who both
Confirmed that although you can Get a 2nd Citi Executive
Card no bonus miles will be added to your account
If You received any bonus miles in the past 18 months.

I was told they check by SS #.


Thanks @Curtis. Looking at the AA chart, the lowest requirement for 1st class is 80k, multiplied by 16, that’s almost 1.3 million miles. Is that not correct?


I am assuming this is not done with VR’s…. and for a couple with two kids living in Cleveland, I dont believe your expenses are 60k. Heck, its Cleveland! 🙂

No Fees??

Fees? Blasphemous.

Dan, do we understand you to say that you and your wife each opened up 3 cards, each received the promotional 100k miles per card and that both of you afterwards cancelled all of the cards without paying an annual fee or had them refunded. (i.e., you received 600k miles for no annual fees on these cards). Please let us know if our understanding is correct.

Dan's the Man

@No Fees??: It is. As Dan said if you cancel right away and your points transfer to AA in the first month (as opposed to the 1 month delay) you can avoid the annual fee.

Dan's the Man

@dave: He didn’t say his monthly expenses are 60K. He used MS as all points people do.

Dan's the Man

@bltn95: The one World ticket doesn’t use the regular award chart. It’s a special point redemption where you can fly around the world on multiple legs.

Miriam Leah

Hi Dan,
I applied for the card and have received it. I was planning on filling it with Vanilla reloads but now that avenue does not appear to be an option. What do you suggest to quickly fill the card with Manufactured Spend? Thanks


Hi DAn, I just completed minimum spending on my Citi Exec. Should I wait for the bonus before I apply for the second one?


@Jan stumacher:

Citi reps are clueless… Multiple datapoints show that you will get signup bonus for your 2nd card…

Chicago dude

@iahphx: if you can keep up, get out. Don’t put down Dan someone that’s been doing this for way longer than you can imagine.

@Dan…. The citi prestige seems to have a lot more benifets although they don’t give so many miles, would you still go for the executive over the prestige?
P.s. Dan thanks so much for the tip, sorry there has to be such downers allowed to comment. Can’t wait for the day the blog can automatically smell shmucks on the lose….

The Big Easy Traveler


Yes this happened to me as well. However, make sure AMEX posted the change to show your payoff before you call Citi back. I made the mistake and it cost me another pull on my credit and I didn’t get the card. Only after I knew AMEX posted did I contact Citi a 3rd time at credit.operations@citi.com. I sent them a copy of my Fico pulled from My Fico dot com. I was approved in a few days.

biggest store in the world

Just walked out of the biggest store in the world and BB uploads can no longer be done at customer service and most probably any other register besides for the Money Center


WM only lets u upload BB at Money Center…Cant do it at customer service and most probably a regular register


@WM: who said


@yitz:who are going to fight with. Square? Then they will label it a cash advance. The IRS? Good luck with that. Once you have a 1099 is has to be corrected(still not really good to have on your record) or reported on your tax return. Not really good either? Ask people that got a 1099 for opening a Citibank checking account and got AA miles.


Now we know why CVS clamped down 🙂 Dan and his wife single-handedly blew the system.

Alan Sherman

The Citibank website for the 100k card specifically says that the offer is not for existing cardholders. I already applied 1-31 for this card and now just applied for 2nd card. Are you sure you get the 100k miles a second time. Did the second 100k actually post to your account. A grouse yashikoiach.


@shlomi: @philyjew: @Oscar: Citi offers now 50k aa bonus with the Platinum MC after spending 3k in 3 months. $95 annual is waived for 1st year. If you apply for a bus you earn x2 on office, Tele & car rental.
it’s a good deal if you don’t have where to spend that much.


@shlomi: @philyjew: @Oscar: Citi offers now 50k aa bonus with the Platinum MC after spending 3k in 3 months. $95 annual is waived for 1st year. If you apply for a bus you earn x2 on office, Tele & car rental.
it’s a good deal if you don’t have where to spend that much.

AA miles collector

Is the same time frame for regular citi aa card with 50k after 3k spending or for that you can’t have more then one a time.


Gow do you get more than one card. Should I upgrade if I already have a card.Should I just applt for a new card. The card I have now has borh my name and business name.


@Dan’s the Man: what is ms? Can you direct me to a knowledge base for aa miles? Thanks


@Josh Diamondstein:
I’m greedy for posting this?

People criticized the bloggers for not posting about this opportunity enough and they criticize for posting about it too much. Love the catch-22.

At any rate I don’t make a dime if people apply for this offer, so how is sharing my experience greedy?

100K isn’t just going to stick around forever.


@Dan: Can you please direct me to a knowledge base for aa miles?


Dan, there’s still a lot of confusion: did you cancel one card before applying for the next or do you have multiple cards concurrently? It is not clear in your post or any of the subsequent replies.
Please advise.


@AA miles collector: the 50k offer is only for new cardmembers. So as soon as the points post, you can close it down & open a fresh one. You can apply at: away7.citicards.com – expires April 30, 2014. After that, it might go back to the standard 30k.


How long will it take till I get the points? I reached the 10K in the first month


Hot stuff

All The 600 k miles posted already in u account
Sanme account or 6 diff ones

Dave g

Can someone please answer 20 and 47


Dan plleeaasseee answer, if I get this card and I can’t buy vr or ov at cvs where else can I buy these stuff to spend the money quickly? ??


if i cancel the card will i still have free access to admirals club lounges until the official expiration date on the card?

Josh Diamondstein

Dan, my comment was intended to be directed at your readers and blog followers, sorry if I seemed like a personal attack at you. You are definitely not greedy and are a valuable source of deals and info for our community. I truly appreciate all your altruism and all the things you share. I just think a lot of your readers believe they can mimic your expertise without doing their homework or being rational. Monkey see, monkey do is detrimental. If they already get 4 cards, they may be like hey Dan got 6, let me try for 6 for no reason also and if I don’t get the extra 2 cards like Dan, I’m gonna call into Citi bank and complain or bring attention to not getting 600K points…and then ruin everything for everyone else. That’s what I meant about greed, they can’t be content with getting 200-300K miles and paying minimal fees. And there’s a million more ways to MS than VR’s but they won’t take the time to figure out more realistic ways to meet spends quickly that don’t raise suspicion with the banks. Amex changed their bonus policies because of this. Again, thank you for all your transparency and sharing your experiences. I just hope your followers will be responsible, be more appreciative and humble and not ruin this invaluable hobby.

dans cousin

I opened up the card got the 100k plus $200 statement credit and because I wasn’t charged the annual fee the first month I was able to cancel without paying the fee. 100k plus $200 🙂

Round 3?

What do I answer if they ask me why did I just close a card?

AA miles collector

@flyer: so the 12-18 time frame for citi aa personal cards is gone?


@Josh Diamondstein:

I agree that this post could encourage others to adopt similarly reckless behavior with their credit. When you get this deal, you’re supposed to pay the annual fee. Dan is collecting the miles and not paying the fee. Aside from the obvious ethnical issue involved here, this isn’t behavior that Citi will tolerate if it figures it out. And “bragging” about it makes it more likely they WILL figure it out. I know many people who have had their accounts closed by Citi for doing things far less questionable than this. It just isn’t worth it, and shouldn’t be publicized. End of sermon.


@AA miles collector: what do you mean by time frame? The time between closing one & opening another? Do you mean 12-18 days, wks, months? Pls clarify.



That is your own choice. Welcome to the world of free will. No one has to read this blog, no one has to do this offer. That responsibility isn’t on Dan, that is on each of us. Stop trying to pass off responsibility. Keep on, Dan. Ignore these entitled people that believe it is your responsibility to educate others.

Josh Diamondstein


You’re correct and I agree based on experience. I know a few people who have been blacklisted by doing this also. They literally had all their accounts closed and cannot get any more cards all because they were cheap and wanted not pay 1 cent on a measly annual fee after getting multiple cards. I’d rather just pay a small fee for a large amount miles and maintain my relationship the bank and totally con their T&C. Hopefully others realize this is a better way to play this game and have longevity. Not to be extreme…but it’s like a drug dealer bragging that he makes $10 million a year without mentioning any of the pitfalls and negative consequences of criminality. Getting 600K miles from Citi and not paying a cent in annual fees and meeting the spend only using VR’s is indeed reckless and unethical, no argument against that but the banks are also crooked so I see why people want to rip them off. But in the end, they have the power.


@Kevin: not sure what u mean. but if u prove that it wasnt ‘income’ then you dont pay income tax


can someone please answer question 91?


If only avios had an offer like this




can someone please reply to 97


Is your actively involved in meeting the spending requirement or are you authorized user?
Many partners may not want to be that involved.


Man I’ve never seen so many stooges in my life who can’t read. Read the man’s post. Read it!


@Josh Diamondstein:

You guys make valid points. I’ll just say this.
1. I know for a fact that Citi reps have seen the AA 100K thread on DDF and kicked it up the chain to their supervisors. They are aware of it and chose to ignore it for now. That can always change, but it won’t be because of this post.
2. I’m nobody’s ethithist, rabbi, or priest. People can make their own decisions.
3. Please don’t bring in blacklisting and adverse action for this stuff. That happened for 5x abuse. I’ve gone through dozens and dozens of AA cards as have others without a peep.
Not that it can’t happen, but I’ve yet to see a report like that.
4. OTOH there are bloodbaths of reports about AA shutdowns from people trying to game this card with refundable tickets, but that’s why I included the warning.

los angles

do you have to first close your card or can you apply for a new card with your card still open? also, do you have to wait till you get the miles to apply for a new card?



You’re right about Citi shutting down folks for making 5x spending on “cash cards.” Frankly, from a consumer perspective, that one was a bit troubling because nobody was violating any rules by buying the cards: Citi just didn’t anticipate this loophole in this program and decided they didn’t want to pay out all the points. Here, it seems more than just maximizing a card’s benefits. The Citi folks do not strike me as the most vigilant bankers in the world, but if they didn’t like paying 5x on legitimately purchased cash cards, I’m not optimistic that they’d appreciate this scheme. Of course, you may get lucky and Citi’s managers will have “better” things to do with their time. Not a risk I’d personally take.


hi ppl I got denied any ideas??? what’s their reconsideration number?


@milzz: did u call the recons.?
did it go easy? I got denied as well thnx

minimum income needed?

@dan: What is the lowest reported income that will get approved for this offer? (being that if it is geared towards higher spenders, will it have a higher minimum income threshold needed to qualify?)


You said that we can apply for 1 Citi card per week, and 2 per rolling 60 day period. I’m not sure what that means. If I apply today, I can apply for the 2nd one in 60 days, right? So I’m not sure what you mean by “1 per week”.

Honest Jew

Hi Dan,

Great post…and great service you offer (forget the haters)!

My wife and I both were approved for cards and we met the 10K spend and yes paid the $450 fee…I can reach the spend for additional cards…should I cancel the cards and forfeit the $450 and apply for another card? Or can I apply for a second card and a second bonus for each of us?

Thanks again!


Third time I’m asking, and many others have as well: do you wait for miles to post before closing one account and applying for another or do you apply for another account as soon as you are able?


What can I do with the 100k miles if I don’t travel? Sellmilesnow.com doesn’t buy American Airline miles, so how else can I get value for them?

berl biniker

please please should someone reply for this question,
if a new card and bonus could be given while 1st card is still open?
if yes, could it be in same aadvantage account?


Dan, the only way to wave the yearly fee is to close the card after 37 days? also,do i have to spend $10,000 in 37 days?


@Dan’s the Man:

Dan’s the Man – What is MS?



MS = Manufactured spending



Do you really think Citi would give you the miles if you close your account? Use logic here…

Of course you have to wait till it posts!


@yyk, maybe I phrased poorly: are multiple accounts open concurrently or one after the other?



Look at Dan’s comment in comment # 3. He clearly answers that.


Hello Dan
When I cancel the citi card where do (100,000) points go ? How do I redeem them ?
Thank you