2,500 Mileage Rebate On An Award Booked On AA.com


Award Map Promo Registration Linky

Register for the sweepstakes above and you’ll get a 2,500 mile rebate for one award booking on aa.com

From the fine print:
-Member must register for Award Map promo before redemption occurs.
-Members will receive 2,500 miles off flight award redemption for AA and partner flights.
-Miles must be redeemed during Jun 26-Jul 24, 2013 for travel between Sep 4-Nov 20, 2013.
-Award itinerary must be booked online on aa.com.
-Each AAdvantage member account is only eligible for one rebate during this promo.
-Please allow for 6-8 weeks for miles to be posted to your account, after travel occurs.
-Miles will be credited to the AAdvantage member account from which the redemption occurs.

A one-way award flight from Maui to Kauai on AA.com is 5,000 miles. With this rebate it would only set you back 2,500 miles. If you have an AA credit card you would also get a 10% rebate on the full rate so you would get a separate 500 mile rebate dropping the price paid to just 2,000 miles.









Then again Hawaiian charges for luggage and I’d be happy to book you a flight using my DansDeals corporate account which entitles you to 2 free bags on Hawaiian.

A one-way domestic 12.5K award would be 8,750 miles after the 2,500 mile rebate and the 1,250 AA card rebate.

This can’t be combined with the AA credit card reduced mileage awards as those have to be booked over the phone.

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dan thinking of going to Hawaii this summer-can u help me with bookings on Hawaiian air if need be? thanks


Oh man, I just booked AAdvantage award tickets yesterday. 🙁


Would this be on top of the 10% one gets from booking with an AA credit card?


That’s what I wrote in the post.

That’s what I wrote in the post.


How did you get free bags on Hawaiian? I have a business miles account with Hawaiian – can I get free bags?

Thanks in advance for your time.


I have a corporate account that gives 2 free bags for travelers booked via the corporate portal.


Can I book trips using Hawaiian miles through your corporate portal? Also, any way for us minions to get such an account?

Thanks again.

Anh Vo

Hi Dan,
How do we book through your corporate portal? Should I send you a PM through the forums?


@Anh Vo:
You can email me.
A small fee (much less than the cost of checking 1 bag) will apply and you’ll get 2 free bags and free standby travel as well.

Anh Vo

Thanks Dan. I’m still working on our plans. Will shoot you an email when I’m ready. Thank you again for the offer!


I looked it up. To qualify for their corporate program, you need to make 5 Interisland roundtrips every month (60 roundtrips a year) or fly a minimum of $12,000 worth of travel on Hawaiian Airlines annually to qualify for membership.


@Crunch: Can you get discount on aa miles going to Israel on El Al?


you wrote it has to be booked on line from the account, I have not seen on aa site from my account how I can book for someone else. can dear son book dear dad? where do you input travelers name? It automatically puts account owner name in.

Thank you


OK, so if a domestic is 25,000, you can sign up and get it for 22.500?

any trips offered for less than 25,000, other than HI to HI?


Dan, any idea if you have to complete travel within those dates? Am planning a trip which will begin then, but with free one way added which will not be completed until a few months after that.


`hi please send me the info for the second bag free
on my email thanks dan