250 Free AAdvantage Miles!!!

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Sign up for a free points.com account-get 250 free AA miles!!!
It says that a citi AA credit card is required-but it’s not!
250 Free AAdvantage Miles Linky

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They seem to inidicate they can centrally manage all of your points. Anyone have experience with them on this area?


Does anyone know if it works if you already have a points.com Account?? I tried opening one with a different email address and it didnt work. Please help!!!


Interesting thing about points. I put as many of my rewards acconunts on there as possible. I was glad to see they have Frontier Airline, which has a partnership with AirTran. I was able to send 5000 TripRewards and other points to Frontier which will then allow me to move them to AirTran.

Thanks, Dan.


does anyone have a problem with giving point.com the passsword to your online mileage account? Or is it just me?


I’ve used points.com for years.
They are completely trustworthy, and it’s a convenient service to track your balances.

Mind you that you’d have to be insane to do most of the exchanges at the terrible exchange rates, unless the miles are orphaned and expiring.


Why dont they have SPG points on their site??
They also dont have united…


we use our fidelity account manager to track our miles and our credit cards, in addition to investments… so I can’t see how point.com would be that much of an advantage


Dear ctownbochur
i have a prob. (well actually my wife does) my wife never had a CC before and therefore has zero credit. i put her on like 5 of my cards but a year latter i tried to get her, her own card but they say she has no credit. so #1 which card do you suggest that will give her a card without any credit and #2 how chould i bulid her credit

thank you very much


Hi Dan are you sure the 250 points will post to my account?
and when?