Airbnb Bans Listings From Israel’s West Bank In Their First Ever Disputed Territory Location Ban

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Update 2: Airbnb has put out a new statement and distanced themselves from the statement released by Israel’s Tourism Minister earlier today.

“Airbnb expressed its unequivocal rejection of the BDS movement and communicated its commitment to develop its business in Israel, enabling more tourists from around the world to enjoy the wonders of the country and its people,” the company said in a statement.

“We are here to meet with a variety of stakeholders and as a result of our meetings have an even deeper understanding that this is an incredibly complex and emotional issue. Airbnb communicated that we are developing the tools needed to implement our policy and that process includes continuing our dialogue with the Government of Israel and other stakeholders.”

Update: Israeli media is now reporting after talks with Israel’s Tourism Minister Yariv Levin, Airbnb has decided to lift the ban from Israel’s West Bank, and will not be implementing their new policy announced last month!

Will this change whether you use Airbnb or not?

Airbnb announced today that they will no longer allow home or room listings in the West Bank.

Despite there being many disputed territories in the world, Judea and Samaria are now the only disputed locations in the world that are not welcome on the Airbnb platform. Airbnb operates everywhere else where it is legally allowed to do so.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center is urging people to stop using Airbnb because of this policy, which it calls anti-Semitic. “We take note that Airbnb has no problem doing business in the territory of the Palestinian Authority, which names schools and shopping centers in honor of mass murderers who have killed innocent civilians and have a ‘pay to slay’ policy when it comes to killing Jews.”

Looking for alternatives to Airbnb? has a list of 9 other sites to consider using.

Will Airbnb’s decision affect how you use their platform?

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Jeff B

Even if there was a major amex offer I would still boycott

Boring person who never leaves town

I wish I would travel more so I can boycott them

Mike l

Absolutely. Never getting my business again.


I’m amazed that companies think the world wants activism from them. #vocalminority I’ll stop using them now!


It’s important to deactivate your account. AirBnB is currently prepping for an IPO and user/account numbers are a closely watched by investors. AirBnB managment pays close attention to account deletions and reasonings!


Thanks for the link. Deactivated account.


Thanks! Mine is gone too.


Deleted account. Thanks!


Thanks account deleted,


Deactivated account, and told them why!


Deleted my account


Thanks, deleted mine, had used them about 15 times, but no more


this was tough for me, i really love using AirBnB but gotta do what right to deactivated. Will use Home Away or other options instead.

Mendy k

I just deleted my account. And made my reason clear, thanks for bringing it up to delete etc..I also uninstalled my Airbnb app. I feel great!


Thank you for giving us a concrete way to respond to this. Just requested to delete my account and put this as my reason: Delete my account, because I will never knowingly do business with a company that discriminates against Israel. By disallowing listings in the West Bank with the excuse of it being so-called “disputed territory” you have lost my trust.


Done. Thanks for the link.


Thanks for link. Deactivated account.


Thanks for the link! Deactivated!


I just removed my listing from airbnb.


Good for you!!


Thumbs up!


Just booked the Sheraton instead of Airbnb even though it’s further from where I need to be.


Good man. Fight discrimination

Rafael Mor

Me 2 2 listings




You rock!


Have used them many times. But never again unless they rescind their decision


If there’s a glitch it would be good to take advantage…it hurts their pocketbook ;p


Yesss! @Dan make sure to keep an eye out for glitches, we’ll book for travel we’re not going on


I never use them again. I hope they go out of business !

Rafael Mor



Not just boycott but propping up their competitors seems like the correct solution. Great link at the end of the post!!


When I logged on to Airbnb it asked me to agree to it’s non-discrimination policy. When I said I disagreed with it it canceled my membership. In Feedback, I said it was because their nondiscrimination policy discriminates against Jews.

John cokl

Discriminates against Jews how so?


I use Airbnb a lot but I don’t understand what politics have to do with renting out places. This is definitely going to affect my use on that site – as in I’m going on now to see how to delete my user. Please post other rental options in your posts!

Alon C

I have deactivated my account and so can you at


Thank you alon c for deactivation link. Deactivated!


good idea. i used airbnb for multiple family trips. never again!


According to the internationally accepted definition of anti semitism, singling out Israel and/or applying different standards to Israel versus other countries, is defined as antisemitism.

Seems to me this move runs afoul of anti-BDS laws on the books in 26 US States and counting, regardless of the weak statement that they will decide disputed territories on a case by case basis. This will not hold up in court.


Retweet this people!


Done. Everyone join in!


They’re now trying to get to do the same


Lol Dan you already use up all your credits!? Since you’re boycotting I’ll take em

Stick to deals

So unfair. There are so many other places people take others people land and profit from it. Why does Airbnb only focus on us?


Right, is there a policy to stop Russian listings in Crimea and eastern Ukraine?


Stick to deals? Are you admitting that Israel stole the land? That kind of makes the point for Airbnb. Perhaps we shouldn’t admit we are stealing land, just say we are rightfully reclaiming the land that G-D promised to us, that’s all.


Only difference is we didn’t take someone else’s land


They still have listings in Saudi Arabia where women are second class citizens, Christians cannot practice their religion, and the leader of the country orders extra judicial execution on foreign soil o an American resident journalist. Thank goodness they’re not hypocrites


Just wrote them how anti Semitic they are and I will never use them again. Spread the word.


2 dozen listings in Western Sahara
Scores of listings in Northern Cyprus
Even a listing in Crimea!

And Airbnb singles out Israel? Unbelievable. Disputed territories are for the disputants to resolve.


I’m done with Airbnb . also has apartments for rent.


+1 @ Dan: Would you agree to stop posting any airbnb / airbnb gift card related deals on your sites?

Let\'s do this

@ Dan: Would you agree to stop posting any airbnb / airbnb gift card related deals on your sites? I’d support that

Rafael Mor



I never stay in Judea, Samaria or Gaza, so it isn’t a problem for me.


Find me the Jewish house in Gaza.

Judea and Samaria? I suppose you’ve never traveled there either.


I’ve traveled there but never stayed there, so this change doesn’t affect me or my plans.


How callous.


How so? Supporting the State isn’t a religious obligation or mitzvah.


Not sure who said anything about supporting the state. And nobody is saying you need or should stay in these areas, but your comment that ‘it’s not a problem for you’, is not just not supporting the state, it’s making a statement that you don’t care that a company is outwardly discriminatory toward your own brethren living in Eretz Yisroel. The fact that you admit to traveling through these “disputed” areas, but so boldy imply you don’t care about the implications of this new policy, makes you come off as a self hating Jew. שתיקה סייג לחכמה. Your initial comment would have been better off not being said, or better off you could have said ‘I never use Airbnb. Period.’ Because if you use Airbnb to stay elsewhere and this new policy doesn’t irk you in the least bit, you may have missed the entire point of this post.


It is no different than if Airbnb said from now on they’ll only offer service in New York but no longer in New Jersey. Is that discrimination against New Jersey? Sure it is. But such discrimination needn’t prompt indignation or boycotting Airbnb.

This is no different.


If, as in your example, NJ was excluded from Airbnb it is fair to assume that would be solely for economic reasons (i.e. for some reason it was not profitable for Airbnb to operate there) or legal reasons (i.e. it was illegal to operate Airbnb in NJ). You cannot compare that to a discriminatory policy that is veiled as anti-occupation but truly aimed at Jews. You can do what you want but boycotting/protesting a company with discriminatory practices is an admirable thing.


If they wanted to discriminate against Jews they would have pulled out of Israel altogether. They could have blamed it on the same reason — that Israel as an occupying power (based on their position given in their press release) can’t be on the Airbnb platform.

That would have been a much much more effective way to keep Jews out of the platform then only excluding 200 listings across the Green Line.


What if they said in Kansas you could only make a reservation on a reservation, but you can’t get one in Topeka or Overland Park?

Would that be discrimination?


Cancelled my Airbnb reservation

Anti Semites

It’s worse than this! The ban is specifically for *Jews* in the west Bank. Ramallah still has listings up. Only Jewish villages don’t!


What about Palestinian owned properties?

What a bunch of hypocrisy


Shame on them! Nothing else to say.


Saw this being forwarded on whatsapp:

Time for everyone to BOYCOTT AIRBNB

On Monday, AirBNB, the home-rental company that is often used by tourists to rent apartments in locations around the globe, announced that it would not allow Jewish settlements to be listed in Judea and Samaria.

This is the sheerest form of corporate anti-Semitism in recent memory. Not only did AirBNB specifically target “Israeli settlements,” according to Professor Eugene Kontorovich of George Mason Law, they’ve announced that they will only disallow listings in Israeli settlements when those listings are owned by Jews. In other words, if a Jew owns an apartment in East Jerusalem, that won’t be allowed for listing; if an Arab owns an apartment in the same neighborhood, it’s fine for listing.

– Time for every single person to delete their accounts.
– Make sure all your friends and family delete their accounts.
– And spread the word!

Link ▶


Spread the word!
Share on WhatsApp!


Anyone have a point of contact at Airbnb to voice concerns? I, as well, will make sure to use its competitors.


I just deleted my account with this message


To deactivate your account:

Go to Account on (you will be prompted to log in to your account, if you are not already).
Click Settings
Click Deactivate my account


How can we tank their ratings?? Is there a place with a general Airbnb rating (yelp, TripAdvisor, Google, BBB, etc.?)
Also, got this on my Twitter account “Your account is suspended and is not permitted to perform this action.”

Cubs Fan

Dan – Thank you for calling attention to this bigotry.


When did this site become political news outlet?? This post and the post about elal and tesla. Really enjoy this site for what it is made for.


Those are all travel related. Always covered travel topics.


Usually you answer something like: “its my site and I write what I want”


Can you help me out by signing this petition?


wonder how much impact 200 jewish signatures will have…


Will hit 10000 pretty quickly


Post on social media. Make some noise brothers, we can change this anti Israel movement


Where were all of you fiery Jews when ElAl mistreated Orthodox Jews and their religion?? Fooling them with too close to Shabbos takeoffs among other occasions?? Unfortunately a lot of people have mixed priorities in Judaism. (This Airbnb decision some might say it’s ultra liberalism rather than antisemitism, unlike ElAl which was total disregard towards their own people’s faith)


Close to 1000 as of right now


Another option to try:


Try being a gay person in any Airbnb in the Middle East besides Israel….yet Airbnb has listings in all of these discriminatory countries- sad world. Let’s hope this boycott works!


Airbnb clearly didn’t have their lawyers look this over or if they did those lawyers should be fired. This is gonna back fire on them so badly. They really didn’t plan this right.

Ahmad Ali

It is actually quite interesting that Airbnb is busy with this stupidity. I think it’s a good thing though that Airbnb won’t operate there because it’s not safe for the Jewish residents of the West Bank anyway to have strangers come in without knowing who they are. I never use Airbnb anyway because thanks to Dan I got so many points and hotel status so I do great at hotels and not interested in renting some guys apartment. Boycott Airbnb!


Posting here isnt going to change much. How about reaching out the Airbnb CEO and Airbnb on Twitter and other social media platforms here:
Sample tweet:
” @bchesky and @Airbnb This was a poor decision of epic proportions, is completely one-sided and is NOT what you claim to stand for. #disappointed #boycott


I have a rental home listed on their site. Thank you for listing other options. I will switch to one or a few of the other options.

Moshe K

The company I work for list thousands of apartments on airbnb. We are scheduled to do a full integration with them. I will work hard to convince them to abandon the project.


Kol halavod


Just desactivated my account.
Gave good reasons on comment area.


Only use the service a few times each year, but I just deleted the app from my phone. No more Airbnb for me.


Just deactivated


I just reached out to Airbnb on the Contact Us section of their website. The more negative feedback they receive from this incident, the less likely it is that they will continue.

Aryeh Sonnenberg

I have a guest rental in Ramat Beit Shemesh

I stopped listing with Airbnb a few years ago because they demanded that I not write shomer shabbos in my listing.


Send them a message here
And tweet them, that’s the only way corporates listen to you


Deactivated my account, thanks for posting.


Thank you, Dan, for continuing to cover this and other important issues.


I have two referrals total $40 what do I do with it if I boycott?


i am raising a discrimination complaint.. to them


Just sent the following to the Texas Governor.
Do the same and send to all states that signed on the Anti BDS law:
Dear Governor Abbott.

I would like to bring to your attention today’s Airbnb’s decision to suspend listings in Jewish Israeli settlements in the West Bank.

In my opinion, Airbnb is now in violation of Texas law, known as HB 89.
As such, Texas Comptroller’s Office should be aware of this violation and prohibited state agencies from contracting with Airbnb as they chose to play politics and boycott Israeli businesses.


It’s important to deactivate your account. AirBnB is currently prepping for an IPO and user/account numbers are a closely watched by investors. AirBnB managment pays close attention to account deletions and reasonings!


Was about to rent theough Airbnb for my vacation next week in Scottsdale AZ. Just booked through amex using points instead.
Airbnb is off my list of options for me personally and for all my business travels since I’m the CEO.


In regards to Airbnb’s decision to listen to BDS and prevent Jews from listing their properties in the Shomron, Israel, you can write a complaint to Brian Chesky the CEO directly and tell him to consider how this is antisemitic and one-sided. Make no mistake, the Arabs will still be allowed to rent their homes out; just not the Jews.
I believe these two email addresses are for Brian Chesky.

You can also write to:
Host or Guest Concerns: Aisling Hassell, Global Head of CX


thx david


Deleted my account.


One star review on the Google play store.


Deactivated, thanx



Charlie K

I am traveling to Orlando in December. I booked by AirBNB long time ago. Any tips on how I can cancel without losing 50%. Amex dispute? I don’t want to give these low lives ¢1.


I think you’d win the Amex dispute if you spelled out your reason for cancelling


thanks for posting the deactivation link, i will not use them again.


Cancelled my account and walked away from promotional credit balance


Deactivated account!


Call support and file a complaint with legal.
I thought this was a joke when I first read.


Deleted accu


I was in the process of booking an Airbnb for my trip with two friends to London in January when I saw this post. I am extremely bothered by this announcement by Airbnb and have now switched my booking to instead. Thank you Dan, as always, for not only informing us about airfare and credit card deals etc, but also information about decisions companies make that should affect where we choose to spend our money.

Yisrael Rosenfeld

Here’s a petition to stop Airbnb :

Bombard the board with emails. Contact info below:

Primary Contact
Aisling Hassell
Global Head of Customer Experience
888 Brannan St. Floor 4
San Francisco, CA 94117

Secondary Contact
Greg Greeley
President of Homes
888 Brannan St. Floor 4
San Francisco, CA 94117

Belinda Johnson
Chief Operating Officer
888 Brannan St. Floor 4
San Francisco, CA 94117

Chief Executive
Brian Chesky
888 Brannan St. Floor 4
San Francisco, CA 94117
(415) 800-5959


I’m boycotting… Just deleted account. To hate the Israel government is one thing (which I also believe is ridiculous) but to hurt the people is a whole new low


It appears that the airbnb online link only lets you deactivate your account, but not to delete it. You can get them to permanently delete your account by calling 855-424-7262.


Just deactivated my account


This is ridiculous and a stupid decision on their part.
I deleted my account


Its fine… I’m sure Airbnb will realize they simply accidentally gave full access to their web page and policy management to someone who just wanted to know why their forum thread got deleted, and by tomorrow they’ll fix it by deleting 90% of the listings anyways, before restoring them all, complete with an apology saying they never intended to exclude settlements and just accidentally gave some random person (who this time happened to be an anti-Semite) admin capabilities but now they’re security risks have all been rectified and it’s all good and sorry for the mishap.
Don’t believe me, ask Dan. Happens all the time around these parts… 😉


I sent them an email telling them why I will no longer be using them and I got a call at 6:45 this morning waking me up from Airbnb. Who calls their customers that early? Some woman named Asia from Airbnb called my phone 3x before 7:00 am.

I told her off for waking me and she hung up, didn’t t get a chance to given her a piece of mind on Israel.


I wish I had an account to delete


This was the ridiculous message she just sent me:

My name is Aicha and I work for Airbnb

thank you for your contact, every one have political position , even me I do

I can understand you opinion but to let you know our platform do not sell weapons ,we negotiate between host and guest even if he is Palestinian or no .
we are here to immediate betwenn the host and the guest , we do not need to knows her origins

our purpose is that our users spends beautifuls experience.


I guess they outsource their customer service to India too. That’s some great English there.

David Moskowitz

Look at the AirBNB reps name.

Aicha yasvha budad……

s fried

deactivated my account


Already deleted the app from my phone. Focusing on collecting more points for hotel stays!!


Everyone who is against this should delete their account

Under reasons, write: Because Airbnb has decided to support DBS. In my state it is law that the state cannot do business with companies that support BDS


Just deactivated my account by (a) logging in, (b) refusing to accept the updated terms since I last logged in, and (c) sending an email to with the subject line ‘Deactivate my account.’




No, Airbnb’s decision will not affect how I use their platform. Their politics have nothing to do with my cabin vacation in Vermont.


Got it. So you’d support the German government in 1940 as long as you didn’t have your own vacation to Auschwitz scheduled. Nice


OMG! Search again what Auschwitz was my friend!!


You are mistaken Dan.
Judea and Samaria are not banned. Only JEWISH settlements in Judea and Samaria. Muslim settlements are still allowed.


I am appalled and disgusted (to put it mildly) by the comments on Twitter coming from people who support this despicable decision by airbnb. I know there is lots of hatred out there but I still am shocked anew every time it’s in your face again!


BTW, HomeAway/VRBO now code as travel, even though in the past they didn’t. This means that one can redeem Arrival plus points, for example.


The above seems to be the case when the property is rented by a private person, but not when its rented by a real estate management company. Anybody with recent experience?


The Legal Forum will look into this from a legal perspective. They’ve been effective at using the legal system to block BDS, terrorist linked NGOs and other anti-semetic efforts. They need our financial support and to handle all the work, it’s a great cause – check it out yourself.


Deleted my account.

a true torah jew

its defiantly a “anti Israel” policy,
but how is it related to anti Semitism ?

A realistic jew

Because the reason they are anti Israel, is because the love jews…

a true torah jew

so as “A realistic jew” you should realize how all Jews are suffering
from “anti Semitism” caused by the so called state of Israel,

The truth

The ‘True Torah’ says that ‘עשו שונא ליעקב’ no matter if there is a State of Israel or not.
Was the suffering of:
הרוגי מלכות, גזירות תתנ”ו, ת”ח ות”ת, וכו
also because of the ‘State of Israel’??
It’s time that you (and all those like you) should stop trying to blame everything on others instead of yourself.


lol, The Holocaust and TAch VTat were before Israel.

The truth

This ban is Anti Semitic because:
1. They only applied this policy towards Israel because they are Jewish, vs they didn’t ban listings in Crimea because they are not Jewish.
2. The ban is only for Jewish listings in these areas, vs they didn’t ban all the Palastinian listings as well.


Deactivated account. Used Airbnb’s language with changes as reason:

“When I applied my decision-making framework, I concluded that I should remove my account due to your removal of listings in Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank that are at the core of the dispute between Israelis and Palestinians. YOU are most certainly not the experts when it comes to the historical disputes in this region.”


Well said!

Liam K. Nuj

Seems that there is an interesting nuance to the ban. Apparently, since those renting out their residence in Judea and Samaria will not rent to Palestinians (an understandable no-brainer) it’s considered discrimination.


Actually you can list on your own listing that you will only rent to “only kosher”, non smokers, no pets (including service animals), etc.

Liam K. Nuj

True. But you can’t write No African-Americans, No Hispanics, No Jews, No Lubavitchers (well, maybe you can!), etc.


So then it should be on a case by case basis.


I understand the West Bank listings discriminated against Arabs. A legitimate company cannot get involved in apartheid.


Just curious, how were listings in Israeli settlements in the West Bank discriminatory toward Arabs from PA towns any more so then a listing in Ramalah being discriminatory toward Israelis?


I deactivated and wrote I dislike when companies get involved in activism that is one sided.


Deactivated my account as well. Even if we can’t reverse this decision, our reaction cements other companies that are watching this saga closely. The amount of pressure BDS and other so called activists level against companies operating in the West Bank is unbelievable. Eventually these companies capitulate and surrender to BDS’s bloody campaign.


Can Jews rent in jenin? How about Saudi Arabia? So yes the policy is anti semitec


Deactivated my account.


deleted my app


Deactivated my account

Mrs. Tzipi

I wasn’t aware they had also changed their name to AIRABNB – or was it ARABNB ?

Yaakov C

I’m out. Acc’t deleted.



Yaakov C

Hate has no home here. I can’t stay with them anymore.

Mrs. Tzipi

Maybe some of us should try to rent holiday apartments in Mecca or elsewhere in Saudi Arabia and if we are asked whether we are Muslim, we should tell the truth – and if they don’t ask us, inform our prospective hosts that we are Jewish. When they turn us away, report this and them to Airabnb and let’s see if they cancel the host for discrimination.


The West Bank land is Palestinian and the settlements are illegal under international law. It is as simple as that. Force does not give a country the right to others lands nor your interpretation of the Bible. Israel is turning to apartheid as a solutions to problems of its making with the settlements.

I have a rental apartment on the Caribbean and will continue to use AIRBNB.

The truth

Could you please advise when the Palestinians ever owned the West Benk? The answer is: They never owned the land, it was never their land.


Please troll somewhere else.


Deactivated my account!


Airbnb already bans listings in other disputed areas such as crimea.
To the core of the issue, the State of Israel doesn’t recognize the settlements in the West Bank as part of Israel, and the Israeli law isn’t applicable in those territories (rather a military law).
Airbnb as a business cannot allow itself to run in a place that has no civil legal system, and it cannot list as “Israel” places which the state of Israel doesn’t consider Israel.


Nice try.

Apparently you didn’t read the press release from airbnb.

“US law PERMITS companies like Airbnb to engage in business in these territories.”

Yada yada yada.

“we concluded that we should remove listings in Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank that are at the core of the dispute between Israelis and Palestinians.”

No mention of lack of civil law in the west bank. But they do say this is what brought them to their decision:
1)Recognize that each situation is unique and requires a case-by-case approach.
2)Consult with a range of experts and our community of stakeholders.
3)Assess any potential safety risks for our hosts and guests.
4)Evaluate whether the existence of listings is contributing to existing human suffering.
5)Determine whether the existence of listings in the occupied territory has a direct connection to the larger dispute in the region.

And for that I say…
1) Cool. I respect that.
2) That’s a reasonable approach.
3) It’s safer in the Israeli Settlements than in an Arab Village for which the outcome for an Israeli/Jew entering is likely death. It is unlikely a terrorist will get into an Israeli Settlement due to security barriers around most settlements that I’ve seen, but there is nothing stopping an Israeli from entering an Arab village. Just a big red sign that basically says Go Away.
4) An airbnb listing is contributing to HUMAN SUFFERING? Really? Torture chambers in the houses or what?
5) Airbnb’s 200 listings have a direct connection to all the conflict in the middle east? Wow. How profound. The Arab Jewish conflict has been around for 90 years or more, but Airbnb hasn’t even reached bas mitzvah and has a direct connection to the conflict. Let’s rewrite history.


I just cancelled my account. It did not take me long to make this step. Used them dozens of times. Many successful companies have lost their moral compass at some points and … disappeared. I am sure non of the decision makers of Airbnb has been to Israel or the West Bank. And for sure they have no idea about the history of Israel and why the West bank is not occupied. I sincerely hope that thousands of people will follow and cancel their account too. Stop anti-semitism.


I’m getting all my Jewish friends to sign up to Airbnb with my referral. And I’m going to buy Airbnb pre-ipo stock. This is great news!

Happy for Baltimore

I just cancelled my upcoming trip. As soon as I get my money back I will delete my account. The website asked for reason for cancelling and I wrote it was due to their antisemitic decision to delist rentals in Judea and Samaria.


On top of all those other sites, another is started by someone in Israel who is glad to post listings in Judea and Samaria


Guys, if you want to really have an impact, leave them a 1 star rating on the App store/Google Play Store. Just did that, and every 1 star rating can seriously hurt them, as your impact rises 500% due to their current high rating


I hope none of you drive a German car because that was way worse


I most certainly wouldn’t


There’s a big difference.
A German car today is made by a company that participated in the Holocaust 80 years ago, but not today, And the people who own the German car company weren’t even born during the Holocaust. Today’s German citizens weren’t even born during the Holocaust, and shouldn’t be made to pay for their grandparents’ sins.

AirBnb initiated an antisemitic boycott last month. The people who own AirBnb TODAY are the ones who initiated the boycott. They should be made to pay for their own sins.

I’m not for or against a German boycott, but there’s a big difference between that and AirBnb.


And yes, many still don’t drive VW for this reason. Why is it so funny that people won’t support those who are blatantly anti Semitic?


i still wouldn’t run to give them business.

Mari B

Even if they paid me, I still wouldn’t stay in their properties. Antisemitic trash.


Their initial decision was basically the textbook definition of anti anti semitism.

I always assumed they’d cave in after public outcry and gov’t threats, but the only way I would’ve remotely considered using them again was if they did real teshuva – coming out and admitting their position was ignorant and a double standard.

Framing this as a “after talking with the Israeli tourism minister….” change of policy shows they didn’t really learn anything


Doesn’t change a thing. They already showed us who they are.


There’s no mention of the ban being lifted on any news site whatsoever


This post is false. The ban wasn’t lifted….Airbnb announced it themselves that they weren’t overturning it


Just deleted my account


Didn’t reverse ban; merely delayed implementation. Gets the heat off while they figure out how to kowtow to lefty antisemites, while not torpedoing their IPO.

“I hope none of you drive a German car because that was way worse”
It was worse, but it happened many years ago; boycotting Germany won’t change anything. Any more than boycotting Italy will reverse the churban bayis sheini. But boycotting Airbnb may help yidden who make a living on rentals.


This reporting is incorrect, they didn’t record the policy.


AirBNB showed its true colors. Will continue to NOT use them.


But probably totally cool w Syria Iran & NK


I deleted my account when they announced the boycott. I will not set it up again, I am done.


I’m not understanding how this is distancing themselves from the tourism depts statement. They seem to be supporting it.

Mrs. Tzipi

They’ve already shown who they are. Everything that now follows from their corporate lips is nothing more than damage control blah-blah. I dumped ’em as soon as I learned of this, and by dumped I mean CANCELLED, not SUSPENDED my participation. Wish they had done this a few weeks earlier. We had just used them for 3 weeks in Canada…


I read in a few places that the ban was not being lifted, but (ahem) not being enforced. I can’t seem to get a confirmation on what exactly happened. Still won’t use Airbnb.


I just private messaged my host in yerushalayim and told him I would pay cash when I get there so Airbnb gets no money!!!!! Also, an israeli needs to make an app just like airbnb for israel!!!!

They did

It already exists


Promote the Israeli answer to Airbnb, check out the pro-Israel business


canceled account

David Burke

Refreshing to find these posts. Kudos to all of you who deleted your account.

Let’s be 100% clear.

This decision is anti-Semitic. Period. If you don’t see it, you are either blind or share their warped thinking.

Get more people to take action. Let it be known that it’s not ok for a major US company to be Anti Semitic.

65 bits

I don’t think this is so cut and dry. On the one hand, if we continue to boycott airbnb, they may boycott Israel altogether. On the other hand, should we continue to use airbnb to show them that we will go to the so called “West Bank” anyway. In the meantime, this is an article from today’s Vos Iz Neias showing that this decision has not really been made. They are “studying” the matter.