Air Serbia Temporarily Suspending Operations

Aleem Yousaf [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
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Update: Air Serbia will allow you to freeze your ticket and change dates later on for travel through 12/31/20. Even if the fare is higher, no additional amount will be owed.

Air Serbia announced today that they will temporarily suspend operations.

They say that passengers can choose from free rescheduling of travel dates through 12/31/20, a free change of destination, or a refund.

Were you booked on Air Serbia to Israel? Will you reschedule your travel dates or try to get a refund?

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How can i claim a refund?


$250 round trip, hard to give up on that


I have tickets for the first week in May. What do you recommend?


they did not mention any refund possibilities in my communications, in fact JustFly said specifically AirSerbia is not offering refunds at all


Here we go


Dan thank you sooooo much for this vital info! Will the free rescheduling incur a change of fare fee? Will Air Serbia require us to go according to’s rules regarding refunds and rescheduling? I heard is being very difficult to work with.

If there’s no change of fare fee the I’ll definitely hold on to these tickets for future peak travel to Israel


Was waiting for this… Flying them to Switzerland in a couple weeks


now I just need Aer Lingus to cancel my connecting flight


what about those that booked on

Sefardi yid

That’s the million dollar question. I’m on the same boat as you as are many others!


Wording on email does not mention refund but does mention no need to pay fare difference on change.


Interesting. cancellation seems to be just the New York – Tel Aviv leg. When you search your flight reservation on, it still shows the Tel Aviv-New York as active.


Dan what do think are the chances of an airline such as Air Serbia going down under after this mess is over?!


It is the National Airline of Serbia and partially owned by Etihad which is pretty solid (at least until now). Obviously no guarantee. I believe Alitalia filed bankrupcy in past, and I think they’re national airline of Italy.


Is there a timespan when you have to take action on your ticket? Or just before the date of the first leg of the flight?


Previous Dan response quotes the Air Serbia email which answers your question


I called Air Serbia. They told me I have 2 options. Number 1: I can have an open ticket, which can be booked up until Dec. 31 of this year. Number 2: Full refund which would have to go through the booking agent ( for me)
They did say that for Number 1 we will have to pay the fare difference, and they are just waiving any fees involved with changing the flight. Which contradicts the top part of you post. Did you have a different source?


My flight (outbound in May, returning in June) doesn’t appear to have been canceled yet.


Hi Dan!
i’m scheduled for 4/27-5/10 JFK-TLV, when do i need to call them for changes? do i need to do it now or i have time till the departure date?
thanks for your help!


Which website did you book on?


I booked through Chase. If I reschedule for October and the airline goes under, will I get my money back from Chase travel or since I paid my credit card bill already I have no protection?


All low fare tickets where issued on EY stock, so it is important to make sure that Air Serbia is willing to take over the booking and waive fare differences, I’m not convinced that that will be the case, I’d actually be surprised if they do that, maybe has some more knowledge about the JU/EY relationship and how they handle each others stock tickets…


One thing to be made very clear. The above exemptions only apply to flights that have been cancelled which are flight through April 12th. Flight after then are still as of now operating as scheduled to TLV. My flight is May 18th. I called both Air Serbia and and both mentioned I’m not eligible for a full refund or free flight change


I got a full refund from I am currently waiting on hold to with Air Serbia to get a refund on the upgraded seats and infant tickets that I purchased directly with them. had a 5 minute wait time and a really competent and quick rep- with Air Serbia I am already waiting for 30min+


Did air serbia refund?


Yes,they picked up had a nice rep very quick and easy, they issued a refund on all of the charges. (Infant and upgraded seats…)




If I booked through chase, using points would airserbia still give me a refund? Also my ticket is for june 24 to tlv, is there any chance that won’t bw canceled?


Anyone book through JustFly? They are still saying they are not issuing refunds.

eli is saying that they split my reservation into two one ways, and since only one leg TO ISRAEL was cancelled, they can’t refund the way back!! has anyone else had that experience? It seems really deceptive and wrong; how can they randomly decide to split my ticket and then not refund half!?!?!


Because the return flight was not yet cancelled.
My reservation also shows the return, but not the outbound. I don’t think it’s ethical, but if they haven’t cancelled, they expect you to take that flight, or cancel on your own.