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Huge thanks to Eytan W. for his help migrating onto a much better server and to Eli W. for troubleshooting a number of issues during the migration.

Over the past couple months traffic has been spiking causing those annoying “Error 500” messages telling readers that the site is unavailable. During the Bahamas deal last week  (Dozens of you have already gone, let’s get some trip reports going on the forums!)  the sheer traffic made it get particularly hard to access this site.

Let’s just say avoid 1&1 if you have any traffic going to your site. Their offshore support is positively the worst I’ve ever experienced. They barely speak English and make stuff up as they go along (Your website isn’t working because you use Google Apps for your email? Gimme a break guys!) And the constant Error 500’s are ridiculous.

Based on a number of suggestions I have moved to Media Temple’s Grid Service…so far so good! The site is loading in 20% of the time it took to load when it was hosted by 1&1. Here’s hoping it will stay that good!

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I have yet to see anyone say they have had a good experience with one and one hosting. Its time for them to learn that 6-10 page ads in EVERY magazine STILL doesn’t make their service any better. I personally use hostmonster for my shared hosting, albiet with MUCH less traffic then this site gets on its worse day. Kudos on going to your own server. Are you dedicated or using a vps?

On a completely different note, what do you think is the approximate credit score required to get a starwood card? (I understand that every case is different, I’m just wondering..)


We’re in Freeport now. Originally booked for the Island Palm but when we arrived there by taxi, we were informed that they moved us to a different hotel which actually worked out great for us. To get to the Island Palm, you just get in a taxi – it’s $5 per person plus tip. Taxi rates are standard here so they shouldn’t charge you any more than that. To get to our other hotel was $11 per person because it was further from the airport. We agree with others who’ve posted that there’s not much in kosher food here. And anything with a hechsher is very expensive because it’s gotta be imported. We bought some yogurt, veggies, fruit and pudding at the grocery store. We didn’t see any kosher bread. They also have cereal like you can get in the US, but very expensive – like 7 or 8 dollar a box. We had plans to get some fresh salmon from the grocery store and cook it on our own but didn’t make it there before it closed. Feel free to post questions and we’ll be happy to answer them.


Hi, just letting you know, your website is not loading in google chrome


loads for me in chrome just fine….


It’s just a grid server, but it seems to be pretty awesome.
I don’t think there is an official score you need. I know AMEX has their own proprietary score for applicants, but that’s not a public number.


Works for me in Chrome as well as FF/IE.


Wowee Dan!!!!!
You’d site is really cool
I just started to get into it as well as the forums and have become sort of an addict!!! Shkoiach


mobile is not working