Vacation Notice And JetBlue’s Winning Passover Marketing

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The Jewish holiday of Pesach runs through April 7th and updates will be sporadic until then. Note that comments left during this time may take several days until they are approved and published.

Leave it to JetBlue (one of the bright spots in the US aviation industry) to win the best Pesach marketing campaign with this oldie but goodie advertisement:


Looking forward to eating Matzah and spending lots of quality offline time with friends and family.

Happy holidays!


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Chag Sameach!!


Chag kusher v’someach.

You and your family sure can use off time together, enjoy !


Dan, in line with the Pesach theme, just wondering how likely it will be that my DS will get KLP meals in CX F and The Wing on Sunday night (flight is actually 12:30am Monday), HKG-SFO. I have spoken with The Wing supervisor and she read me the label of the Hermolis /Kedassia meal but it did not say KLP, so I’m not holding my breath for the lounge. She said they have a frozen stock of meals and don’t expect any new delivery this weekend.

For the flight, I spoke with a very unhelpful phone rep who said all they can do is request KSML. Even in F they can’t take any special requests. Really? For a $15,000 ticket? (Well, 70K AS, but who’s counting?!).

Of course DS will have BYOK (nothing fancy in this case, given the timing, so he won’t starve. But is there anyone else I could call now who could make sure KLP KSML gets loaded if they even have it in supply in HKG? He’s not Marco Polo, and I can’t find a number for a first class concierge or anything like that.

Thanks and chag kasher v’sameach.


I hope they don’t have bread in your meal- then what?


It’s rough flying anywhere on Pesach or Pesach Eve (after the time to eat chometz). Unfortunately even the sodas and beverages are usually chometz. It’ll just have to feel like Spirit Air with regards to food and drink.


why dan did you call it the bright spot of the aviation industry? trouble points are okay overall. can you please let is know why ? thanks can you credit jet blue flights to sinagapore?


dan can you tell me what the best mileage program is to credit an elal flight in u class economy?


Thank you all for the responses re KFP on CX from HKG on Sunday night. My poor son may have to suffer with whatever food he brings with him. He may be so sad that he can cry himself to sleep in what Dan has called the best bed in the sky! Chag sameach everyone.

Sandy Beach

I go to Dubai alot for business. I just booked my 10th flight to Dubai on Emirates. Guess what? There is now an option to elect KOSHER food! That option is new. The UAE thaw with Am Yisrael continues. Hooray!! Plus, Emirates starts to fly rt from Newark Liberty Airport in a few weeks. Even more convenient than hiking out to JFK.


Happy Passover.

Carl M. Sherer

Chag Kasher v’Sameyach from Israel where it’s already Chol HaMoed.


Dear Dan and Associates,
My son returned safely from HKG early this morning, B’H. He owes me (us) a full TR, but I can at least report the following:
1. The Wing offered kosher meal that was not KLP. However, they willingly heated up one of the MealMart chicken meals that he had brought with him.
2. The Wing cabana was the most amazing bathroom/shower one could imagine.
3. CX F did have KLP meals for him! His pre-flight message indicated that he visualized three large KLP meals (no doubt from Hermolis) and that he couldn’t have been happier!
4. Neither lounge nor plane had kosher wine available.

Details on the meals, the bed, pajamas, and other in-flight amenities to follow on DDF, IYH.

With grateful appreciation, and in celebration of all the things that Hashem makes possible, moadim l’simcha.



Flew JetBlue over pesach SFO-JFK and they actually did have KfP snacks as advertised! Who would have thought.

Chag kasher ve sameach!


Pesach is the Yom Tov which is meant to be Ish ubaiso, at HOME. This whole mishigas of taking a vacation davka on Pesach misses the whole point.


Pesach is the Yom Tov commemorating the transition from a group of slaves to a free, flourishing nation. If taking a vacation together is how families and friends enjoy G-d ordained freedom, then that is nice. And if you feel you’d rather be home, that’s good for you – but, please, quit the cvech.


You just commandeered a concept from Chanukah. For many families, they do not fit in one house to spend Chag together. Others don’t want to work on Chol HaMoed, but don’t want to use up all their vacation days sitting at home. Lots of reasons people go away. To each his own.