Twitter SMS Notification Are Down, Signup For Email Notifications In The Meantime


Update: Apparently Twitter has decided to wake up and send out yesterday’s notifications tonight.  Sorry about that folks and thanks to everyone who sent in support tickets to them.


Originally posted on 12/17:

Thousands of people are enrolled in text message notifications from Twitter whenever a new post is published.

Twitter notifications for @DansDeals have gone AWOL today (please write to Twitter support to ask them to fix the issue), but you can still signup for email notifications of new posts until Twitter notifications are working again.

A DansDeals Forums account is required.  Click here to register for a free DDF account.

Once you are registered and logged in you can just go to this DansDeals Forum thread and click the Notify button as shown below:








You’ll get an email whenever a new post on is published.

Want to turn it off? That’s easy too.  Just go back to that same thread and click Unnotify which will have taken the place of the notify button.

If you have any questions just make a comment here.

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Flying Dag

Dan, any chance on you continuing to do this forum posting in the future? I find it more convenient than the twitter feed.


@Flying Dag:
If enough people want it I’d consider it.

Flying Dag

Actually, forget it. Without getting info about the post it’s not as good as the sms.


for some reason it seems like it is affecting specifically @dansdeals as I am receiving tweets from other places perfectly fine….


@ben I hope Dan didn’t post any deals for the Kim Jong Un movie…;)

vacation lover

Good morning… i just realized i haven’t got any DD text’s… how come only DD is down?


I am not getting the twitter sms notifications, any ideas?


I just got the Twitter notification for this post. Not the SMS one but the Twitter app notification.


Ironically, this was the first Twitter alert I got today


Just got a Twitter notification for only this post now.


I just received this notification by text?!


I just got this tweet now


Only effecting dans deals


I’m getting SMS notification for DD twitter posts


FYI…i just got a twitter notification


I just got the last posting via Twitter sms notification.


I think they’re back up. I just got this one and the one about the Freedom increased signup bonus ending.


I would definitely prefer the email. Can you though include in the email what the post is about?


I hear, why dont you have a donut?


lol when i posted that i was post number 9 but i guess it takes a minute or two to get approved…i promise im not one of those people that posts the same thing that 20 other people posted already 🙂


mine is back up…

Twitter app

Are the notifications not coming in through the app as well? Or is it just text message?


Twitter app notifications are working fine.


On a related issue, the link that comes in the Twitter notification is often incomplete or leads to a dead end, like this


Dan when can we expect an App?

Mike B

Sola, I have never seen that issue, but I don’t like how often the texts will say something like “20% of at” where I can’t see the store name without clicking through. I hope this is not intentional…


Signed on yesterday but have not been getting the email notifications


The Twitter issue was fixed and there was not enough demand to keep the email notification thread going.


not getting text messages@Dan:


I called my contacts in Twitter they just Fixed it


Cool that’s awesome


@dan followed directions to sign up for emails via DDF forum Thurs AM, confirmed, but still no email alerts yet, despite several new deals ??