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Update: As promised, I have updated the “Credit Cards” tab at the top of this site with 12 of my favorite mileage and points earning cards with overviews of what makes them great. Shouldn’t be much of a shock that I have opened each of the top 10 cards (technically 14 cards as I’ve lumped a few similar cards together) within the past year myself šŸ˜€
There are also some cash back cards and Canadian cards listed further down the page.
Let me know what you think!

Originally posted on 02/15:

People have told me that it’s hard to find information on past articles that I’ve written. You can always use click on a tag under any post or use the categories drop-down menu in the sidebar to find posts in any category, but I’ve updated the tabs on the top of the DansDeals banner to include link to posts in these 5 topics:
Connect! will show you how to keep on top of every deal and interact with like-minded DD’ers.
Credit Card Posts is a roundup of some of the articles I’ve written about optimizing credit card usage and credit card bonuses.Ā  At the top of the page are links to limited time offers.
Credit Cards gives the link to the Credit Card FAQ and offers thread on the DansDeals Forums.Ā  In the future it will have a roundup of the best card offers.
Mileage Posts is a roundup of some of the articles I’ve written on miles and points, as well as charts on stuff like baggage and award fees. At the top of the page are links to limited time offers.
Trip Notes is a roundup of some of the articles I’ve written on places I’ve been, which include helpful tips, unbiased reviews, and of course pictures.
If you across any posts I should add to the roundups please let me know in a comment.

I’ve also cleaned up the sidebar to make it easier than ever to find links to other site features, as well as credit card links, etc.

Thanks as always for the suggestions!

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nice job Dan
BTW click on tab always brought up the ‘old’ credit card tab where there was only 1 old post and 1 link to the cc faq,


I find that when I check your site from my smartphon, I usually cannot go past the first page of any given post. That means I can’t read all the wonderful trip notes.


I believe that bug has been fixed. Try it and let me know.


@dan. Thank you! Yes the issue does seem to have been resolved. I just went back and read the trip notes to hawaii. They’re just awesome! Thank u for making them accessible to ur smartphone readers.


I would love it if there was a dansdeals app šŸ™‚


Hi Dan,

First off, thanks so much for keeping us informed.

It is still very difficult to find past articles on your site. Probably because the default WordPress search engine is terrible.

Yesterday, I was trying to find your article on flying to Israel with Flying Blue and the 25% bonus from Amex, and the search led me nowhere. However, I found the article by searching through Google.

Also, in the Credit cards link on top of your page, you forgot to mention an important Starwood con, which is that it can take quite a while for Starpoints to transfer to an airline, so you will need to plan trips well in advance, and you also risk losing seat availability while waiting for them to transfer, as opposed to MR and UR which are almost always instant.



I tried to sign up for a chase sapphire card again as i already have one and i was told that once u have one even if i canceled and reapplied the signup bonus is a one time thing. Can u tell me how u got the bonus multiple times?



The point of the improvement to the tabs on top are to address just that. If you would have clicked on the “Mileage Posts” tab you would have seen the Flying Blue 25% bonus offer right at the top in the expiring soon section instead of having to search for it.

I do note that MR and UR transfer instantly, but the point of the “Credit Card” tab isn’t an in-depth comparison of the intricacies of the different currencies, though it’s a good idea for a future post.

For the record let’s say you want to transfer Starpoints to AA (for Oneworld travel) or to USAir (for Star Alliance travel). Both of those airlines will hold an award (for 5 and 3 days respectively) and typically you can cancel the award on the last day and then go bank online or call back to hold them again if you need to, though with 5 days for example the Starpoints usually will already be in your account.

Rule #1: Don’t believe much of anything a phone rep tells you. Go on DDF to find out the truth.


thank you for your advice about the diff between united/continental cards. i got approved for both.

I have 2 more questions.
1. whats the link that explains how to use amazon payments?
2. i got an amex with 100k bonus if i spend $10k by june.
whats the best way to go about doing this?
if i use my gc/ap, will it trigger a problem?


hye dan where can i find info on how to use american express point to buy tickets? like to transfer to airlines… which makes most sense… im trying to get from phoeinx to pittsburgh