On The Road…


I’m in beautiful and sunny Palm Springs, CA for the next 10 days, where the high today is 90! Definitely on on the toasty side, but a nice departure from the freezing weather in Cleveland that we’ve had for the past week…

Have a happy and kosher Pesach to all of my readers wherever they may find themselves for the holiday!

Updates may be sporadic until I return to Cleveland on April 8th.

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A chag kosher v`sameach!!!!


Give us a rundown of hotels, food, cars, etc.. from your stay.
Chag Sameach!


Have a nice vacation Daniel!


Were missing you guys in sunny Kansas!

Chag Kasher Vesameach


dan, have a nice vaca!
Fill us in on the details, and give us some reviews of the places you stayed/things you did!!!!


Hey Dan! Welcome back to California!! Enjoy your stay!!!

Rancho Mirage

Dan, if u need something, pop over to Rancho Mirage. We can certainly take care of you here!


@Rancho Mirage: Dan dont you stay in rancho? I never saw ur place but I thought you were close by.