A New Way To Get DansDeals Alerts

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You can now receive instant alerts of new posts on DansDeals with our new channel on Telegram, @DansDeals. Any other DansDeals groups or channels on Telegram are unauthorized and do not have real time alerts.

Telegram alerts should be more reliable and as fast if not faster than SMS alerts.

The nice thing about Telegram is that there are no limits to how many people can be in a group or channel and nobody else in the channel will have your phone number or be able to contact you. If there are ways around Whatsapp broadcast size limitations I’d love to hear about them.

Unlike Whatsapp, Telegram also backs up everything in the cloud, so you don’t need to take up space on your phone and you can carry your messages from device to device easily. You can also be logged into the same account on multiple devices on Telegram.

You can download Telegram for Android here and Telegram for iOS here.

Of course, you can always continue to stay connected as before:

  • If you don’t want to signup for Twitter, you can send an SMS to 40404 with the text: follow @DansDeals and you’ll be alerted about new deals via SMS, but you won’t be able to to edit which hours not to bother you and there are limits to how many texts you can receive.
  • Enable push notifications to get alerts from your desktop or mobile browser of new deals. Just click on the secure button in your browser’s URL bar to enable or disable notifications.
  • Discuss or ask about whatever is on your mind and dig deeper into all kinds of deals at DDF (DansDeals Forums) at dansdeals.com/forums. There are now over 24K DDF members who have made over 1.8 million posts in more than 73,000 different topics! Feel free to browse the wealth of information there and click on “register” in order to be able to start posting your own tips or ask questions about anything you’d like to know about. After you register just click on the appropriate forum (Destination Guides, Trip Reports, Credit Cards, Goods For Sale, Up In The Air, etc.) and you can search for information (always start with a search as your question has probably already been answered!), add your own new thread topic, or reply to any existing one. It’s fun and easy! Need help with registering or getting started? Just post a comment right on this post and I’ll help you out!
    Many threads now have a Wiki (found on the first page of a thread) to help summarize the entire topic.
    Some of the best information is discussed at DDF meetups, find the DDF DO board for information on where meetups are happening now!
  • Join the 33K+ people following the DansDeals.com Facebook group who used to get instant email alerts of only the hottest deals before facebook stupidly turned off the “email group” feature. Now it’s more of a poorly organized version of DDF…though it has its moments.  And it seems pretty great for Facebook Live as well.
  • 29K+ people receive a daily email digest of everything posted on Dansdeals.com via Google’s Feedburner service! Bear in mind that with this service you will receive emails a day after a deal is posted, so there’s a decent chance that by the time you get the email the deal will be dead already…which is why I prefer the twitter option. It seems to be a favorite pastime of Feedburner subscribers to email me asking how dare I send them an email of deals after the deal is already dead or to leave irate comments like this one. At any rate to subscribe just locate the “Daily Email Digest” section in the right sidebar of this site, enter your email address, and subscribe. You can also use the Feedburner RSS feed at http://feeds.feedburner.com/Dansdeals
  • Post comments and share your thoughts right on the site under every single deal posting! Participating and interacting is what makes this site fun!  Every deal also has a comments RSS feed that you can subscribe to.

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Of all the different ways to be notified are they all the same speed or are some faster? (On average)

@dan rocks

Does whatsapp business offer unlimited broadcast? https://www.whatsapp.com/business/


curious what ive been following these past few months on telegram then….


Is this a Telegram ad? Honest answer only please


Telegram doesn’t make any money


Are you aware of a platform for getting categorized alerts using the same categories that you tag posts to DDMS, so that people could opt-out of different categories based on interest?


Iv’e been experimenting with facebook messenger bot to do just that. Would love to get some user feedback on it (it’s still rudimentery, but it is using artificial intelligence to learn from user input)



I know a workaround for this but its slow.


Anyone know how to unfollow dansdeals on SMS? I def prefer telegram!


I don’t know anyone who uses Telegram but doesn’t use WhatsApp. I know many people who use WhatsApp but don’t use Telegram. So I never open Telegram, even though I’ve signed up for an account.


hi dan thanks to you i won apple earpods in the chabad raffle
much appreciated !


Now how do we get all our families to move their chats to Telegram. need to delete whatsapp already


You can make a WhatsApp broadcast unlimited size with a rooted phone. You need to download ES File Explorer and you can make one change to the app and it will allow unlimited size groups.


I don’t have a smartphone so is there any way me to use this? I currently get text alerts


So i downloaded telegram but can’t figure out how to follow you. Please send directions or link


#fake news

(Sorry Dan, with such a Telegram username I couldn’t resist…)


Competition with Trump #realdonaldtrump.

Moshe b

256 limit – easy

U can make many broadcast groups as it grows. Means per every 256 ppl you have to copy and paste.

Group 1
Group 2
Group 3


Can anyone help me how it works(to enable)?
Enable push notifications to get alerts from your desktop or mobile browser of new deals. Just click on the secure button in your browser’s URL bar to enable or disable notifications.


I currently receive text messages alerts. Something I’ve noticed in recent months is that roughly half on the alerts arrive with a clickable link and the other half arrive with a non-clickable link (thereby requiring manually copying and pasting the link into a browser).
Not sure if it is something on my end or not but would love a fix.
Thanks as always for an awesome site.


Can you maybe make watsapp status? I think that’s most convenient

Barry Yarkoni

Hi Dan, I installed Telegram yesterday, and added RealDansDealsBot as a contact and followed. Is that the legit one? Have not received anything. Not clear how to proceed once installed.


The dans Deals is not working in my Telegram app.


“This Channel is unavailable due to copyright infringement”


Hi Dan, I noticed a lot of people are requesting whatsapp, how about a less known app Viber which I personally use it’s awesome and there there’s no group limit….. The app is very popular in Israel……


Can I set an alert for deals just on ovens ? Nothing else, just ovens


How can I unsubscribe from the notifications? I didn’t realize I hit it.


Are you referring to the push notifications?

If so please follow this:

You can unsubscribe or block notifications following these steps: https://onesignal.com/unsubscribe
For Google’s guide on this, please see: https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/3220216?co=GENIE.Platform%3DDesktop&hl=en
For Firefox, it is the bottom of this page:

For Safari: http://osxdaily.com/2014/02/03/stop-website-push-notifications-mac-os-x/

If you are referring to our daily feedburner emails there is an unsubscribe button at the bottom of those emails.

Daniel Shamooelian

I tried the telegram method but there is a huge delay in when I get the notifications. How else can I get the notifications without having a twitter account? Thank you


Dan. I know this is old post, does your RSS feed support PuSH?
like this:


How do I unsubscribe from Dan’s browser alerts? Telegram would work better for me.


I am trying to get the desktop push notifications but i dont see how to get it on (i once had it but needed to turn it off but dont see how to get it back)