Light Updates This Week


Stickied for the week, please scroll down for new posts.

Posts will be pretty light for the remainder of the week, but be sure to join the 10,400 people who follow @DansDeals on Twitter so that you don’t miss anything when I do post something!

You will have the option to subscribe to get a text message every time there is an update to the site (and the option to turn off texts at specified hours of the night)  Just sign up for a twitter account, start following DansDeals, and setup your phone to receive text messages whenever there is an update from selected accounts that you follow.  Once you setup your mobile device just go to, click on the drop-down menu next to the blue “Following” button on the top-right, and select, “Turn on mobile notifications.”

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Enjoy! Can’t wait for the TR!


Dan, enjoy your time off- when you return from whereever it is that you went- please let us know, where you went, how you got there and what you did – ALWAYS for the best deals in town!


could you help me find a cheap ticket to israel next week for 10 days


any cheap flights to Israel left


U R the best Dan!


Can some please advise how i can get daily deals sent to me by email.. i dont wish to twitter or use face book. Thanx in advance.


if i make a ‘payment’ via A.PMNTS does the other person have to withdrw mny to their account if they want to foward it to me or can they just claim it to their a.pmnts accnt and then send to me-w/o wthdrwing into their bank accnt?


@ a
Doesn’t need to claim it they can send it right back to you.


@ al
There is a spot on this page (to the right) to enter your email address and hit subscribe.

reuven hunt

How about a What’s Not To Be Missed In Pittsburgh post.


any good hotel deals in jerusalem. how about car rentals?


is there any way to get texts of deals without a Twitter acct?


Yes you are da best for deals, thanks Dan!

Igor Ivanovich

@al: @shooz: I guess if someone else gets twitter alerts by email they can have the emails automatically forwarded to you. For texts, why not set up a twitter account just for this?


was anybody abale to get the tickets to isreal


whats the diffrence between chase Sapphire Preferred “Visa and chaseSapphire Preferred “master card
i have a chase business ink card and chase will not let me transfer any points to no where also not allowing to change the type of card .any idea?

Chase Me

am i able to apply for 2 of the same Chase Saphire cards using a 2BM ??

I think

@Chase me
Sappihire preferred MC has CDW car insurance out of the country. V does not. They both have no foreign exchange fees and both allow transfer of points to miles. The Ink bold and plus also allow transfer of points to miles. The Ink classic and cash do not.
Since sapphire MC and V are not the same product Chase may appprove both, but be prepared to argue your case to the reconcideration department.

just there

@Anonymous: Noach car rentel gave me a very good deal. 072-277-7200
P.S. thanks DAN for the tickets for 353.00


hey dan- regarding renting a car in israel and waiving the collision insurance, is an ink+ mastercard enough, or do i need a saphire mastercard ?