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I’m flying right now in an Emirates Shower Class Suite to Dubai and will be on the road until the middle of next week, though my brother JJ will keep posting great bargains while I’m traveling.

I’ve got lots to say about Emirates and the experience, but in the meantime I’ve shared a few Facebook Live videos on the DansDeals Facebook Group. These were my first live videos, but I have to say it was pretty cool to be able to see people’s comments in real time and answer them on the video.

#Bedtime from #Emirates #ShowerClass #Suite

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ENJOY!!! Make a better TR than me 🙂


Can why not fly etihad? Way nicer


Enjoy your journey, bring home lots of new information, Thank you for everything


How many miles / points does it take to fly with Emirates to Dubai / the far east in that class?


@DansDeals Any problems flying middle east carriers? Do they give you derogatory looks?


Is there a shabbos chabad house in Dubai? Curious


@Joe: You’ll have to wait for the rest of the trip for that 🙂 #insiderinfo

Deal Guy

Seems like they have a boycott on Coke products, no?

Like how you compare the shower to Brooklyn apartments.


Thanks for all you do for us


Dan, how’s the food?

Brian Farbman

Hey Dan – in DXB now – where are you headed ??


So in shower class, you have a first class lie-flat seat, and a bathroom with shower that is shared with anyone in shower class?


you find a good use for the dansdeals Facebook page!


Since JJ is your brother, can’t you hook him up with a shower-class flight too? In return he’ll hook you up with a great deal on a classy home shower.


What’s your routing on the way back?


@Jeremy: Not at all. They are very professional. They know the ins and outs of what to do and not with Kosher meals and don’t try any tricks. When I flew Emirates C last month, the steward even knew that I would not take the wine he was offering!


@Dan: so it’s 50k jal one way ?do they fly to yyz ?also how much is surcharges for one way or rt ?thanx !


@duvid: 1. You can only book roundtrip with JAL.
2. No.
3. GIYF (Google it yourself)


@mmgfarb: dan says otherwise in his new spg to israel chart…..