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Several people have noticed that the mobile DansDeals site hasn’t been working this week. Previously if you went to DansDeals from a mobile device you were automatically redirected to the mobile site with the option to switch to the desktop site.

The mobile site isn’t great and I was kind of hoping people wouldn’t care.  This Twitter user apparently loved our “new mobile site” which I can only presume meant that he had always been seeing the mobile site and had never seen the desktop site 😀

Alas several others asked for it back in all its ugly gloriousness.  And that’s saying something as the DansDeals desktop site isn’t exactly winning any design awards to say the least 🙂

It had to be turned off temporarily to accommodate the new server and caching solutions that our resident techie wiz BAHayman has instituted as part of the Delta glitch aftermath which tore apart our old servers.

But now it’s back.  You no longer will be sent there automatically but if you want to use it just type in m.dansdeals.com from your mobile device.

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Gam Ani Mitztaref

I love the mobile version! Can’t afford to load 100 posts for a small lookup


“…which tore apart our old server”

Oy Vey, That seems like an interesting story to share…


Wise choice to use AWS



I am not sure if anyone else has mentioned this to you but if I go to dansdeals.com from my mobile phone (galaxy s4) using the chrome browser, I get directed to the mobile site but it seems like it is stuck at the Nov 23rd date as there is no new posts after that date(if I use the phones browser everything works fine). But if I go to m.dansdeals.com I get directed to your normal mobile site.


actually I’d much rather the mobile site its so much quicker


Awsome !! Thanks dan .


Thanks Dan it works sooo much better


@Gam Ani Mitztaref:

Just had to move and pay more money, not the end of the world.

Hope so!

Try deleting the browser’s cache.

The desktop site is really quick now for me.

MJ Kanner

I’m somehow unable to get alerts via text message. Please advise. I prefer to not do it through twitter.
Thank you!

greg z

I don’t understand mobile sites. With new large screen phones mobile sites are just gimpy, limited versions. I wish other sites would not automatically send me to the mobile version.

I much prefer this way, its available, but not the default. Thanks Dan!


@MJ Kanner:
It will take you 30 seoconds to open Twitter and you’ll never have to login again.

@greg z:
I agree 100%!


Thanks Dan!! I actually liked the auto switch to mobile…oh well.


Can’t please everyone!


Dan, will the auto-redirect be reinstated? When I’m using Feedly, it now goes automatically to the desktop site, and there no option to manually go to the mobile site.


No, sorry.
The only way to access the mobile site will be the mobile URL in the post above.


Dan sounds fair enough. Not the most convenient but does the job.


thanks Dan! something is better than nothing!


Thanks Dan, added to my favorites on my phone and works great.


@greg z:

I completely agree with Greg z and you Dan – I strongly prefer the desktop site when using my iPad and I find it terribly frustrating when websites automatically force you into their mobile version.

Thank you, Dan!


Dan why don’t you make an app it would be the best with instant popups


Dan: I happen to really like the mobile site! Thanks!


Dan why don’t u make a iPhone and android app?


Still waiting for the
Dansdeals app


I got the tickets from Delta today


+1 for the mobile site…..find it easier to read on my Q10 🙂


HI in case this will tip the scale i didn’t mind being directed to mobile. There is always the option when using better equipment


Dan, with http://www.appsgeyser.com you can create an app in just minutes for your site, maybe give it a try?


Dan make an iPhone app!


it still does not work on fire fox only on crome????


Hey Dan,

I always wondered why you don’t redo the main desktop site. It’s kind of plain and requires lots of scrolling. Happy to see you’re working on it.