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How many site features are you taking advantage of?

  • Discuss or ask about whatever is on your mind and dig deeper into all kinds of deals at the DansDeals Forums at dansdeals.com/forums.  There are now over 3,700 members at DDF who have made over 165,000 posts in more than 10,600 different topics!  Feel free to browse the wealth of information there and click on “register” in order to be able to start posting your own tips or ask questions about anything you’d like to know about.  After you register just click on the appropriate forum (credit cards, tech talk, up in the air, etc.) and you can search for information, add your own new thread, or reply to any existing one.  It’s fun and easy!  Need help with registering or getting started? Just post a comment right on this post and I’ll help you out!
  • Join the 4,096 people following the DansDeals.com facebook group who used to get email alerts of only the hottest deals before facebook turned off the “email group” feature.  Now it’s become somewhat of a secondary forum for people to scared to signup for an actual DDF account…feel free to post suggestions on how to better utilize it!
  • Thousands of people also receive a daily digest of everything posted on Dansdeals.com via Google’s Feedburner service!  Bear in mind that with this service you will receive emails a day after a deal is posted, so there’s a decent chance that by the time you get the email the deal will be dead already…which is why I prefer the twitter option.  Anyway to subscribe just locate the “Google Feedburner” section in the sidebar of this site, enter your email address, and subscribe. You can also use the Feedburner RSS feed at http://feeds.feedburner.com/Dansdeals
  • Post your comments and share your thoughts right on the site under every single deal posting!  Participating and interacting is what makes this site fun!
  • Advertise on DansDeals.com and reach tens of thousands of unique visitors. Advertising on DansDeals delivers serious results! See for yourself why everyone from small businesses and major corporations are seeing better from results from DansDeals.com than from other websites! For more info just send an email to dan@dansdeals.com

Want any other features added to the site? Post your ideas in a comment below!

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I subscribed to the feed, but it only shows the headline and the first few sentences of each post?


Thanks Dan for your amazing site and deals – you’ve saved me a whole bunch and enlightened me even more. Since you asked for site suggestions, I suggest you stop using the exclamation mark so much! While you are (almost always) talking about something exciting, it almost hurts the ears as much as SCREAMING IN ALL CAPS! Kinda like false enthusiasm! Somewhat annoying! Hate to nitpick but you did ask for suggestions! Keep up the great work! (<—exclamation mark appropriate here)


What’s the difference between the standard DD RSS feed and the Feedburner feed?


” Now it’s become somewhat of a secondary forum for people to scared to signup for an actual DDF account…”



by both links, dansdeals.com/feed and comments/feed it seems like an error.
i get a msg “This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.”


I would like to receive a text message every time there is a new deal but I don’t want to get a twitter account


Click on it and you’ll be able to read the whole post.

Point!! taken!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Try clicking on it in Firefox and will make a live bookmark.

Why don’t you want to signup for twitter?


Thanks for the HP Touchpads!!


A nice feature you can add would be a list of popular items and the current lowest price available (and maybe a lowest historical price as well) – would help us decide what a good deal really is!



Hey dan how about running a piece on how to deal with phone reps and all the garbage they make up! Like for example I got them to match the s6v offer (for 100k signup bonus on sapphire) back in July but 2 days ago marketing dept at chase (while looking into a diff issue) removed them saying I wasn’t targeted for the offer and the rep should have never offered to match them!!! What would u say to an idiot like that? I tried everything but to no avail any suggestions


how bout a dans deals app for iphones


@Yaks: Check the forums out, plenty of useful info on such things!


Android app please


I think its time to redesign the website, its a little boring 😉

@ suggestion


I don’t agree at all about dans use of exclamation marks. I am usually annoyed by incessant exclamation mark over-usage and abuse-age but in the case of dansdeals it has never bothered me in the slightest. I think it’s because his deals almost always are legit great deals or steals, not hyped up screaming car or furniture pitchmen type BS, so the exclamation marks are well warranted(!)


Dan thanks for the great website,
I was just wondering why isn’t there a way that other people can post deals along with you Dan?

Thanks keep going

jj 1000

@Izzy: There is an entire section of the forums designated for people to post deals, and the really great ones make it on the main site.