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Update 2: Registration is now full, thanks everyone!
Update: Due to popular demand there will be an RSVP system for seating at the event. In order to reserve a seat you can send $10 per seat with any credit card, debit card, or bank account via Amazon Payments to

-When you attend the event you will receive a refund in the form of a $10 generic AMEX gift card per attendee. In order to maintain the integrity of the rsvp system no refunds will be provided for those who do not attend.

-If you are reserving seats for multiple people just send 1 payment of $20 for 2 people, $30 for 3 people, etc.

-This post will be updated when the event is full and no further RSVPs will be accepted after that point. Seats are limited, so RSVP now if you would like to attend.

-Be sure to select that the payment is for goods/services so that you are not charged any cash advance fees.

-Please enter the name of the attendee (or attendees) that will be attending in the notes section of your Amazon payment.

-If you do not have any credit, debit, or bank account that you can use, or if you can’t use Amazon Payments please email me at to make your reservation.

Thanks for your cooperation!

The first ever DansDeals Seminar will held at 8pm on Monday, June 25th at Nosson’s Shul, 534 Empire Blvd in Brooklyn, NY.

The seminar will be on a beginner-intermediate level and topics covered will include credit cards, credit scores, tips and tricks for finding mileage awards and cheap airfare/hotels, and a Q&A session.

It is being organized by Nosson’s Shul, Geshem Center and Crown Heights Young Entrepreneurs.

Due to the religious logistics of the location and by request of the organizers and host, this particular event will be for men only.

There will be no charge to attend, but seating is limited and will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. See above for new info on how to reserve a seat.

Hope to see you there!

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Who do we respond to?


No need to respond, seating will be “first-come, first-served”


Is it worth DDF members to come?


Wow What a great surprise!!! Dan are u going to be there??


Any chance of setting up a dial-in number?


I am trying to design it for a “beginner-intermediate level” if you are already an expert then you will probably be bored.

If I am going to deliver the presentation and answer questions I should hope so 😀

Nope, sorry.


Its a mistake dan unless u have 1000 seats there, u should have by rsvp only


can someone take a video amd then post it


What if people drive in from Brooklyn/Lakewood or Monsey only to find it full and the doors closed??


Dan you rock!!


And when / where will the women only seminar be held?


Hi Dan,

I would love to come but since you geared this session towards men only, would it be possible for you to have it taped so that women (and whoever may not make it) can learn as well?

Thank you.


I suggest you let people RSVP just to get a feel of how many plan to attend. if the venue is too small, maybe you could change the location…


I suggest you have computer stations there where you help ppl sign up for CC etc.


Dan – since your advice here is free to a broad audience, why would you accept an invitation to host this at a venue that excludes women?


@sihara: Send your hubby


RSVP instructions have been added, go grab a seat!

Nope, sorry.
Videography will not be allowed.

Based on the outcome of this event I hope to have future seminars where I will be able to include women, just hang tight!


Hi, how long will the seminar be?


When are you having a seminar in DC area??


I just registered!


You need to take care of your fellow Clevelanders too. 🙂
when is the Cleveland event?


i would love to go but i will be out of town sad …….
thanks for dan


RSVP’d See you next week!!


Is Crown Heights also moving to the whole ‘exclude women’ type thing?
Would R. Chaiken also have that in Cleveland? Cant imagine.


Dan will you have a table where you will be signing credit cards? lol


When you want to come to Chicago let me know!!!!


@Jim: Can we expect the announcement of a newly designed Dansdeals app?

@Dan Thanks for putting this together. I am very excited to meet you! 🙂


Let’s just hope that Dan doesn’t run off with all our money!!!


Can we get an update when it’s almost full?


Dan, what century is this that women are not allowed? 100 A.D?


this is crazy Dan; why can’t women attend? what type of business/website/organization excludes women in 2012???


I just registered!


why cant it be recorded or videotaped?


I heard that the venue is sold out but they are renting the tennis stadium next door :-p


I would like to send my son. How old does one have to be to attend? Would like to go myself, but I am female.

Please advise

Mark the Shark

I just signed up! I’m so excited! Dan, I can’t wait to meet you!

Mark the Shark

For the Q and A session, do we have to submit our questions in advance, or can we just ask off the cuff?

Just Saying.....

I think you are a george clooney wannabe from up in the air.


signed up. looking forward


IMHO I doubt it was Dan’s call to exclude women.


It seems Dave Ramsey will be giving a rebuttal to Dan’s speech after to make clear that credit cards are not the way to go.


I rsvp but had maxed my AP account and had to transfer via Bank. Takes longer that way but please make sure you reserve for us “pending” transactions as well!


I really dont want my picture taken at the event, Will be cameras allowed inside?

help us!

i need to hear this but will be out of town… plzz help me! thanx dan!


can i purchase 300 seats to cover my spending threshold and just get it back as amex gift card?


Dan, based on the interest in the event, I urge you to find a larger venue nearby and INCLUDE WOMEN. Not doing so is very possibly going to cause you a lot of problems. This is not a religious event. Please do it now before it’s too late. thanks, zvi


@ josh
Thanks for my first lough today !


I am very disappointed in the decision to exclude women. Have been a huge fan but find it difficult to support or promote someone who would openly discriminate in this country.

Can't wait

Con on all you ppl complaining about women not comeing, for what ever reason Dan decided to make it a men’s only event just be happy that he’s making it at all, just say thank you for everything he does all year on here


Men only!!!!!!!


@yossi: agree


I assume this location is an orthodox synagogue which is why seating of men and women together would be against tradition in a Synagogue. Dan is opening up the women’s section in the Synagogue for this event out of the question?


Folks, I am not organizing this event!

There are 3 organizations mentioned in this post involved with the logistics of this event.

I would love to have women included but for this particular event it was just not possible and I wish to respect the wishes and logistics set forth by the organizers of the event.

As I said, there will hopefully be more seminars and they will definitely include women 😀

If it were up to me Women and Men would definitely be included.
Alas this is just not my call.

@Can’t wait:
Again, not my decision, this is the decision of the organizers and I do wish wish to respect that.


I am maxed on AP for the month…it’s listed as pending.

do you get to see pending payments – am i on list?

-Yaakov W.


I do see pending payments.
If you are maxed out on credit card payments you can also make a bank account payment.


so will you consider my pending as an rsvp? i gotta figure out the bank account thing but not gonna get to it until at least friday.


Send me an email.


This isn’t a religious event. It’s an event about travel. You shouldnt participate in it if it’s going to discriminate.

It may also violate the state public accommodation law.


True, but the event is being organized by and is taking place in a synagogue and they have their own 1st amendment rights.

If a women’s organization would like to organize an seminar just for women (or for men and women) I’d be happy to discuss that with them as well.


as a jew who follows your site, im disgusted.
im not that religious, but i am very familiar with the orthodox world and there is no reason women should be excluded from this. actually, in today’s world, women should be empowered and your info and seminar could do that. there is no way to play into some rabbi’s ridiculous decision not to include women at this event. there is no excuse for excluding them.

i also follow flyertalk and get all the same info you get easily so there is no reason i need to follow here
but i enjoy your jewish slant to everything-ie kosher restaurants, getting to israel.
however, at this point, i am going to stop reading your site


if its the sponsorship and free flight to NY youre maybe getting from this, i can book you myself with 9000 avois as you know!

im disgusted by the fact that you didnt just balk at the idea of doing a male only seminar. even if you arent organizing, you are the seminar. it wouldnt exist without you.

do the right thing and cancel.


really amazing of you to do this event (for free)…looking forward to the women’s event…thanx for everything!!!


Actually I’m going to be in NYC anyway that night, so it’s not the matter of a flight nor am I charging anything to speak.

The organizations approached me with the offer of a free location to host a seminar which I thought was very generous. They have also offered to host events for women in the future.

I’m really sorry that it offends you, but they tell me that the nature of their synagogue is such that it would have to be catered to just one sex at a time, and I do respect their religious convictions and their right to abide by them.

Had an organization approached me just for women or for a mixed even I would be happy to work something out with them as well.

As am I, thanks for your understanding!


@Dan: Will you be discussing fuel dumps?

New DD'er


Dude, Dan is being too nice, so I will come out and say it for him: Get off your high horse. Yes, we constantly hear in the media how women are being trivialized and excluded in our society. There are constant news reports about women being excluded from events, not being allowed to drive, harassed for dressing immodestly, etc… In the face of all that negative press, I would generally wholeheartedly agree with you that any event that purposely excludes women deserves denouncement and condemnation.

But in this specific instance, you (and all the other infantile commenters on this post who rant against the exclusion of women) are out of line. We know Dan is not some sort of extremist who locks his wife in the closet. Of the 62 previous comments in this thread, nearly all deal with the exclusion of women, and Dan’s repeated explanation that the choice was not his to make. He has repeatedly stated that he would include women if the choice was his. He is, however, giving up a night of his own time, to present a free presentation on how to do that which he does best. (I, for one, cannot wait to attend, and have canceled a meeting to do so).

Instead of attacking and denigrating him, how about expressing some gratitude for the fantastic and valuable advice he provides on a reliable and frequent basis. All for the cost of…..FREE.

Why can't people read previous posts

Dan repeated himself like 5 times but somehow people don’t seem to understand so I will write it here clearly…

The reason I suspect NS wanted just men, is it’s a younger shul with still over 50% of their members being single MEN. They have women’s groups that are part of Nossons shul and all women are encouraged to attend… Anyhow that’s my 2C
You can disagree… reality is NS is dominated by guy’s and was started by a 100% singles (MEN) crowd…


so if someone offers you a place to do it where men and women would be allowed, would you change venues??


Dan that is no excuse . If the organizers did not allow African Americans at the seminar would you post that exclusion as well and would you speak at such a seminar? To the secular world it appears as the same type of discrimination . Your website is not a a bulletin board in a community synagogue. This is the year 2012 and your site attracts serious traffic . I think it was a very poor decision of yours to post that and I believe your downside is far great than any potential upside .

cant wait

Jeff there is never any downside when you try to help people, and that is what Dan is doin. Now i cant talk for him but i am sure if you want it so badly, if you can provide a time and “PLACE” to host a seminar Dan would be more then happy to have a mixed event in your place.


its unreal what kind of bs you guys are posting here this entire thing has nothing to do with excluding women or including them you are making an issue out of nothing….he is speaking at a private institution where they have chosen to cater to men its not his decision nor possibly are they his view for anyone here to bring in religion,sex, or race into this matter is ridiculous…GUESS WHAT AFRICAN AMERICANS GAYS ARE ALOUD TO ATTEND JUST NOT WOMEN OR LESBIANS GET OFF THE COMPUTER AND STOP WRITING WHAT YOUR WIFE TELLS YOU!


i have many many suggestions and if you do not implement them immediately i will raise a stink.


Im interested in coming but for some reason the payment isnt working, is there any way to pay via paypal?


When you all get bored (wrongly)bashing dan for not including women, go ask these guys to include girls in all their programs too


he gave his email in the post to contact if you have problems with payment.


@smurf – They said no problem!


R u gonna be discussing how to repair a crdit score as well?!?


That’s a separate organisation, Which excludes all boys.

My point is that even in this day in age it’s still normal to have organizations cater events to a specific crowd


@helpme you summed this whole saga up best in the forums, “no good deed goes unpunished”


@nochnoch: you sound very intelligent with all your “many suggestions”. Maybe share some with us. Or do you want to just raise a “stink”??



If you plan on boycotting this event. PLEASE DO NOT attend professional sports games including the NBA, MLB, NHL, NFL. Definitely do not support ANY college fraternities, your sons local junior-baseball league, and many other societies including most religious institutions in america. (Mostly major religions that limit clergy to males)

Dan has agreed to speak at this venue as a favor to his followers in that community. He is clearly not doing it for his own benefit or self-glorification. As is with most of the aforementioned organizations they have a counter part for women only. So too Dan has already mentioned would become a reality based on the success of this event. (Unless your wish is for another seminar not to happen. In which case you have the right idea, nip it in the bud.)

I hope the world in the year 2012 can appreciate a community that keeps it’s traditions and customs which date back thousands of years. The venue is in a Synagogue, a place of holiness, that is being offered for free. It follows to reason that Dan would comply with the specifications of what that particular Synagogue wants.

Who are you on your high and mighty horse to decide who Dan should or should not help? Isn’t the point of being in this world to help others, not to insist on the lack thereof?


@Ron: no i’m really just here for the stink. the suggestions are just the means to that end.


@smurf – I guess my jokes are falling flat today.
@chaim – That is my evil twin.

eric from cleveland

as someone who grew up in the frum world but lives, works and exists in the secular world, the perception is that Dan is excluding women, participating with, and condoning a group that is excluding women, and could have made a better choice by offering a mixed seminar or even a seminar where if men and women were separate both were welcome. For those who are frum, the idea of doing the men’s only seminar is understandable, ok and acceptable. For the many non-frum people who have become Dan fans and followers, there is not this understanding and i am afraid will help reinforce negative perceptions of frum jews and be a chilul hashem. this is something to seriously consider in the future and if men’s only seminars are what a sponsor organization is offering, the best choice would be to find an organization to meet the needs of the women earlier in the day or the next day so the women are not left out. in my humble opinion. thx for all you do here.


@@everyone: touche’!!!


@larry: we will miss you. good bye and good luck

Big Fan

I think Larry and the rest of you have it wrong!

Its not an event to exclude women its just A Men’s event. That’s all since when do all events have to be mixed! I was at A bar last night were there was a group of men having a networking event does that mean they did an event to exclude women!

Have you ever heard of the saying Boys night out! My wife goes out with her friends every week or so, does that mean they ban Men? Dan keep it up don’t give in or else you will make it as though you made the event to ban women! These people will never be happy soon the will want it only for women:>)


The fact that he is not the organizer is not an excuse. The entire event is about Dan’s methods and ideas so he is really the whole reason it’s happening. While it is generous of him to provdie this free forum, he could politely decline the invitation and book a conference room at a hotel or some other hotel and charge a nominal fee to those that attended. To suggest that his hands are tied and it’s not his call is disengenous. Dan, if the organizers asked you to exclude African Americans, would you accept their invitation?


I think if you have a womens only event actually scheduled instead of just saying you will eventually have one, it will silence all the haters


Also, this site is Dan’s livelihood. He collects fees from advertisers that pay to be on his website. All of us drive the traffic to his website which helps him sell advertising. The more traffic, the more he can charge. Particpating in an in-person seminar does help promote his business and his brand which ultimately provides him an income. Good for him for doing this but don’t confuse this with charity or a favor. Dan, I’d be careful about who you exclude. Your advertisers may not want to associate with you if exclude a large segment of the population for no other reason then their gender. It’s not good business and in my opinion not ethical. If this was a religous event, it would be a different story but you’re there to talk about retail strategies and your audience is your customer base on this web site.


Dan, even though you aren’t organizing it this is an event all about you – you are the featured speaker. You would not go to an event that excluded blacks, Hispanics or other nationalities. The fact that it takes place in a synagogue is irrelevant – I have heard that this same synagogue rents their space to mixed events like circumcisions and other events. If men and women can attend then, why can’t they come to this one??? Get into the 21st Century Dan… its not too late but if this goes through I will be done with you and your discriminatory website!


@Can’t wait: What Dan does here is not a favor. Look at the all of the advertisements on this website. This website and the advice Dan gives is a profitmaking enterprise for him. That’s fine but don’t confuse it with him doing you a favor.

To Dan

Dan, you are doing great work, please ignore the trolling liberal idiots here on the site.

There is nothing wrong with making a men’s only event, just as there would be nothing wrong with making a women’s only event.


Dan, I admire your tolerance in dealing with stupid people and posts. Dont you wish you can simply remove certain users from DD…

PS consider adding a “like” option on peoples’ posts…


Avi- I doubt you would call anyone here “stupid” to their face but it’s ok on the internet?


Will you have any seminars in southern cal anytime soon?


@Matza: @Bassy: Please leave DD now, we don’t like people like you and don’t want you to follow DD. This is a normal only website with people who use their brains instead of sitting on them! @Dan Please continue to keep it an only mens event just so we can have all these stupid people off your site! The sad part is that most of these people are Jews who really understand but they’ll do anything just to show hate for the religious!


@Matza – I cannot say with certainty because I have yet to be put in such a situation, but FWIW I believe I would….


Thanks Jack but I’ll go ahead and stick around and I really don’t care whether you like me or not. Glad you think women are stupid and should be excluded from Dan’s event. Your wife must have a great life.


I doubt it Avi. You like others feel free to make personal attacks at others when none were made towards you, as long as you can hide behind the anonymity of the internet while alone in your Mom’s basement.


Look who’s making personal attacks now, awesome…btw I didn’t attack a specific particular person/post….

jj 1000

@Matza: You aren’t being anonymous? Feel free to post your full name and address here to prove your point and stand for what you believe in. While your at it you seem to be an open minded honest fellow. What’s your phone number? I’d love to give you a call and discuss this. I’ll even call you stupid if I feel you are acting such. (No pressure but if you don’t post your private info you are a complete hypocrite and a typical internet troll/bully. Whom forces his opinions on others, through various methods of hateful/deceitful smack talk.)


@jj 1000: Like


Oh wait, Unlike, because by liking I am indirectly attacking Matza, and I don’t like to do that… 🙂


Where is the love y’all???


Dan: Will you be discussing fuel dumps? Thanks!

Honest Feedback

Dan why havent you addressed all these attacks about excluding women?

Some of these people are completely right.. you should not have accepted this arrangement. To promote and accept this segregation in our day in age is just a disgusting abomination.

As such, please be advised you have lost a follower – you greedy greedy man.

P.s. I’m not really sure why anyone would pay you to go speak at their event. There are people with real wisdom they can have instead of someone who just has a blog with occassional good deals


My dog, Fluffy, is very upset that she is not welcome at this event and is now boycotting your site. 🙂


@Honest Feedback: Have you read the previous 104 comments? Have you answered the challenges posed in support of Dan? Specifically here (Don’t mean to whore my comment out, but for some reason all the complainers ignored it)


DAN please ignore the “kvetches” and keep up the good work.
is there anyway that you can record this? i would love to come but i cant, and i was wondering if you can send me a video of the seminar.


I’m sure Dan is depressed that he has lost a valuable prominent follower…


To everyone who’s here complaining:

First of all, please actually read what Dan wrote in earlier comments. He has answered all your whining several times.

2nd of all, he’s not making any money off this event (although I would love to know which card you will be using for the refunds, united? 1.5 miles per $$?? 🙂 ) and he’s doing us a favor!!

No one is forcing you to go to the event, just like no one forces you to come to this site. If you think you can do it better, go do it yourself.


Putting your name on here or peronsal info on here nothing to do with anonymity. There’s nothing I’d like less then having a bunch of you calling me at work or home. I made the point that in the middle of an honest and fair debate, someone started calling people they disagreed with stupid. Why? Because the disagree with you? My point is you wouldn’t call someone stupid to their face if they disagreed with you. Here it’s ok. If my I call myself John, Joe or Bill, what’s the difference. It’s still a blanket attack for no reason on an internet forum. This is a public area for conversation, not Dan’s living room.


@Avi: No, you didn’t attack a specific person, you attacked every single person you disagreed with by calling them stupid. How is that helpful? People with a different opinion than you are stupid? That Dan is excluding 50% of his audience because of their gender is worthy of discussion and debate and people have a right to voice their opinion over it. If I’m a woman and fan of Dan and his web site, I have a right to be a little upset over this issue. I respect your opinion, why don’t you respect others?

Michael B

I’m in! Looking forward to meeting you, Dan!


As has been repeated again and again: DAN IS NOT EXCLUDING ANYONE!! IT’S NOT HIS EVENT!!

On the internet people can be whatever they want to be, it’s so sad how many people choose to be stupid. (and yes I would say that to your face).


Thanks Dan ur the man.


any chasidish guys from BP attending?


Oh gosh. All I can say is, Dan why couldnt you make the event in Boston so we can get our $10 statement credit and a refund!

Just ignore the bashers. You can call it a boys fraternity meeting. Plenty of those. Cant wait to see you!

To the bashers, we dont need you. Leave. It was not up to Dan.

Go cry to American Idol and X-factor. Why dont they allow people under 15 and 12, respectively???

Get a life.


If someone told me that they think the sun doesn’t exist, I can respect their opinion and I can also call them stupid…

What is the relation?: “Dan is excluding 50% of his audience because of their gender is worthy of discussion and debate” = “someone told me that they think the sun doesn’t exist.”

Dan didn’t do anything and has no legal moral ethical or halachic obligation to reject the organizers’ invitation. He also has no reason to comment on any of these “attacks.”


@RJ898: Thats not the point. Dan could say no thanks! There are a million places to host this in NY. Just being invited doesn’t mean you have to accept on medieval terms. What if no gays were invited or no blacks? Would you be ok with that?




big talker. find a place for dan to host for free and then speak up.


@Avi: Let me ask you a sincere question. I am invited to join a country club that excludes Jews. Their policy, not mine. By joining anyway, am I not condoning their policy? I don’t see the difference. It takes courage to be principled. If it makes you feel better to call me stupid, go ahead. And no, Dam has no reason to respond to any if these attack but then neither do you.

double anonymus

@anon “I don’t see the difference”

@avi – you were so right about this guy/girl or everything/anything in between. dont want to leave anybody out.

this cracks me up!


Just reserved my seat cant wait!


How dare all public paces have “MENS ROOMS” A room that unilaterally excludes any and all women from entering, such segregation in todays age is a real abomination!!!
(Reductio ad absurdum)
Seriously people, is it so hard to understand that a organization is trying to coordinate a mens night out? As dan has stated many times over, He’s more then willing to host additional seminars for men or women or mixed crowds.


Also I found a much bigger tree you guys should be barking up,


@penelope: So because it’s free it’s ok to discriminate.


Dan, word of advise: be protected. Due to the fact that you are giving sensitive (I.E credit card, financial) tips and advise I strongly suggest you to be protected by a waiver or a form clearly stating that you are giving suggestions and nothing more. You do not need a lawsuit on your hands. As an avid user of your site I know how some pieces of advise can be misconstrued. Just lookin out for you dan.


Chances are the lightbulbs in your house are Sylvania company, a German company, I guess this makes you a Nazi?…


I love that people are happy to embrace any analogy that refers to bathrooms but refuse to comment on one that references exclusions that are based on religion, race or sexual orientation which is much more relevant.


@Matza: Germany is a Nazi state In 2012 Ari?I thought my Grandfather helped take care of that problem 65 years ago. Totally relevant analogy though.


That’s the point! it’s a terrible groundless analogy…


@smurf: I agree that is a debate to have. I have no problem having groups and organizations that are exclusive to men and women. There are common bonds and interests that can be shared inside a unique brotherhood or sisterhood and we should as a society embrace that. That’s not what this is, however. There is nothing about Dans forum that is male specific or relevant only to males.


If you can’t see the difference between “a country club that excludes Jews” and this event, well then…no comment…

You’re right, there is nothing gender specific about Dans forum, but there is at this specific event based on other factors.


You say “that’s not what this is”
How do you know what this is? Just because the topic isn’t gender specific does’t mean that the venue isn’t either. I’ve never seen anyone complain about bowling alleys or dance clubs host a Girls night out, even though men like to bowl or dance.
For whatever reason it may be, this event was arranged for men. Be it religious, space related or just maybe the target demographic that the three coordinators are trying to attract are young males. Either way you have no right spewing hate against anyone. Especially not dan who is simply trying to do people a favor and explore a new avenue of sharing his knowledge.
As HelpMe said “No good deed goes unpunished”


@Avi: Help me understand the difference? A club has a policy which discriminates on religion. Not my policy but I join anyway. Dan agrees to host an event at an establishment that discriminates based on sex. Seriously, what’s the difference? And would you have a problem if Dan said whites only? Please answer that directly.


All I can do is reiterate the following points and humbly ask that you respect the religious nature of the organizers and hosts of this event:

-I am not getting paid in any way nor compensated for my airfare, hotel, or car rental.

-I in no way feel that Women are inferior from Men in any way and IF it was my decision I would gladly hold an event for both Men and Women. I do respect the 1st amendment rights of religious organizations to practice as they choose and if that means that there should be separate events for the sexes then that is their right.

-Male readership of DansDeals outnumbers female readership by about a 5 to 1 ratio so it’s not unreasonable to target a first event towards the primary target market.

-I was invited to speak by the organizers and hosts. When I agreed to it they originally were planning on finding a venue that would be suitable to include Man and Women but that fell through, leaving the synagogue option as the one they were offering to host the event at. I’ve never been to said synagogue but they tell me that it would not be logistically possible to run a mixed event there and I’ll take their word on that.

-The same organizations have made it clear that they would love for me to run another seminar for women in the near future.

-Another NYC organization has reached out and offered their place for a future seminar for both men and women. I have already committed to the current organization for Monday’s seminar and don’t feel it would be right to back out on my word.
However assuming this event is successful there will be another seminar either for women or for men and women in the very near future.

-The attempt to frame this as being “anti-women” is simply untrue. It’s the desire of the hosts to have the sexes separated and make a separate event for women. As other commenters have noted it’s not without precedent in society to have gender separation.
I happened to go through gender separated schooling my entire life. Why should there be a need for that? The fact is that studies show that students learn more that way. I’ve never seen any studies that say that separating by race improves learning. Gender separation doesn’t have to have racist/sexist connotations.

Again, would I prefer to have an event where men and women can attend? Yes, and I hope to do that in the near future. In this case I did accept the invitation of religious organizations in a religious setting and don’t see the problem agreeing to their religious desires.

Finally please lay off the personal attacks folks, there’s really no need to stoop that low.


To hold an event in that building for men and woman, one group would have to go underground to get into the building. It really isn’t practical.


“I’ve never been to said synagogue but they tell me that it would not be logistically possible to run a mixed event there and I’ll take their word on that.”

It would be logistically possible if everybody sat together. What is logistically not possible is to have both genders with separate seating and minimal mingling as is the custom of the Orthodox Shul that is hosting the event. They have a right to their religious beliefs and the commenters on this site should respect that. Also, considering that a large portion of your readership (and especially those located in NY) are Orthodox Jews, most people would feel more comfortable at an event that is not mixed so indeed you are catering toward your audience’s needs. Those who are bashing you for it are probably mostly self-hating Jews who can’t stand the fact that some people actually strictly follow the Torah.


just close this site for comments


Avi, stop being so stupid. You definitely are a rich five towns kid who grew up on Arlington Rd and think you have the right to call others stupid. JK, it was me Zvi the whole time.


@Matza, Obviously we all see the difference in the analogies of Nazis/Country club and the Mens room. The difference comes down to WHY the exclusion is being observed. If your argument is with Jewish orthodoxy’s separation of men and woman socially, than this is not the correct forum for this debate. Regardless that is not Dan’s issue.


Will the real Matza please stand up…


Anyone want water?

ZVI is the Man

Finally, remember to wash your hands thoroughly with soap. The length of time you run water over hands is supposed to be to the tune of Happy Birthday. Per the experts, it is not relevant whether you use cold or hot water.
As we approach winter, a gentle reminder that it is a good idea to have a flu shot. This is not only for your own good, but for the good of the world as a whole.

Matza meal

@ Zvi is not the man, if I cant hear you singing, it doesnt count.

To Dan


“Male readership of DansDeals outnumbers female readership by about a 5 to 1 ratio so it’s not unreasonable to target a first event towards the primary target market.”

…and that is probably the statistics on the general site. In the forums, it’s probably a 50 to 1 ratio.

In any case, you don’t really owe anyone answers. If they decide “not to come back to the site”, then it will be THEIR loss, and nobody could care less.


Any one who hosts a non jews allowed club would not host a jews allowed club, as opposed to dan who would also host a girls event.

Yosef H


Perfect thanks for volunteering, me and my bro already RSVP and anyone that has a problem with this is welcome to protest outside lol.


@LuvAGoodDebate: I agree. This is not an argument about orthodox religion.


@smurf: Please point to a single comment I’ve made that any reasonable person would consider hate speech. Please, just one You take the same tactic as Fox news which is to sensationalize things with baseless comments merely to manufacture a debate where one does not exist. It is ok to disagree with someone, respect their opinion and keep an open mind.


@Dan: I respect your reply. I do not believe you to be a discriminating person and when you say you will host an invitation for women, I believe you are being genuine. My comments were associated with your choice to associate yourself with a religious group that is applying its doctrine to a non-religious event. The points have all been made. I will exit in a civil way. I wish there was room for a respectulf debate. It it is possible to disagree with someone without being disagreeable. Sadly that rarely happens on the Internet. If anyone was offended by my remarks I apologize as that was not my intent. Surely we can agree this is not a black and white issue. To the extent you have a differing opinion then others, by no means does that make you stupid.


So will there be someway to get an audio recording of this please, for the folks that cant make it?


“My comments were associated with your choice to associate yourself with a religious group that is applying its doctrine to a non-religious event.”

The fact that it’s a “Non-religious event” makes no difference. Their doctrine is to keep men and women separate no matter what the event (would you call it discrimination to vegetarians if they served Kosher meat at the event). They offered their services for free to Dan, and Dan is offering it for free to any man who wnats to attend. Be thankful and stop complaining.


Everybody happppyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!


@Yossi: Hi Yossi- I’ve expressed my opinion and you’ve expressed yours. I haven’t changed your mind and you haven’t changed mine. Not sure what else there is to say. Have a nice day though.


Just another thought to put out there……. Unless this Shul has built with a specific “tinay” (condition that it may be used for other things) it very well might be a problem to use this for this kind of event! Not to mention that even if it was technically within the boundaries of Halacha if the do the event in the actual Shul it is deffinetly not “in the spirit” of the law! Just wondering if a competent rav was consulted before they made this decision?!

double anonymus


avi teitz?


Can you post some video clips of the evening for those of us “out of towners” who aren’t able to make it?


I think all that’s been said about this topic has been said.
For more discussion on the seminar see this forum thread:
Or feel free to email me.