[Ben & Jerry’s Sues Unilever To Block Deal!] WOW! Unilever Will Allow Ben & Jerry’s To Continue To Be Sold Throughout Israel, Rejects BDS

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Update, 7/5: Ben & Jerry’s is now suing Unilever to block the sale of Ben & Jerry’s business interests in Israel in order to avoid selling Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream throughout Israel.

Unilever maintains that it has the right to sell off the Israeli business and that the deal is closed.

Ben & Jerry’s board consists of 7 members, including 2 from Unilever. All 5 non-Unilever reps voted to sue Unilever in an attempt to block the deal.

Will you boycott Ben & Jerry’s?

Update, 6/30: Ben & Jerry’s has Tweeted their unhappiness with their parent company’s decision to find a workaround to sell Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream throughout Israel.

Ironically, their supporters are now calling for a boycott of Unilever, which would include boycotting Ben & Jerry’s everywhere outside of Israel…



Originally posted on 6/29:

I’m currently touring with my family in the Golan Heights, where I heard the incredible news that Unilever has come to a settlement to sell its Ben & Jerry’s business interests in Israel to Ben & Jerry’s Israel, which is owned by Avi Zinger.

I originally wrote about the story here and followed up with this absurd clip from the ice cream company’s founders.

2 weeks ago, we were asked to promote Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream promotions for Father’s Day. I responded that we don’t promote anti-Semitic Ice Cream.

Ben & Jerry’s Israel won’t be able to use the company’s English logo in the future, but will be able to sell ice cream under the Ben & Jerry’s name in Hebrew or Arabic throughout Israel.

Unilever also put out a statement speaking out against anti-Semitism and BDS while touting their 4 factories and investments in Israel.

“Unilever rejects completely and repudiates unequivocally any form of discrimination or intolerance. Antisemitism has no place in any society. We have never expressed any support for the Boycott Divestment Sanctions (BDS) movement and have no intention of changing that position.”

Unilever was stuck between a rock and a hard place with them ceding partial control to Ben & Jerry’s, so kudos to them for coming up with a creative solution to sell off their interests to Ben & Jerry’s Israel.

They note that they maintain financial responsibility for the brand and it’s within their rights to sell off a chunk of it, even if Ben and Jerry’s itself is not supportive of continuing to sell their Ice Cream throughout Israel.

Sure, this was done due to lawsuits and states divesting their Unilever holdings, but in the end, it’s great to see that Ben & Jerry’s will continue to be sold throughout Israel, including in Judea and Samaria.


Does this move redeem Unilever? If you avoided buying their products since the original announcement, will you still still avoid buying their products or Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream outside of Israel? Or is this enough for partial or full forgiveness?

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I waiting for your post titled, Wow! Moshiach is finally here!




Sorry but this brand is tainted


They fixed the issue.

*sigh* people just love to hate nowadays…


Ben and Jerry’s still very much supports BDS so no, the issue is not fixed. What is fixed is the boycott of other Unilever brands.


I agree. No more Ben & Jerry’s. Maybe in Israel, but certainly not in the US.


To the contrary, would support it when in Israel, as it would be nice to show support


Sounds like Ben & Jerry’s is still pro-BDS and supports anti-Semitism, so I’d still not eat their ice cream in the US. But I applaud WOW’s move and am happy for a Israeli company that was bringing jobs and building bridges between Jews and Arabs.


We will not be buying any Ben and Jerry products. We might feel differently if we lived in Israel, but not here in USA.

What\'s good for the goose, is good for the gander

I have not bought or eaten any Ben & Jerry’s since the boycott. But now that is a wholly Israeli-owned company, I will support it.

(And of course I won’t go near it outside of Israel)



You shouldn\'t buy german.

Like @Mike & @Matisyahu above, I don’t understand.
Ben & Jerry’s are tainted. The parent company is now being forced to sell ice cream to the Jews? Thanks but no thanks.
The ONLY people I really feel bad for is Zinger and co.
They should sue for monetary damages, dump Ben & Jerry’s and find a different product.
Then again, (religious) Jews buy german cars, so I guess what’s a pint of ice cream after all?


Buying German cars is different than buying from a company that’s currently causing harm to Jews.

Kat man

Dan your power of speech beats their power of hate
HaKol Kol Yaakov
keep it up


So “Ben & Jerry’s” is still anti-semitic.

Only “בן אנד ג’ריס” is now acceptable.


It’s not anti-sematic to be against the government of Israel. Just like being against the government of Iran, doesn’t mean I hate Iranians.


totally agreed


It is antisemitic to single Israel out consistently

Nancy Mas

Won’t buy them ever. Sooty too late

I love kleenex

What about in Israel?


IMHO, this comes down to “who profits from each pint of Ben and Jerry’s that I buy”. If the profits go to Unilever, I am OK with it.
If parts of the sale go to Ben and Jerry themselves and to their wicked Foundation (see this: https://nypost.com/2021/08/28/head-of-ben-jerrys-board-accused-of-alleged-self-dealing/), then no way do I plan on buying it.


Nope, won’t buy Ben and Jerry’s. Still supports BDS and still supports far left agendas in the US. Most companies lean left nowadays but this is on a different level.

The heart wants what it wants

Eh. The only reason they’re bringing it back is because they want the sales, and they’re hoping it will bring them good PR.


Will this mean the kosher food aisles at non-Israeli stores will now have Israeli brand Ben & Jerry Ice Cream for sale like they have skittles and pesach hunts ketchup

Elaine Rostker

Just a comment/observation

At least one macholet here in the Old City has been selling B&J again since late last week


The suggestion that they were antisemitic is childish nonsense, that is itself antisemitic by implying that Israel = ‘the Jews’.


It does in their eyes, sorry to break it to you. Don’t dig your head in the sand.


The company’s founders are well known to be Jewish Americans held in high esteem by the company’s management, employees, partners and others. What is absurd is to say that this ice cream is an “anti-Semite ice cream” or that the company is antisemitic.

This kind of disparaging attack on B&J ice cream may remind some of the absurdity of Putin saying he needs to take over Ukraine to de-Nazify a country whose head of state and national wartime leader is well known as a Jewish Ukrainian.


A Jew can be a antisemite.


Here’s an interested idea –
Maybe we can import the Ben and Jerry’s from Israel to u.s.
That would really be a slap in the face 😉


Not going to happen. There are agreements in place that make that not going to happen and b&j would sue to ensure any company that does do this will be sued


Definitely completely redeems Unilever who had no say in the original boycott. Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, however, is still the same evil as always.


Will continue to avoid ben and jerry


Not enough.

Mountain Man

I never had an issue with Unilever. They own and sell a ton of products in Israel. This will be a case study in the future about how much autonomy to give an individual brand.


Actually, this opens up a unique opportunity maybe (not sure if the sale allows this)
But, if it does, you might expect to see Israeli Ben& Jerry ice cream imported to the US from Israel – maybe even opening a factory, to sell Kosher, non-BDS-supporting… Could be good business. Jews love their B&J if it’s morally ok


Maybe, but you don’t know what’s in the agreement


Not going to happen. They cannot sell out of the territory they are in. B&j could rightfully sue if that product is sold here.


Never bought BHJ iced-cream, neither in US nor Isreal. But it has nothing to do with BDS or antisematisem. I don’t buy it because cholov akum is metamtem halev vehamoiach.

Jo israel

שמעון , there are flavors in Israel that are halav yisrael.

The heart wants what it wants

Possible, but this is chalav Stam, not chalav akum.


What you call chalv stam is also metamtem halev vehamoach. That’s why the posek who issued that heter recommends not to rely on it.


For some reason the Feinsteins say that’s baloney and Reb Reuvain and Reb Dovids own wives are cholov stam as do almost all the grandkids and great grandkids. Learn the facts. You don’t want to eat it that’s great but don’t make things up.


Hmm the way you reference Reb Moshe Feinstein ZT’L, the Poseik Hador in this casual manner as “the Poseik” without naming him is horrendous chutzpah. One with such chutzpah should better eat the chalav stam. Enjoy it heartily, you already are metumtam.


+1000. I had a great great grandchild of R Moshe in daycare in my house. I came home one day to find a Walmart brand milk in my fridge without any Hechsher. I was told by a prominent Posek that the family of R Moshe knows that R Moshe held very strongly of this Psak and did not feel his own family should be Machmir.


Keeping your svara aside, B&J in Israel is Cholov Yisroel.


What hechsher does it have?

Halachik Man

I thought r’ Moshe says it’s not metamtem.


The only place I will buy B&J is in Israel.


I don’t understand why Unilever can’t tell Ben & Jerry’s how to run the company?


LOL to that absurd clip!!!
That could’ve been taken straight out of a Curb Your Enthusiasm episode!!!


I have another reason to come to the Holy Land (joking). Ben and Jerry’s in Israel.
Outside of Israel….forgetaboutit


We stopped eating Ben and Jerry’s because of this. Can’t say i don’t miss it, but I love Hashem more than ice cream

Renee Stern Sojcher

I have not bought Hellmans mayonnaise,Qtips, Vaseline, and any other Unlike we product since that first announcement. I would now and believe that Unilever has redeemed itself. American Ben & Jerry’s on the other hand will never come into my house again.


Can someone please explain why this is some great victory? My understanding of the situation is that Ben and Jerry and friends are a bunch of antisemitic losers. They said they don’t want to sell in various places, and their parent company, Unilever, did nothing. Then Unilever got boycotted by a number of cities and states, and they magically decide to stand against BDS. And how do they do that? By essentially dumping that line of products. So there’s now a non-Unilever non-Ben and Jerry’s ice cream being sold in Israel under the name בן אנד ג’ריס, and those two companies are still not selling their product (anywhere) in Israel, as it’s no longer their product.
What am I missing here?
Häagen-Dazs is much better anyway, and has always supported Israel.

Kat man

they are not addressing the situation which is – a wholly owned subsidiary of theirs tried to boycott another country as the current ceo doesn’t like their politics. going to another basketball court doesn’t mean the bully learned to behave . as long as they accept such people in their corporate climate they aren’t a company i look to support

Attention Kof-K

Kof-K should stop certifying Ben & Jerry’s in America. Antisemites aren’t kosher. The Cholev Yisrael version from Israel should be imported to Kosher stores in America instead. Win. Win!


+1000 great comment




If it’s cholov yisroel, it will be $12 for a quarter of ice cream


Unilever did not reject BDS, they just found a way to make money while not denouncing it and getting rid of the Ben and Jerry’s line. So now there is a “Ben and Jerry’s ” in Israel, but it’s not Ben and Jerry’s. Ben and Jerry still continue to bash Israel and now they have their cake to eat with their ice cream. I will continue to NOT buy Unilever products. When they get rid of their agreement with the two gentlemen from Vermont, I will go back. But not a day before then


Read their statement. They did denounce it.


Around Memorial Day, I bought into Unilever stock. It has a nice enough dividend if I don’t divest of it very soon.


Unilever’s share price has been in a downward trajectory since they tried to boycott Israel; of course not the complete cause, but certainly part of the reason the company is worth ~20% less than before.


I found long along that if you’re going to boycott every company and product that doesn’t agree with your politics, religion, values, etc. there is truly little in the world that you can buy. Let’s start with gasoline for your automobile or even your automobile itself.


Not really. Theres a reason why Ben and Jerry’s is news.


Ice cream companies should be about making an selling good ice cream, not some sort of politics. Unilever should just cut their losses and sell off (or spin off) Ben and Jerrys and let them play their political games by themselves.
After their initial Israel stance, I’d never buy Ben and Jerry’s again no matter what position they take in the future.


By your own logic that, “Ice cream companies should be about making an selling good ice cream, not some sort of politics,” then you shouldn’t boycott them. They make good ice cream, why mix in politics?

Abraham Z Wolf



I love Ben & Jerry’s and I’m glad they know apartheid when they see it.

Liam K. Nuj

For a few moments last week I felt that I can end my family’s boycott of Ben & Jerry’s. Apparently, there’s even more reason to boycott than before.
Unfortunately, I never got around to boycotting Unilever products in general, as I would have liked to now say that I am now lifting my boycott (except against B&J, of course).


Wow to go out of their way for this


Bigots unite!


I obviously don’t buy B&J as it doesn’t fit my Kashrus standards. But they were weight of a boycott even before BDS due to their support for “progressive” issues.
I do ban KIND bars due to the owner’s (a Jew) support of “Palestinian” causes.


No one should eat this garbage by garbage people


New Flavor: Ipecac Syrup Supreme with Loads of Nuts