Israel Travel News: Flight Sales Open, Antibody Tests Accepted, El Al Status Extension, UAE Bilateral Agreement, Etihad Israel Site+Delegation, A New Era Inshallah!

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A mini-roundup on Israel travel news.

In case you missed it, here is the link for the 10/9/20 News Roundup: COVID-19 Second Wave, Flights To Nowhere, Skymiles Mortgage, Airlines Banning Food, Ritz-Carlton Maldives, Home Makeover, Faked Death, And More!


Here is how they pronounce their name. It’s interesting to see it marketed with an H in English, but with a CH in Hebrew. Maybe they’ll start using Etijad en español?


It shows a nonstop Etihad flight staying on the ground for just 2.5 hours tomorrow for the first official delegation official from Abu Dhabi to Israel. Due to COVID-19, their meetings will be limited to the airport.



That saved some travel time over their previous routing that avoided Israel:


  • A new era, Inshallah!


2020 will be the first year that we don’t make it to the holy land in several years, but hopefully 2021 will herald a return to normal!

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Eithad with a ח is 100% correct..the fact that ashkenazis can’t pronounce a ח properly is a separate topic! 🙂


Yes, the ح in Etihad is the Arabic letter corresponding to ח. A reasonable direct translation for Etihad would be התאחדות


Though pronunciation wise, most pronounce ח closer to خ these days.



What is your advice about booking a united flight for Shavuos 2021 now- is it a risk? Better to wait a bit? There aren’t so many flights available altogether…but trying to make plans in advance. I would be doing some tickets with points and some with cash.


if their lettings people be exempt from quarantine with antibody test then why wouldnt you go in 2020? just have your family take the test?


Not everyone has antibodies


Any idea which Email to use to send request for non israeli citizen to enter Israel for a wedding ?
I tried looking all over with no luck.


Your local Israeli embassy (assuming it qualifies)


Dan people might use exgingy experience and not take test before flying to Israel… and come complaining to you


@Dan bezH we WILL still be able to go to Israel in 2020!!

It ain’t over till it’s over 😉


The pronunciation of “Etihad” in English as it is marketed in that video clip and across the world is to “westernize” the name. As you can clearly hear from the Arabic pronunciation, it doesn’t sound anything like the English one. And the spelling in Hebrew on the website is to correspond to the correct pronunciation and spelling, which in Hebrew would be with the letter Chet (ח) (to correspond to the Arabic letter ح). There’s no guttural “h” in English but there is of course one in Hebrew, and blindly translating the “h” to a hei (ה) would have been incorrect.


Just saying, the words Inshallah while sometimes disturbing, are akin to saying with G-ds help. They are not stating allegiance to any particular G-d or religion. I have heard it used by religious Jews that came from an Arab Country.


Correct. My family used this word regularly. Any Arab speaking Jew would use this word. Same as using Allah for G-d, which we also do

high end hobo

Looks like Israir only added business class to one of their planes. Your article implies it’s available for sale on regularly scheduled flights, I wouldn’t expect that.


Shocked Israel is now starting to accept antibody tests, as antibodies start to become more iffy.


@dan if I go to Israel as a student (I have a permit) is there any way I can be exempted from quarantine?


No – why should you be exempted?


is this Antibody Tests that are Now Accepted for foreign nationals or only Israeli’s?


Israel had accepted antibodies to end quarantine early only if you retested in Israel.

But now Israel is no longer accepting antibodies…


Not sure where to post this. Family member left to seminary Sunday from EWR – United with stop over in Toronto (Air Canada) When she got to the gate at the Air Canada, they denied her papers & told nothing to do. To make a long story short they closed the lights on her in the terminal & told her to use her israel ticket for the way back to EWR – she didnt per her travel agent & only helped her board the last plane that day after she yelled at one guy that he better hold that plane when he closed the lights. She ended up getting back to EWR (after paying $350) & got a new flight the next day with United & they told her their was nothing wrong with her papers (Quarantine papers for when she arrives in Israel). There is a suspicion of her luggage having been left in Newark & that’s why denied the papers. Has anyone else had this experience & any suggestions of getting refunded for the first flight, aggravation, frustration & lack of communication & having to end up spending 3 days traveling until arrived in Israel this morning.


EL AL sent out official emails regarding the Status extensions + more: