WOW! Has JetBlue Restored Lower “Even More Space” Pricing For Mosaic Members?

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Update, 4/11: JetBlue has reverted back to the higher pricing.

JetBlue has been whittling Mosaic elite benefits down to nothing.

The main value of Mosaic status has been free changes, but now everyone gets free changes on non-basic economy tickets.

Worse yet, JetBlue will charge Mosaic members a change fee on basic economy tickets when the COVID-19 waiver ends.

JetBlue also ditched free Mosaic in-flight alcoholic beverages due to COVID-19.

They did add a sweet free companion offer, but that is only valid for flights through 5/20.

Last year they massively devalued their Mosaic elite status by quadrupling the price of advance upgrades to Even More Space (EMS) seats without any warning.

JetBlue offers free EMS seats at the airport before your flight, but by that time you’re typically stuck with middle seat options and it’s nearly impossible for a family to be able to sit together.

Has that devaluation now been reversed?

In early October I saved this screenshot of an upgrade to EMS between Fort Lauderdale and Cleveland for 600 points for a window or aisle or 500 points for a middle seat:



By 10/12 the cost skyrocketed to 2,000 points for a window or aisle or 1,800 points for a middle seat.

Upgrading my family of 6 went from 6,800 points round-trip to 23,200 points without warning!


Well, after a tip from commenter Mosaic King I checked the pricing for an upcoming trip on this route and sure enough, it’s back down to 600 points for a window or aisle or 500 points for a middle seat!


Last October, JetBlue corporate communications confirmed to me that they increased the upgrade pricing without warning. I’ve reached out to them now to confirm if this new lower pricing is a limited time offer or if it’s here here to stay, and will update this post if they respond.

If you have Mosaic status, has the EMS pricing on your upcoming itineraries gone down? Share your data points below!

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I have been traveling almost exclusively alone (not with family) for the past 15 months, with at least 20 transcon segments on B6, and I have always gotten EMS at the airport…almost always a whole row to my self. That good fortune will likely end as travelers return to the skies faster than the airlines re-expand their schedules.


I wouldn’t tag this development “Wow!”. This is basically the only benefit Mosaics get and it’s pathetic. Economy plus/Main Cabin Extra/Comfort Plus.


Agree with the sentiment. That said, you’d HAVE to assume that given the death by a thousand cuts that Mosaic status has endured, that Jetblue would simply HAVE to do something to differentiate it’s top tier elites. I had ASSUMED that may be extending the companion benefit beyond 5/20, if even only a limited number of uses per month/year going forward. Now that they’ve seemingly administered this small band-aid, I wonder if they think that’s enough, in which case, bummer.


JFK-LAX back down to 1,100 points. Good value for a $95 upgrade!


thanks Dan – just upgrade my seats (as Mosaic member) for upcoming trip BOS to Cancun to FLL back to BOS.
The BOS to Cancun was 600 points
The Cancun to FLL was 400 points…and surprisingly
FLL to BOS was 800 points

3,600 total for wife and I to vacation in comfort. Well worth it, even if I don’t understand why FLL to BOS is higher than BOS to Cancun.

Mosaic King

Last night JetBlue was doing maintenance on their website. I called them up today, and they told me that was one of the updates they did.


no refund for past upgrades…..


Awesome! Just upgraded my trip to Cancun to row 1 for 700 points each! Thanks Dan!


I booked my family in Basic economy due to the fact that I couldn’t redeem for EMS so heres to hoping they gave 2 open rows at check-in.


can a mosaic memeber book a flight for someone else with these benefits, or they would need to be on the flight as well


For some reason, I don’t seem to be getting the reduced rates. Still 4,300 miles for a transcon EMS seat.

pinchas h davidman

I booked 2 more space seats for a june trip and they charged 2,500 points per seat. i hope they will reduce it.


Just tried selecting a seat as a mosaic still shows 2500 points for even more space (at the time of my initial booking


Seems dead