[Flights Now On Sale From Just $457!] Will Cleveland Get Nonstop Service To Europe?

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Update: Flights are now on sale as of 5/19/23! 

A round-trip intro fare of $457 round-trip in “saver” or $577 round-trip in “smart” is available from 5/19-6/14.



The A321LR will depart from Cleveland on Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 8:20pm, arriving in Dublin at 8:50am the next morning after a 7.5 hour flight.

Flights depart from Dublin on Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 3:30pm, arriving in Cleveland at 6:50pm the same day after an 8.5 hour flight. The plane will spend just 90 minutes on the ground in Cleveland.

Those are actually pretty solid flight times and days, though I wish there was a Thursday return flight. Will you book travel on the new flight?

I don’t see award availability loaded for the flight yet, but leave a comment if you find any!

Originally posted on 9/25:

Crain’s is reporting that Cleveland’s city council is apparently working with IAG Group carrier Aer Lingus to fly daily nonstop service between Cleveland and Dublin.

Cleveland.com reports that flights are expected to begin in May 2023, but will be offering 4 times per week and not daily service.

The city is offering a $600,000 grant for a 3 year incentive package to land the service, though that’s only part of a package that’s expected to cost $2-2.5 million.

That’s still cheaper than the $3 million that nearby Pittsburgh paid to land IAG Group’s British Airways for 2 years of 3 weekly 787 flights to London.

For smaller non-hub cities, pay to fly is the name of the game.

Cleveland’s last daily service to Europe was in the aughts when Continental offered daily nonstops from its only midwest hub to London and Paris.

In the summer of 2018, both WOW and IcelandAir flew several times per week between Cleveland and Reykjavik, though those flights ceased once WOW imploded.

I’d assume that Aer Lingus would fly the route on their A321LR, featuring 168 coach seats and 16 lie-flat business class seats. It would be their longest A321 route, but it’s well within the range of the plane’s capabilities.

I hope the route is a success, though I’m not overly gung-ho about it. Dublin isn’t a destination that I need to get to and once I need to connect I don’t care if it’s going to be in the US or Europe.

Dublin does have a US customs pre-clearance facility, which is good in this case as Cleveland’s rarely used customs facility is far from convenient.

The good news about landing Aer Lingus is that you can book coach and business tickets with Aer Lingus Avios for low mileage rates and low fuel surcharges, so maybe Dublin will be in my future after all?

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It’s much more convenient to switch flights in Europe than in the US.
No need to get your bags, go through security again. And the airports in Europe are much better organized than the big in the NY area.

Berel Sholom Tzvi

As a Pittsburgh native you are incorrect about the Pittsburgh flight. It was 3 million over 2 years. We had three flights to Europe before the China Virus that was primarily for the warmer months. One flight was year round. British came in and offered year round flights and WOW air went broke.


This will (hopefully) open dozens of 1-stop connections to the people of CLE, that do not exist to midsized and smaller cities in europe. If you are adventurous and want to make a self-connect on ryanair, there are a crazy amount of places you would never be able to get to in 1 stop otherwise.

Just looked up a quick bos-dub flight and its 13k avois plus $186 in “surcharges/$5.60 fee”, would be nice to have a breakdown on the best way to use these flights as in the past, calling BA or transferring points from BA to avios to aerclub were always some work around to pay all sorts of different fees. BOS-DUB also shows up on united but always as a (T) fare. Good for CLE. Go Guardians!

Churnie Els

Bit strange to champion Cleveland getting non stop to Europe and then whine about it being Dublin? Better to have some service than no service?


Range significantly decreases with payload increase, making the CLE bound flight uneconomical with A321LR

CLE Rocks

Why Dublin out of all Europe?


The question really is why CFN?
Dublin is the capital of Ireland which is Aer Lingus is the flag carrier.

shmulies neighbor

Do they offer kosher meals?


The problem with the flight to Dublin, is that it arrives too early to allow you to checkin to a hotel.


Almost every US – Europe flight has that same problem, exception include the morning US-LHR flights which arrive past 10 PM in London or the last groups of flights that leave after 10 PM which still get in before noon but better than a 6 AM arrivals….

Shmulies Neighbor

@DAN FYI 2023 Global entry interviews are now avail! just scheduled for Jan in Middleburg, OH


90 minutes is a standard turn for outstation flights on many airlines