United Devalues Partner Lounge Access For Star Alliance Gold And Club Members

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United updated their club page to show that as of 1/1, only Polaris business class passengers can access most partner (non-Star Alliance) lounges. Interestingly, this announcement appears to have just been added to the page.

That means that United Club members and Star Alliance Gold members can no longer access these lounges, unless they’re flying in United Polaris business class.

You can click on each partner lounge for restrictions that vary by lounge.

There are some exceptions. For example Club members can still use Amtrak Acela lounges in Boston, NYC, Philadelphia, and Washington DC. Star Alliance Gold members can also still access the Singapore SATS partner lounge and the Tel Aviv Dan partner lounge in concourse B or C. But other partner lounges are now restricted to those flying in United Polaris business class.

It’s yet another devaluation for United. Other recent devaluations that United has announced:

This time they didn’t even bother to announce it in advance, they just updated their site 2 weeks after the devaluation. I guess we’re just supposed to assume something is going to be devalued, it’s just a question of what, rather than if or when.

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Is it not worth it to pay for a United Club credit card anymore?


Just got my renewed global services for 2020 with over 2 million miles in the United bank which I use liberally for my travel to Israel. If I go cold turkey on United (as well as my mileage plus cards), what airline should I start flying (for business) and what cc should I start using to (coordinate) build miles?


Hi, what’s an example of a partner (non-Star Alliance) lounge?


So if I am flying on United to Europe/Asia I cant use the lounge but I can if I am flying on another stay alliance carrier I can? If this is true this is the second reason why United appears to want us to fly other carriers.


Amtrak Select Executive status should still work though


This only says united club members cannot use other lounges unless in Polaris. It makes no mention of star alliance gold not being able to use other lounges.


It is obvious that those of us that fly United now need to look elsewhere and leave United. Truly a shame, as it was a great deal for all of us that really used United and stayed with them for domestic travel as well. And it was a great call for United-they frequently told me that the TLV run was the most profitable run they had for passenger travel. (Cargo going to India was the most profitable over all.) So we, the passengers stand to lose, and so we should try to see that United also stands to lose if they continue with this game they’re playing. After 15 years or so of being Premier Gold I’ll lose it next year. While that’s bad for so many reasons it does free up everyone in the same boat that I’m in to go out and take that cheaper flight to Chicago or to San Diego, or even to Israel. So many times I’ve seen fares to Israel with a brief stopover in Rome or somewhere in Europe in the $700 range while the United flight is $1175! And we pay the $1175 because we need to keep up with our miles! And we ought to let United know exactly what’s going to happen, and then follow through and make it happen! Together folks, it’s the only chance we have.!